->The IDM-Reviews (IDM-r) Mailing List

->Description and Purpose:

 Quite simply, the "IDM-Reviews" Mailing List or IDM-r will exist as a
 "reviews only" version of the supported "Intelligent
 Dance Music" mailing list.

 With the IDM and IDM-Digest lists growing to well over 900 members and
 daily list traffic surging at times into double digit KB's, the
 decision to offer a lower volume, higher content version of IDM was

 For more information regarding the specifics of the Intelligent Dance
 Music Mailing list, please refer to the definitive IDM home;

->About IDM-r:

 IDM-r content will be comprised of "reviews" which have been culled
 from the general IDM list traffic and "reviews" sent directly to

 *It is not necessary to be subscribed to IDM or IDM-Digest to be able
 to read and contribute to IDM-r.*

->List administrators:

 The list administrators are Aran Parillo, and Brian
 Rachielles,  Aran, as current IDM-owner, will handle
 the administrative issues of the list and Brian will handle the
 process of review "moderation" and "approval".

 Notice to "free email" users and people with flaky Internet access. 
 As is the case with IDM and IDM-Digest, if mail cannot be delivered to
 your email address for even a short period of time, you may be dropped
 from the list without notification, and you will have to re-subscribe
 using the instructions below.


 You may subscribe to IDM-reviews by sending an email to with the words "subscribe idm-reviews" by
 themselves in the body of a message.


 Follow the same instructions, but use "unsubscribe idm-reviews" by
 itself in the message body.  Send the mail from the same address you
 used to subscribe to the list.  More assistance with the list server
 can be obtained by sending mail to with "help"
 by itself in the message body.

->Sending messages to the list:

 As mentioned, the content of IDM-r will be "moderated" and comprised,
 for the most part, of "reviews" culled out of the general list traffic
 on IDM. The definition of "review" will remain the discretion of the
 list administrators, but will not be limited to "reviews" of any
 particular medium of Intelligent Dance Music.

 The Direct posting of content to IDM-reviews by IDM, IDM-Digest, and
 IDM-r members is encouraged. However, we do ask that one posting
 guideline be followed.

 Please use the below Subject line protocol; 
 Artists Name - Title - Ancillary Information*

 *Ancillary information may be anything from the title of your
 review, the label of the release or the like.

->Listmail processing:

 All messages sent to are bounced to Brian
 Rachielles for "approval" onto the IDM-r list. Please bear in mind
 unlike IDM, your content will not appear "immediately" as all traffic
 will be "approved" by a human before being passed onto the list.

 All IDM-r content will be added to the IDM-reviews archive, which is
 located at . 
 Note that the HTML archive of this list at present will not reside on This is being done for two explicit reasons.  First,
 the HTML-ing of mailing lists is resource consuming.  Second, having
 the list archived "off site" helps drive home the point that your
 posting to this list implies consent to its distribution to
 the network community.

->Questions, comments, concerns:

 Please direct them to

->Visit the IDM-r home should you need to check into list policy
  revision, clarification, or announcements.

 #end of file
 #last update 040198 

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