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The Philosophy of Sound and Machine

The concept for the LP was by Kirk Degiogio of A.R.T. Records UK, who through his contact with Grant Wilson Claridge of RePHLeX collected tracks from both artists known to him and Grant. The result was the first ALL British "Techno" compilation which still stands out as some of the best material released by many of the contributing artists. Richard James, Black Dog, B12, Matt Cogger and Kirk Degiogio all contirbuted tracks that many still consider their best work. The LP was only released on CD, it was a huge success and their have been plans for some time to re-issue it (fingers crossed). There have also been plans for some time for a second edition (PoSaM 2) but due to many of the original artists being involved with musical projects elsewhere this is proving to be a difficult organisational task.
The Artwork was supplied by Abdul Hagg from Detroit who had been doing work for Transmat and BUZZ Records in Belgium. He had (at the time) recently drawn the "Relics" LP sleeve and he has since been working with R&S Records in Belgium. The B12 Tracks were subsequently Licenced to WARP Records to appear on the LP Electro Soma

The full CD track lising follows.

Future Past ~ Nebula Variation
Q-chasyic ~ Cat 002
Soit PP ~ n.I.A.S.P.
Redcell ~ Bio Dimension
Nuro Politique ~ Artemis
Kosmik Kommando ~ Remember the Feeling
Cmetric ~ Debris
Balil ~ The Whirling of Sprits
Esoterik ~ Pursuit
Future Past ~ Try 2004 Funk
Twelve days of Night ~ Trance
Balil ~ Small Energies
Blue Calx ~ Blue Calx

Artistic Design : THIRD EARTH - Detroit
Executive Producer : GRANT WILSON CLARIDGE

Album copyright © A.R.T. / RePHLeX 1992.
All tracks copyright © control by individual artists.

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