Welcome to the Mother-List!
The mother-list is devoted to the discussion of Uwe Schmidt and the absurdly vast amount of aliases/pseudonyms/collaborations/projects he participates in, which currently include (but are not at all limited to):
Almost Digital, Atom™, Atom™ feat. Tea Time, Atom Heart, Atomu' Shinzo, Bass, Bi-Face, The Bitniks, Brown, Bund Deutscher Programmierer, Coeur Atomique, Datacide, The Disk Orchestra, Dos Tracks, Dots, Dr Mueller, Dropshadow Disease, Erik Satin, Flanger, Flextone, Fonosandwich, Geeez 'N' Gosh, Gon, HAT, H. Roth, i, Interactive Music, Jet Chamber, Lassigue Bendthaus, LB, Le Diapason, Lisa Carbon, Lisa Carbon & Friends, The Lisa Carbon Trio, Los Samplers, Machine Paisley, Masters Of Psychedelic Ambiance, Midisport, Mike Mc Coy, Millenium, Mono™, M/S/O, +N, Naturalist, Ongaku, Pentatonic Surprise, Pornotanz, Real Intelligence, The Roger Tubesound Ensemble, Schnittstelle, Second Nature, Semiacoustic Nature, Señor Coconut, Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto, Silver Sound, Slot, Softcore, Soundfields, Subsequence, Superficial Depth, Synthadelic, Urban Primitivism, VSVN, Weird Shit
Topics of discussion also include: Uwe Schmidt's own record label Rather Interesting and his graphic design company Linger Decoree. Occasionally the focus of the list may stray toward other musicians who have collaborated with Uwe at some point (ie: Pete Namlook, Bernd Friedman, Haruomi Hosono, Tetsu Inoue), but we try to keep this to a sensible minimum.
"For Sale/Trade" lists are welcome, however they should be limited specifically to Atom™-related items only. If this means editing your list, then please take this into consideration. Forwarding leads on where to obtain Atom™-related merchandise is also encouraged, but please don't price-gouge the members. We're all here to help each other out.
Radio show playlists are discouraged and should not be even considered for posting unless they feature a showcasing of Atom™ and/or Atom™-related projects.
Discussion of the how and where to locate .mp3s is a very unwelcome topic. The only exception is if the .mp3s are on official web pages and/or have been officially sanctioned for download through an online service such as e-Music.
Trading/selling of home-burned CDRs (and other recordable media) is prohibited. Be discreet and keep all CDR postings and transactions offlist.
Please do not post images to the list as most people don't have the space to contain them in their mailboxes.
Finally, please exercise self-control by sticking to Uwe-related topics only. Courteously continue non-related topics and/or arguments either via private channels or move them to another list.
History of the Mother-List.
Simply referred to as "The Atom Heart/Lassigue Bendthaus List", this discussion group was loosely founded on October 28, 1995 by a small handful of us Uwe-freaks in order to help one another locate and acquire Atom Heart/Lassigue Bendthaus releases. Gradually through private invitation, more members trickled in adding to a more involved discussion. Once the list expanded enough to where bouncing around 40+ addresses was getting to be a bit of a chore, listmember Wallace Winfrey graciously donated an isp to host an automated version of the mailing-list. The <mother@nicar.org> address had a very healthy run up until mid-September of 1997, when a transition was made to the currently existing third incarnation of the mother-list on hyperreal.org.
Since the discussion group's foundation, a website for the mother-list was eventually created (again, by Wally) to host transcribed articles/ interviews, as well a large majority of posted message archives. What you are looking at now is a revamping of this page, which was completed toward the end of 2001. The hope here is to have a more rounded home page for listmembers to use as a reference tool. A links page has been added for direction to other Atom™-related pages on the web, as well as a ever-develping FAQ page to help cut down traffic on the mailing-list.
An overly-comprehensive visual discography was compiled by Christopher Miller in 1999, and features information on all of Uwe's releases, including solo projects, collaborations, remix and production work for other artists, compilation appearances, and his sampling cds. On August 19, 2001 the discography was totally revised, making it a visual reference tool for Atom™ collectors. While the first version was text-based, this new edition features picture sleeves and other images related to each release.
Since the inception of the mailing-list a small number of Atom™-related web pages have popped up. From official record label pages, to label-specific resource pages, to review and audio sample pages, to alternate and/or more specified discographies, all known pages have been included on the links page.
An added bonus which has become a welcome by-product of the list are monthly postings of the Del Haze Entertainment News, as written by Uwe Schmidt himself. This invaluable insider update is a must, considering his prolific and often obscure output. Also appearing occasionally are exclusive offers for ultra-limited edition recordings, mother-list only releases, and listings for any upcoming live dates worldwide. All of the past issues of this newsletter are included in both the Del Haze Entertainment News archive, as well in the body of the message archives themselves.
Nearly all of the postings to the mother-list have been archived. From the first pre-list posting on September 30, 1995 to the present, they are all available for viewing. Currently an editing of the messages' text is underway in order to clean them up a bit. Things such as irrelevant repeated and/or unclipped text is being removed. Also, a lot of the coding above the Subject line has been removed in order to maintain a `cleaner' look. Finally, off-topic messages are being deleted altogether in order to help guarantee a smoother flow from message to message. So far, all posts up to December 1999 have been cleaned up. As it is an ongoing manual process, a completeion date for all messages is unknown at this point.
The moderator of the mother-list is Wallace Winfrey. Please feel free to e-mail him about anything list-related. The list has been maintained and moderated on a full-time basis since its beginning, and will continue to be for the forseeable future. It is a very intelligent and informative list with a very good record in civil and friendly postings. The list-traffic is very low, but may raise a bit from time-to-time revolving around new releases and hot topics. A good number of listmembers have been subscribed for a majority of the list's existance, and there is an average turnover rate for unsubscribings and new subscribings.
If you have an interest in Uwe Schmidt's work, we welcome you to join in the discussion. Or, if you wish to lurk then that's just fine too. For subscription info, please click the link at the top of this page.