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The IDM list was originally created in August of 1993 for the discussion of music relating to Aphex Twin and Warp's early "Artificial Intelligence" compilations. Since that time, both the list and the range of music that is discussed on it have grown considerably. As there is no set definition of the boundaries of "Intelligent Dance Music", the official stance is that all opinions are to be respected. That being said, when you declare that "Rozalla is intelligent dance music", you should be willing and able to back it up - not just "because it obviously is."

The IDM list currently comes in two flavors: Original, and Digest. Before joining the list, please read over the list policies below. In order to subscribe or unsubscribe, simply send a blank email to one of the addresses below and follow the directions of the emails that are sent to you.

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There are currently over 1600 people subscribed to the IDM list. Try to keep your posts on topic and your arguments and flame wars off list. Spams, get-rich-quick schemes, commercial advertising, virus alerts, alerts and calls-to-action of a political nature, harrassment, or any other disruptive, off-topic posts will not be tolerated.

For the convenience of the listmembers and to ease the burden on our server and network, some restrictions on For Sale lists and Wanted lists (classifieds) are being enforced.Auctions should be posted once to attract bidders, then be conducted in private thereafter. Any other classifieds, including long sale lists, should be announced as briefly as possible, with an invitation for interested parties to email you directly or visit a web location to receive the full information. It is okay to post short classifieds to the mailing list, but they must:

1) Pertain to Intelligent Dance Music
2) Be for personal transactions, not on behalf of a business
3) Be not longer than a screenful (25 lines)
4) Not be repetitive (do not keep reposting the same items)

The IDM List is *NOT* a forum for trading illegal copies, mp3's, bootlegs, or rare out of print material. Not only does this entirely screw the people who's music we discuss, it is also illegal and any intelligent person would not want their illegal requests broadcast to 1000+ subscribers. Please take these types of transactions off-list. Abuse of this sort will not be tolerated.

Questions, comments and concerns may be directed at Brian B. His email is brian at hyperreal dot org. Yes, you'll have to actually type it in. He's trying to cut back on spam.