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The influences of synth-pop on Detroit artists have been cited frequently, and when techno remixes of ABC, Yello and New Order started showing up in the late '80s, the circle began to complete itself.

But in Sarah Gregory, we have a unique and physical link between the worlds of synth-pop and Detroit techno.

Before her recordings with Carl Craig, she was already an accomplished vocalist. Under her maiden name Osborne, she sang with the bands Repetition and Marine, which split off into the Belgian funk outfit Allez Allez. The latter's first full album, Promises, was produced by Martyn Ware of Heaven 17. In 1983, she married that band's singer: Glenn Gregory. They were together for three years.

Around 1986, Sarah joined the band Kino (sort of an offshoot of Propaganda), along with Andreas Thein and DJ Schengel. They released a hit single "Room in My Heart," which went on to sell around 150,000 copies.

Overshadowing her singing is a long-standing career as a talented make-up artist. Gregory has worked with many artists for multiple media, including the likes of Boy George, Jhelisa and Tasmin Archer. In her spare time, Sarah paints canvas instead of faces. Many of these works found their way onto album covers in the early 1990s, and in small London galleries from time to time.

Gregory came to Detroit to paint a wonderful mural on the east wall of the Music Institute. Anyone with a photo of the mural -- PLEASE forward it on to someone on 313.

Those not present during the Music Institute's run were probably first struck by Gregory's painting for the cover of Rhythim is Rhythim's "The Beginning." At the time, there wasn't a lot of sleeve art accompanying Detroit techno releases. That made her contribution all the more powerful.

- Dan Sicko 10/05/2001

Special thanks to the Retroactive and Crépuscule discographies.  Send additions or corrections to reverb AT hyperreal DOT org

**NOTE: Works where Gregory did not contribute musically do not list track titles.

7": 1981 BE (CRÉPUSCULE; TWI 031)
Artist: Repetition
Title: A Full Rotation

3:52 A Full Rotation
3:45 The Body Cries
12": 1981 BE (CRÉPUSCULE; RAD 010)
Artist: Repetition
Title: Chance

Cancelled. Released November 1982 on a 12" on RED FLAME (RF 12113),
containing The Will To Win, Love What You Miss, Chance.

2xLP: 1981 BE (CRÉPUSCULE; TWI 035)
Artist: Various
Title: The Fruit Of The Original Sin

3:24 PETER GORDON - The Fruit Of The Original Sin
2:24 THE DURUTTI COLUMN - The Eye And The Hand
6:55 SOFT VERDICT - Multiple 12
4:34 CECILE BRUYNOGE - Claire De Lune
1:09 MARINE - A Man And A Woman
4:50 PAUL HAIG - Mad Horses
3:51 MARINE - Animal In My Head
2:21 323 - Affectionate Silence
5:21 DNA - Taking Kid To School
+ DNA - Cop Buys A Donut
+ DNA - Delivering The Goods

3:41 RHINE RIVER III - An End Remains
2:44 RICHARD JOBSON - The Happiness Of Lonely
10:10 An Interview With MARGUERITE DURAS
4:15 RICHARD JOBSON - India Song
2:05 THE NAMES - Music For Someone
2:44 ORANGE JUICE - Three Cheers For Our Side
2:27 THICK PIGEON - Sudan (Acoustic)
3:34 ARTHUR RUSSEL - Sketch For Face Of Helen
3:30 THE DURUTTI COLUMN - Experiment In Fifth
5:29 WINSTON TONG - The Next Best Thing To Death
3:29 WILLIAM BURROUGHS - Twilight's Last Gleaming
5:02 THE DURUTTI COLUMN - Weakness And Fever


Artist: Marine
Title: Lulabour Delight/Tschombe

2:38 Luluabour Delight
4:14 Thsombe

Artist: Various
Title: A Day In October

2:38 MARINE - Life In Reverse
3:06 JOSEF K - Sorry For Laughing
3:51 REPETITION - A Full Rotation
3:02 MARINE - Leningrad In Winter
3:54 REPETITION - A Still Reflex
3:08 CECILE BRUYNOGHE - Gymnopedie No. 1
1:29 RICHARD JOBSON - Etiquette The Ballad (Live)
4:50 THICK PIGEON - Subway
3:22 RHINE RIVER III - Departures
2:36 CABARET VOLTAIRE - Your Agent Man
2:46 MALARIA! - How Do You Like My New Dog?
4:33 THICK PIGEON - Woodentop Talk
2:50 MICHAEL NYMAN - Mozart

12": 1981 (CRÉPUSCULE; RAD 006)
Artist: Marine
Title: Rive Gauche

A1. Remember Caribou
A2. A Proposito Dei Napoli
B1. How To Keep Cool
Artist: Allez Allez
Title: African Queen

LP: 1982 BE (VIRGIN)
Artist: Allez Allez
Title: Promises

1. Valley of the Kings
2. The Time Cost Me
3. Unwritten Symphonies
4. Things We Used to Do
5. Flesh and Blood
6. My Name Is Culture
7. Mam Lou Parks
8. Swedish Girl

** Produced by Martyn Ware

LP: 1983 UK (VIRGIN; V2253)
Artist: Heaven 17
Title: The Luxury Gap

**Liner notes mention "Special thanks to : Sarah Gregory : Screams on track 2"

NOTE: There are several versions of this album not mentioned in this discography.
7": 1986 DE (CHRYSALIS/ARIOLA; 108 148)
Artist: Kino
Title: Room in my heart

3:54 Room In My Heart
3:24 Ugh, Ugh...
12": 1986 DE (CHRYSALIS/ARIOLA; 608 148)
12": 1986 UK (CHRYSALIS; 12 2974)

Artist: Kino
Title: Room in my Heart

5:42 (Big) Room In My Heart
3:24 Ugh, Ugh...
3:54 Room In My Heart (instrumental)
LP: 1990 DE (RESTLESS; EM 9349 2)
Artist: Nico
Title: Hanging Gardens

** Sarah Gregory: Artwork, Paintings
12": 1990 UK (KOOL KAT; KOOLT600)
Artist: Rhythim is Rhythim
Title: The Beginning

**Painting by Sarah Gregory (P) & (C) 1990 Kool Kat Records
click here to enlarge
LP: 1990 UK (BIG LIFE)
Artist: Blue Pearl
Title: Blue Pearl

** Sarah Gregory: Artwork, Illustrations

12": 1990 US (TRANSMAT; MS12)
Artist: Psyche
Title: No More Words EP
A1. Crackdown

B1. Neurotic Behavior
B2. Andromeda

** Vocals on Crackdown

12": 1991 US (RETROACTIVE; DANG-1EP) (red one)
Artist:     Side A) Carl Craig
                Side B) Carl Craig w/Sarah Gregory
Title: No More Words EP
A1. No More Words (Neo New Age Tribal Mix)
A2. Suspiria (Susie Banion Mix)

B1. Wrap Me In It's Arms (New Age Pimp Mix)
**Photo: Sarah Gregory

12”: 1991 US (RETROACTIVE; DANG-1EP) (blue one)
Artist:     Side A) Carl Craig
                Side B) Carl Craig w/Sarah Gregory
Title: No More Words EP
A1. No More Words (Neo New Age Tribal Mix)
A2. Suspiria (Susie Banion Mix)

B1. Wrap Me In It's Arms (New Age Pimp Mix)
**Photo: Sarah Gregory

12”: 1991 US (RETROACTIVE; CAD 004)
Artist: Various
Title: Equinox, Chapter One

A1. Underground Resistance - The Theory
A2. Urban Tribe - Covert Action
A3. B.F.C. - Please Stand By

B1. Carl Craig - Wrap Me In Its Arms
B2. Carl Craig – with Sarah Gregory - As Time Goes By
LP: 1991 BE (BUZZ; BZZCD 106102)
Artist: Various
Title: Equinox/The Beginning/Nite & Da, A Retroactive Compilation

1. Urban Tribe - Covert Action (Ingram)
2. Carl Craig - Wrap Me In His Arms
3. Carl Craig - with Sarah Gregory - As Time Goes By (Sitting Under A Tree) (Craig/Gregory)
4. Never On Sunday - The Journey (Burden/Burden/Burden)
5. Carl Craig - No More Words (Carl Craig)
6. Carl Craig – Suspiria (Carl Craig)
7. Open House featuring Placid Angles – Aquatic (Beltran/Wilson)
LP: 1991 UK (RHYTHM KING/EPIC; 468567 2)
Artist: S'Express
Title: Intercourse

** painting
LP: 1996 US (PLANET E; PEPBFC 961)
Artist: Various
Title: Elements: Psyche/BFC

1. Elements (Craig) - 6:50
2. Neurotic Behaviour (Craig) - 7:42
3. Crackdown (Craig) - 5:58
4. From Beyond (Craig) - 5:43
5. Andromeda (Craig) - 4:55
6. Evolution (Craig) - 3:09
7. Galaxy (Craig) - 6:41
8. It's a Shame (Craig) - 5:39
9. Please Stand By (Craig) - 5:02
10. Chicken Noodle Soup (Craig) - 6:33
11. How the West Was Won (Craig) - 3:34
12. Sleep (Craig) - 5:11

** vocals on Crackdown

LP: 1997 US (PLANET E; PE65232)
Artist: Carl Craig
Title: More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art

1. Es. 30 (Craig) - 2:26
2. Televised Green Smoke (Craig) - 6:15
3. Goodbye World (Craig) - 3:32
4. Alien Talk (Craig) - :31
5. Red Lights (Craig) - 7:39
6. Dreamland (Craig) - 6:05
7. Butterfly (Craig) - 7:30
8. Act 2 (Craig) - :29
9. Dominas (Craig) - 7:03
10. At Les (Craig) - 6:09
11. Suspiria (Craig) - 4:05
12. As Time Goes by (Sitting Under a Tree) (Craig/Gregory) - 5:13
13. Attitude (Daniel) - 2:59
14. Frustration (Craig/May) - 6:58
15. Food and Art (In the Spirit of Revolution) (Craig) - 6:23
16. - :34

LP: 1997 UK (DORADO; DOR056)
Artist: Jhelisa
Title: Language Electric

** Sarah Gregory: Make-up

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