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The Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia are currently Reinier Brekelmans, Joris Hilckmann and Tim Freeman (who is their ever present soundman). Previously Bobby Reiner was in the band but he was not present in the most recent release, "Record of Breaks." The band is from Holland on a Belgian label, KK Records. I understand Robert Heynen left the band to form a new band called Exquisite Corpse, also on the KK label. Around 1985 the original lineup were in an industrial band called The Infants. After this they went onto form Sluagh Ghairm which means "spirits cry" and lasted for two years.

In case you're wondering about the "psychick cross" logo they use, the references to the number 23 or the way they spell things on some of the earlier releases, they are not associated with the band Psychic TV. They were however associated with the Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) as they were probably memebers of this magickal/occult secret society. If that means nothing to you, then just know that they are "sound crafters" instead of musicians for ritual purposes.

Exit 23: Ritual Dance Music [KK055, 12" & CD5]

1. 7:58 Exit 23 (Source)
2. 9:32 Exit 23 (Return)

A deep pounding tranced out track that slowly builds and creeps up on you. Pretty simple in its dark rhythm, a sample of Timothy Leary (?) saying, "return, to the source," an eastern sounding wailing, and very pronounced hi-hats. There are two versions of this floating around. There is the original 12" which has been replaced by the Go Bang Mix by Eric (D-Shake) and Eric (House of Venus).

Maenad EP [KK069, 12" & CD5]

1. Ov The Maenads
2. The Valley
3. Beyond

From the press release, "(It) weaves together eastern ambience with modern technology... (we) take no responsibility for the effect this trance inducing tribal house music has on dance floor victims." A softer tribal sounding dance track. 3 mixes of the same song.

Ov Biospheres & Sacred Grooves: a document ov new edge folk classics [KK065]
1.  137  23:26 The Challenge (Part One)
     98 +07:56 Linkage
    108 +12:15 The Tides (They Turn)
2.  131  06:50 Obsidian
3.       24:41 Anathema Ov Jean Jacques Derrillard
    128 +07:17 The Challenge (Part Two)
    126 +14:17 The Key (Version)
        +20:36 New Edge Mantra
4.  132  10:48 Exit 23 (Long Drum Club Remix)

the CD is split into four sections. The number next to each section is the beats-per-minute. The first track in each section lists the time for that section while the "+" indicates that the next tracks starts this many minutes into that section. Thus, "the key" starts 14:17 minutes in the third section. Read below for track information.

The LP, released in 1992, has three tracks per side mixed together:

the challenge (part one): another slow building track. The beat and tribal rhythms pound and trance you out. Not as dark as Exit 23 but definitely a dance floor filler.

linkage: deep slow percussive tribal loops but nothing sounds electronic here.

the tides (they turn): starts out ambient with crickets sounds and turns into a purcussive and soft trancey tune.

obsidian: a happy trance track with very subtle samples of Timothy Leary. Very uplifting and danceable.

the challenge (part two): this version starts out ambient with bubbles and gurgles and other trippy sounds which turns into a warm almost jazzy sounding groove.

the key (version): ambient with that housey organ sound until about midway when the pianos and the beat kick in.

* There are two domestic CD releases. The Cargo release has two extra tracks:

anathema of jean jaques derrilard: ambient on the darker/industrial side. lots of layers and cut up voices make this very interesting.

new edge mantra: drifty ambient textures and dark sounding waves of sound

* The Restless CD has a third extra track, the long Drum Club remix of Exit 23

Obsidian EP [KK090, 12" & CD5] 1. 129 20:31 Obsidian
2. 121 06:09 Patience (First Step)
3. 132 08:49 the Challenge (Kala Mix)

Obsidian starts out real slow and takes a long time to pick up but the long build is worth it. Unfortunately, the Leary samples are a bit more obvious this time. A new version of the Challenge is just as good as the first two mixes on the album. A new track, Patience jumps right into things. Classic material on the ambient trance side of things.

D.O.G.-The Key [ZZB005, 12"]

Going by the name Disciples Ov Gaia on KK's new sublabel, Zazaboem, Robert Heynen assisted by Tim Freeman present three new mixes of The Key, a short version of which appeared on their album. The main version features vocals by Mary Lou adding to the house sound. The Lunar Dub mix sounds like the same as the one on the album only longer while the Intention Mix has a strong house influence with a Hammond Organ.

Exit 23, The Drum Club Remixes [KK055, 12" & CD5]

1. 08:54 Exit 23, Drum Club Remix
2. 05:43 Exit 23, Drum Club Remix
2. 10:48 Exit 23, Drum Club Remix

A great song refuses to die. This new version has been greatly enhanced and complicated. Gone is the eastern sounding wailing that gave it a real other world and timely feel to it. This is a 1993 soft yet dark trance trip. The other side is a 11 minute excursion (where you can almost hear that wail for a few seconds!) that is more relaxed and in a softer trance vein. About 3/4 of the way through, the beat just drops off so you can explore some deep moaning sounds.

Psychick Rhythms Volume 1 [KK103, 2 x 12" & CD5]

A1. 8:57 Pull
B1. 7:09 Psoudown
B2. 4:39 Break/Shifted
C1. 8:52 Ensnared
D1. 6:43 Push
D2. 4:37 Break

The back of the 12" says this: "Warning! This object has nothing to do with art or artificial intelligence. This double package (12" version) was designed for mixing, for breaks, for possesion, for collectors." Each track is a different rhythm, mostly just plain tribal beats and percussion yet they all sound like a remix of the same song. I suppose it is a DJ tool.

Peel Sessions [KK091, 12" and CD5]

A1 Pull
B1 Break
B2 Dust

The first two are reworkings of a couple of tracks from the Psychick Rhythms project which sound more danceable to me. The version of Dust on here is a short beatless dark ambient piece featuring a loop of an interesting noise which sounds right out of a movie.

Out Now [KK117, 12" and CD5]

A. Out Now
A. Dust (At The Crossroads)
B. Sa Track 1
B. Sa Track 2

It's funny because the words "Out Now!" are jumping out on the cover yet out now is an ambient track in an experimental/darker mood. Dust barely sounds like the original version on the Trance Europe Express compilation [mentioned below]. The two "sa" tracks are trancey house, the second track having an almost jazzy influence.

Record of Breaks [KK118, 2x12" and CD]

01. 17:24 A Kind of Prayer
02. 00:15 Revelation
03. 09:34 Sheap?
04. 00:30 Revelation
05. 09:25 Truth
06. 04:46 True
07. 01:18 Revelation
08. 12:18 Kraak
09. 00:29 Revelation
10. 09:22 Thru

This is a much welcomed return to the Warriors we have come to know and love. Tribal rhythms, rich ambient textures, percussive beats, curious samples and even the occasional industrial sound. This is more of a real followup to Ov Biospheres and Sacred Grooves while Psychic Rhythms Vol. 1 seemed like more of an experiment for DJs. I highly recommend finding this release immediately!

Kraak remixes [KK130, 12" and CD5]


Remixes of the track Kraak from the Record of Breaks album. Minimal beats and ambience to go along with it.

PWOG rejammed - Kraak remixes [KK131, 2X12" and CD5]

1. plastikman familiar mix
2. mark broom remix
3. plastikman abstract mix
4. coil remix

Remixes by Richie Hawtin as Plastikman are minimal while intelligent and upbeat. Mark Broom's remix is more involved and driving. The Coil is otherworldly ambient meets industrial exploration.

SIDE PROJECTS: (original work not found elsewhere)

"Lush 3-4: Warrior Drift," a remix of Orbital's "Lush 3"

This and the CJ Bolland remixes are my favorite remixes out of over 5 different mixes of this track available. While CJ Bolland's remix is fast and intricate with layers and complex beats, the PWOG mix is stripped down to a minimalist house beat. It may be basic but everything is there that makes for a good song. It's tranced out and did I mention danceable?

"Dust" on the Trance Europe Express compilation

Soft, beautiful, atmospheric trance to be heard when the sun is rising or some aesthetically pleasing enviornment. This compilation contains almost entirely new and original work. Damn, I want this on a 12"! There's a 303 bassline, some very timely mixing and some strange spoken word samples in the background come in towards the end adding to the enigma of it all.

"Prison of the Rhythm" by the Golden Palominoes
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia's Dizzy Drift Mix

An eclectic track given the tribal dub remix treatment by PWOG.

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