Welcome to the gabber mailing list, where the topics are all aspects  of the harder and faster kinds of techno (gabber, hardcore, speedcore, noizecore, doomcore, terrorcore, new style, etc ).

    The list administrator is skinner[at]

    Following is a small list of answers to frequently asked questions related to the gabber list administration procedures and netiquette.

    Please read before you post to the list!

--- How do I get on the list?

   You may Join the list by sending mail too or  The list will send you a confirmation request, and once you reply to it a message confirming that you are a subscriber will be sent.

Do I want the Gabber list or the Digests Version  depending on whether you want to receive individual messages as they are posted (gabber-subscribe ) or periodic 20K digests of accumulated postings (gabber-digest-subscribe).

--- How do I get off the list?

    You may Join the list by sending mail too The list will send you a confirmation request, and once you reply to it a message confirming that you are a subscriber will be sent.

depending on whether you were subscribed to the normal (gabber-unsubscribe) or digest version (gabber-digest-unsubscribe). Send the mail from the same address you used to subscribe to the list. 

--- How do I post a message to the list?

    Send your message to and it will be forwarded to all the subscribers of the gabber list. Post to this address even if you are on the gabber-digest list. Note you must be subscribed to the gabber or gabber-digest list in order to post to it.

    All messages sent to the address above will also be added to the gabber-digest queue. When 20 kilobytes worth of messages accumulate in the queue, they will all be packaged into one long message called a digest. The digest will then be sent to all the subscribers who are on the gabber-digest list. There is no need to be on both the message-by-message list and the periodic digest list, because the content is the same.

Please make sure you post messages to

Some email software uses the wrong return address when sending replies; you may need to edit the "To" field. If you accidentally send mail to gabber-owner, it may not ever show up on the list.

    And you must send only plain text, with no attachments, to the list. Some email software such as Outlook Express or Netscape Communicator/Mail may default to sending your mail out as "text/html" rather than "text/plain".

    Make whatever changes are necessary to ensure that your outgoing mail is not specially encoded. Look for a "plain text" or "7 bit" option. Again, do not send attachments to the list.

--- Why have I been removed from the list?

    If mail cannot be delivered to your email address for even a short period of time, you may be dropped from the list without notification, and you will have to re-subscribe using the instructions above. This is especially true for AOL users who let their mailbox get full.

--- Other administrative & netiquette

    - The Gabber list is a very specific forum. General questions not related to gabber music should be posted to other forums. Spams, get-rich-quick schemes, commercial advertising, virus alerts, alerts and calls-to-action of a political nature, harassment, or any other disruptive, off-topic posts will not be tolerated.

- Before replying to all the list, think first about whether your reply is of interest to everyone or just the person who wrote the message. Your mail reader (such as PINE) will usually ask you if you want to "Reply to all recipients"; by answering "No", your mail will be sent to the original sender of the message only.

    - If you're answering a question then it's a good idea to check the rest of your mail first to see if it's been answered by somebody else already.

   - Personal advertising is acceptable as long as it's for things that are related to the list, such as secondhand records. However, if you've got a long list of items then it's better to just post a short note asking people to mail you for the full list.

    - Do trim excess quoted material from replies. There is never any need to quote someone else's entire message in your reply. Digest subscribers need to be especially careful to not accidentally attach large segments of the previous digest to their replies, and to edit the Subject line.

    - Big signatures at the bottom of messages waste space and soon get irritating. 3-4 lines is ideal.

    - If you've posted a message once and got no response then don't keep on posting again and again hoping that you'll get an answer. The lack of response usually means that nobody can help.

    - Writing ALL IN CAPITALS is considered by people to be the same as shouting. Writing in lower case is much friendlier.

    - If someone has posted a message that is clearly in violation of netiquette, simply ignore the message, and please DON'T flame this person to all the list, since this will only result in more off topic posts.

    - If you've just joined the list, it's probably a good idea to monitor the discussions for a while before posting anything yourself.

--- Where are the Gabber list web pages?

    Here you'll find the archives, FAQ, party reviews, links and some samples.

    The gabber list is archived at


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