is for......
                                                  ,d8b,    ,d8b,
                                                 d88888b  d88888b
                                                 8888888  8888888
                                                 Y88888P  Y88888P
                                                  "Y8P"    "Y8P"
     ,d888b, 8888888    ,a88888ba,      ,ad8888  8888888  8888888
    d8888888a8888888  ,d88888P888PP  ,d88888888  8888888  8888888
   d8888888888888888  d88888P"Y88P  ,d888888888  8888888  8888888
  ,8888888P Y8888888  `888888, `P   d8888888P""  8888888  8888888
  88888888  `8888888   `Y88888b     8888888'     8888888  8888888
  88888888   8888888     `888888,   8888888,     8888888  8888888
  Y8888888, ,8888888  ,8a  `88888,  Y8888888baa  8888888  8888888
  `88888888a88888888 ,8888b,Y88888  `Y888888888  8888888  8888888
   "8888888888888888 "88888888888P   `Y88888888  8888888  8888888
    "Y8888P' 8888888  `"YY888PP"        "YP8888  8888888  8888MjG

 ___      ___      ____
| -)     |  )_      |

Ascii art is one of the oldest and least recognised forms of
computer generataed art. Shapes, forms, showdows and shades
can be formed with the use of different characters in the
standard ascii set. Different 'densisties' of characters are
used to simulate shadows and complexity of form.

Some of the best ascii artists are in the gallery.

Normand Veilleux
Normand has created one of the most influential styles of art today.
His 'eight' is used extensivly by many ascii artists around the world.
football. . vollyball. . portrait
chain. . impossible. . dolphin

Felix Lee
Felix Lee has been creating ascii art for many years, some of which is
the most famous of all ascii pictures.
stalkers. . vanish. . sphere
daemon. . cats. . two plane

Susie Oviatt
Susie, has only been creating ascii art for a relativley short time. Already her doodles are well respected. Here is a very small collection of her work.
for more goto
bedtime friend. . bambi. . baby elephant

Other Great Works of Art
face. . mouse. . tropper
Q:?. . Tai Chi. . rogue

If you have any ascii art that YOU have drawn and you want it to be
displayed mail it to us

If you would like any furtherinformation about ascii art and where to
get it grab this Ascii FAQ.

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