Perfect Sound Forever, an online music magazine, has generously donated to Hyperreal three excerpts from pirate radio broadcasts in the UK. The broadcasts were recorded by writer Simon Reynolds, who was doing research for his new book about rave music and dance culture.

Simon Reynolds Photo courtesy Perfect Sound Forever

Simon Reynolds is an internationally known, influential writer whose work has been published in numerous magazines and papers including The Wire (including the sexology of pieces-- i.e. six essays-- re: hardcore and jungle), Village Voice, Melody Maker and Spin (where he's the album reviews editor). [Check out some of his excellent writing at his web site, listed below --ed.]

His previous books include THE SEX REVOLTS: GENDER, REBELLION & ROCK'N'ROLL, written with Joy Press (Harvard University Press in North America, or Serpent's Tail in the UK, 1995), and BLISSED OUT: THE RAPTURES OF ROCK (Serpent's Tail, London, 1990).

Simon's new book (in the UK) is called ENERGY FLASH: A JOURNEY THROUGH RAVE MUSIC AND DANCE CULTURE, published by Picador in September 1998, 500 pages. The book comes with a free CD of rave classics including tunes by Beltram, Nightmares on Wax, LFO, DJ Hype, 4 Hero and Danny Breaks.

The U.S. edition is called GENERATION ECSTASY: INTO THE WORLD OF TECHNO AND RAVE CULTURE, published by Little, Brown in September 1998, with 438 pages (it's about 40 thousand words shorter than the UK version).

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