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04. How do I send mail to the 313 email list?<< prevnext >>

To actually send email to the list, compose a message to 313@hyperreal.org regardless of whether you subscribed to 313 or 313-digest. Please note that - EVERYONE - on the list will then receive this email (including yourself). Also be aware that this email is being archived and may very well show up in a search engine years after you actually wrote it. So be on your best behavior, act somewhat like you would if your local news station was taping an interview with you.

You also need to understand that each email is being interpreted by EZMLM, therefore messages that contain EZMLM keywords may not make it to the list.

If you do not receive a copy of your post within a variable period of time then it probably didn't make it past EZMLM. The most common cause is a mismatch in your actual email address and what EZMLM thinks you subscribed to the list with. Unfortunately there is no way to know this since no error email is generated. The primary cause of missing email is the use of profanity. Although we at 313 have no preference as to how you express your opinion with respect to language, the reality of the Internet is that many potential destinations for 313 list mail do. When a site running a profanity firewall recieves an offensive email it bounces that email back to 313 causing an additional strain on the Hyperreal mail systems. Worse still, the recepient behind the firewall will be automatically unsubscribed after a certain number of messages resulting in confusion on their part and additional support on ours. Since Hyperreal is a volunteer effort, it isn't too much to ask that you refrain from profanity for the overall health of the system. The second most common scenario is that you tried to send email to 313 in something other than the plain text format. To prevent the spread of computer viruses and save on server space, 313 does not accept email with attachments nor does it accept email formatted using HTML. Lastly, the third most common cause of this is that at some point you have been unsubscribed from the list. This happens whenever EZMLM cannot send list email to your address, that is to say list traffic is bounced back to Hyperreal. This can happen for a variety of reasons all of which are out of my control (quota exceeded, email account deactivated, unable to lookup address, mailing list firewalls, and so on). Please contact your local system administrator before contacting me.

The one thing that is under my control is unsubscribing people that abuse the list. When posting to 313 keep the following rules of conduct in mind:

  • Spam is strictly prohibited, 313 list subscribers are not marketing fodder.
  • List subscribers are people, treat them as such, disrespective and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • List members are here for a reason, keep your posts on topic, using 313 as chat room is not permitted. Please note placing 'OT', standing for off-topic, or 'NRR', standing for not really relevant, in the subject line in no way excuses you from adhering to this rule.
  • Do not attempt to steal another list subscribers email identity (and, yes, this has happened in past).
  • Do not repost private email to 313. Likewise do not reply to private email and 'CC' 313. This is both illegal (falling under the reproduction of an original copyrighted work without permission) and highly unethical. Arguments belong in private email, not in email that is addressed to 313, check your 'To: ' and 'CC: ' email header fields carefully before sending out email - it may save you more embarassment than you thought possible.
  • Try not to swear. More and more corporate sites are using profanity firewalls resulting in fellow 313 subscribers behind those firewalls missing out on what you had to say.
If you feel someone has violated the above rules you can send email to either me (chaircrusher@hyperreal.org) or Matt MacQueen (macqueen@hyperreal.org) explaining the situation. Do not send email to the list complaining about the list. This has no effect since we don't always have the time to keep up with 313 traffic. Try not to respond to obviously inflammatory postings, the best response is often no response at all.

If you do violate any of the above your account will be blocked from posting from to 313 indefinitely without warning (I am not interested in hearing excuses as I've already heard them all before). Furthermore your account will be added to my personal kill file.

If you do not approve of the above rules then simply do not subscribe to 313. The list itself is not a democracy, yet it operates in a democracy. If you feel you can do better then I encourage you to try, ask for permission to set up your own mailing list on Hyperreal or use one of the free mailing list services such as OneList or eGroups to set up your own list. No one is trying to silence your voice.

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