ART2.1/2.2 Details
Various Artists

These two twelve inch EP's were released as a prelude to A.R.T. and Rphlex colaboration LP "Philosophy of Sound and Machine" The records contained eight tracks in total six from the LP and two which were not to appear on the final ART2CD. Those tracks were
Choke and Fly ~ Balil and Isatai ~ As One.
The B12 track "Debris" was the first appearance of "Cmetric" (Pronounced CEE-METRIC) who have
produced several other B12 artists and released a four track EP B1211.

The FULL track listing is as follows

EP 2.1
Nebula Variation ~ Future Past
Debris ~ Cmetric
The Whirling of Sprits ~ Balil
Isatai ~ As One

EP 2.2
Try 2004 Funk ~ Future Past
Artemis ~ Nuro Politique
Pursuit ~ Esoterik
Choke & Fly ~ Balil

All tracks copyright © A.R.T. Records 1992.

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