MC# 1: "Biggin' up the Man like Niney Niney, the man who loves banan-ees--he says. Hold it down. Biggin' up the Acton Crew, doing-the-do. Biggin' up the Acting Hard Massive. Stiff as an 'ard on! Comin' on, comin' on, come on come on techno strong. Work it up! Working up the-rush-in-the-place!"
MC#2: "And it's Haitch with a Hot"
MC# 1: "Biggin' up the Hot Man, the Metal Man, hold it down. Cinders. You know the score--
MC#2: "And the Builder. And the Coke Can---"
MC# 1: "Biggin' up the Coke Can, the Builder--"
MC#2: "And the Ice--"
MC# 1: "Not forgetting--".
MC#2: "The Schweppes."
MC# 1: "Cackooo Crew! Big it up big it up, doing-the-do!
MC#2: "Havin' em in the loo, in the loo--"
MC# 1: "Hot hot--"
MC#2: "Doing a lovely poo poo! Ha, ha!
MC# 1: "Buzzin' hard! Having a bubble, in the studio.
MC#2: "Trippin' out! Phone us an ambulance. Phone don't work, give us bell see if it works. 0831 639302, could save a life or two. Or three. Come on, rush with me!
MC# 1: "Biggin' up all the people that live in blocks, 'round London town. Biggin up all the builders. Rush with this, learn to mix!
MC#2: "Comin' on comin' on comin' on strong--"
MC# 1: "Going out to Sammy in Stratford, you know the koo. The didgeridoo, the 'abadabadoo.
MC#2 (starting to sound deranged and a bit demonic): Doing it doing it with the poo. Sounds of the big cack-ooo. Going out to the buzzin' ard crew. You know the koo, koo. Crispy like a crouton!
Sounds of the 'Ot with an Haitch. Getting hot in the place. Steamin'. Rollin'. Sounds of the South.
[growling and gnashing teeth] Hold it down. You know the koo. Flex tops are doing the do. Respect is due. To you and your crew.
MC# 1: "Sounds of the South, man. Buzzin'."