Even if you're not a soccer fan you'll probably get a kick out of
this one.

                ,a8888888P"''             "Y8888888b,
             _a888888888"                   `Y88888888b,
           ,d888888888P'                       "888888888b,
         ,88888888P"Y8,                       ,P'   `""Y888b,
       ,d8888P"'     "Ya,                    ,P'         `Ya`b,
      ,P88"'           `Ya,                 ,P'            `b`Yi
     d",P                `"Y,              ,P'              `Y "i
   ,P' P'                   "888888888888888b                `b "i
  ,P' d'                    d8888888888888888b                `b `b
  d' d'                    ,888888888888888888b                I, Y,
 ,f ,f                    ,88888888888888888888b               `b, b
 d' d'                    d888888888888888888888b              ,88,I
,P  8                    ,88888888888888888888888b,_          ,d8888
d'  8,                   d8888888888888888888888P'`"Ya,_     ,d88888
8  d88b,             ,adP""Y888888888888888888P'      `""Ya, d88888P
8 ,88888b,       ,adP"'     `"Y8888888888888"'             `"888888I
Y,88888888b, ,adP"'             ""Y888888P"                  888888'
`888888888888P'                     ""YP"                    888888
 I88888888888                          8                     88888I
 `Y8888888888                          8                     88888'
  `Y888888888        Normand           8                     8888I
   `Y88888888        Veilleux          8                     8P"8'
    `Y8888888,                         8                   ,d',d'
     `b""""Y8b                         8                 ,d" ,d'
       "b,   "Y,                       8               ,P" ,d"
         "b,   "Ya,_                 ,d88ba,,___   _,aP" ,P"
           "Ya_   ""Ya,_       _,,ad88888888888888P"' _,d"
             `"Ya_    ""Yaaad88888888888888888888P _,d"'
                `"Ya,_     "Y888888888888888888P",d"'

The pictures I post are at their best when printed with a
'Line Printer 16.67 cpi' font or equivalent.

    ___        ______                 ad88P"
  ,88888,    ,d8888888a             ,888"'
 ,88" `Y8,  ,88"    "Y8)           a88"        Quality is
 I8b,  `8b ,88'      d8)          d88'      never an accident.
 `Y8P   88.88'      ,88'         d88'     It is always the
        (8V8'       d8P         d88'     result of high
        (88P       (8P         d88'     intentions, sincere
        d88        88'        d88'     effort, intelligent
       ,88'       ,88        d88'     direction and skillful
       d8P        ]8[       d88'     execution.  It repres-
      ,88         ]8b      d88'     ents the wise choice
      88'         `Y8b  ,ad8"      of many alternatives.
     d8P           `Y8888Y"

Normand Veilleux

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