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R&S Discography

version 1.5 (FLN modified)

June 13, 1995

Maintained by Richard Vandoren [mail link] and ozymandias G desiderata.

About This Discography

This is version 1.5 of our discography of R&S and all of its sublabels (Global Cuts, Diatomyc, and R&S UK) besides Apollo. Simon Walley already has an excellent Apollo discography going, so he will continue to document that label, although we provide a link to it here. The approach Richard has taken to managing the data is to store the information in a relational database and enter/update information with a home-grown GUI. This allows him great flexibility if he needs to reorder or reformat the entries, add another field of information or selectively retrieve certain tracks.

One ambitious feature of this discography is that we not only include a time for each track, but also list its BPM. Granted, it's difficult to come up with an exact bpm for a given track, but we feel that this information (with a grain of salt included) can only be helpful to all of us who try a hand at DJing in the bedroom or elsewhere. I am also looking for any other information pertaining to R&S artists that would be easily listed here. If you're not sure if we want to include it then send it anyways because we probably will.

Here's our current Top 5 wish list for submissions:

  1. Global Cuts catalog numbers and track listings.
  2. A definitive answer on the spelling of the label name Diatomic / Dyatomic / Diatomyc / ???.
  3. Early R&S releases.
  4. Data for RSUK5, RSUK9 and RSUK13.
  5. BPMS, BPMS and more BPMS.

    and obviously

  6. Someone to donate everything listed here to our personal collections.

The entries are ordered alphabetically by label name and then by catalog number, with entries with no known catalog number coming first (ordered by artist and then title). If you have some other sort order that would interest you (i.e. by artist), let me know and I should be able to accommodate your request. I also have another form of this discography that has two lines per entry, which is much easier to print out and carry to music stores. This is also available for the price of an e-mail request.

The Discographies:


BTW, If you contribute in any way I will automatically send you a copy of the discography each time a new version comes out. So send in those track listings and bpms!

Additions, Corrections, and Suggestions

should be sent to Richard [mail link] or ozy [mail link]. We work on this discography together now, and try to coordinate our efforts, so submissions sent to either one of us should eventually reach the other.

This discography can also be found at Hyperreal [remote site] and will periodically be posted to relevant newsgroups. And remember, send in a contribution and you will automatically be sent a copy every time a version comes out.

Richard Vandoren
Walnut Creek, CA

ozymandias G desiderata
Missoula, MT;)

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Last Updated: July 13, 1995