,dP'       `Vb,
                                ,dP'  dMMMb, `Vb,
                                dP'  dP' `Vb  `Vb
                                M'   V'  ,dP   `M
                                V,      dMP'   ,P
                                `b,     M     ,d'
                                 Vb,    V    ,dP
                                 `Vb,       ,dP'
                                  `Mb,  M  ,dM'
                                   MMbn, ,edMM
                                   M  `VMP'  M
                                   M         M
                               ,edMP  en en  VMbn,
                          ,edMMP'     `VMP'     `VMMbn,
                       ,edP'"     ,edb     dbn,     "`Vbn,
                ,edMMMMMP'   edMMMP`         'VMMMbn   `VMMMMMMn,
              ,dP'                                             `Vb,
             ,dP'            edMMMbn         edMMMbn            `Vb,
            ,dP'          e                           n          `Vb,
            dP'          dP             n             Vb          `Vb
            M'          ,M'             M             `M,          `M
            V           dM,             M             ,Mb          ,P
            `b,        ,M`b,            V            ,d'M         ,d'
            ,Mb,      ,dP Vb,  en               en  ,dP Vb       ,dM,
            dP`Vb    ,dM' `Vb,         ,e,         ,dP' `Mb,    dP'Vb
            M'     ,dP'Vb  `MMMMMMbn   dMb   edMMMMMM'  dP`Vb,     'M
            M      dP'  M   M,                     ,M   M  `Vb      M
            M      V'  ,M   Vb     ,dbn   edb,     dP   M,  `V      M
            M,        ,dP   `V,    dP'     `Vb    ,P'   Vb,         M
            Mi       ,dP'    ib   ,P'       `V,   di    `Vb,        M
           ,Mb,     ,dP'     `M, ,d'  ,n e,  `b, ,M'     `Vb,      MM
          ,dMVb    ,dP'       Vi dP edP' `Vbn Vb iP       `Vb,    dVMb,
          dPV V  ,dMM,        `b V'           `V d'        ,MMb,  V VVb
          Vi     dP`Vb,       ,P    ,en   en,    V,       ,dP'Vb     iP
          ib        `Vb      ,d'  ,dP'     `Vb,  `b,      dP'        di
          `M         `M     ,dP   dP'       `Vb   Vb,     M'         M'
           V,         M     dP'                   `Vb     M         ,V
           ib        ,M     M'                     `M     M,        di
           `M,    n, iP    ,P                       V,    Vi ,n    ,M'
            Vb,   Vb d'    d'edb                 dbn`b    `b dP   ,dP
            `Vb,  `M,P    ,P          db,db          V,    V,M'  ,dP'
             `Vb,  VM'    di         ,MMMMM,         ib    `MP  ,dP'
              `Vb  `Vn    M'        ,dM, ,Mb,        `M    eP'  dP'
                M   `Vb,  M        ,dPVb dPVb,        M  ,dP'   M
               ,P     `Vb M       ,dP  M M `Vb,       M dP'     V,
               d'      `M M       dP  ,P V, `Vb       M M       `b
               M      dnM M       V   di ib  `V       M Meb      M
               V,     `MP M          ,P   V,          M VM      ,P
               `Vb,    M' M,        ,d'   `b,        ,M `M    ,dP'
                 `Vbn, M  Vi       ,dP     Vb,       iP  M ,edP'
                    `VMP  `b      ,dP'     `Vb,      d'  VMP'
                           V,     dP'       `Vb     ,P
                           iMMbn  VMb,     ,dMP  edMMi
                           `M      `Vb,   ,dP'      M'
                            M       `Vb   dP'       M
                            M        `M   M'        M
                            M         M   M         M
                            M,       ,M   M,       ,M
                            Vi       iP   Vi       iP
                            ib       d'   `b       di
                            `M   e  ,P     V,  e   M'
                             M   Vb di     ib,dP   M
                             M   `VbM'     `MdP'   M
                             M,   `VM       MP'   ,M
                             Vi    `P       V'    iP
                             ib    di       ib    bi
                             ,M    M'       `M    M, -Viking-
                            ,dP    M,       ,M    Vb,
                         ,edP'     Vb,     ,dP     `Vbn,
                      ,edP'        `Vb,   ,dP'        `Vbn,
                   ,edP'            `Vb   dP'            `Vbn,
                ,edP'                `M   M'                `Vbn,
                dP'                   M   M                   `Vb

I was bored out of my skull over the weekend.
So I drew this.
I just call it 'Q:?'

     ,edMP ,M              db,     ,dP M ,M        M  - mcscs2eid@dct.ac.uk -
 ,edMMP'   iM,    ,dMb,    iVi   ,dP'    iP  en
edP' M,   ,dMMb, ,dP Vb    `ib  edP ,dP ,di,dP' ,dP M,db,  ,dMb,b
     Vi   iP  Vb dMMMMP     `V,dP' ,dP' iMMM'  ,dP' MP'Vb, db  MP
     Vb,  di  iP Vi          iMP   iP'  di`Vb, iP'  M' `Vi `VMMMi
     `Vi  M' dP' `VMMP       `V'   `Vb  M' `Vb `Vb  M   iP    iM'
  -+- Dwell on the Past -+-   -+- Die in the Present -+-  db ,dP
                -+- Dream of the Future -+-               `VMMP'

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