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This text is a copy of promotional material issued by 'caroline records' at the time :neroli: was issued

NOTES: This info was current as of the release of Neroli and may be fully up to date. For example, the last item, the James album is listed here as T.B.A. I believe this record has been released under the name of 'LAID'.


Now fondly referred to in the British music press as 'Professor Eno' Brian Eno's public career started as Roxy Music's androgynous synthesizer star in the early 70s. The flamboyance was short lived, but Eno's commitment to rock music - as a creator, collaborator and producer - lasted the decade and as he continued, intermittently, into the 90s.

Eno's pioneering approach in both art and recording has made him one of rock's most sought after producers. His resume includes Devo, David Bowie, Ultravox, Carmel, John Cale, and TaLking Heads. Together with Daniel Lanois, Eno produced U2's "The Unforgettable Fire", "The Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby". Eno also conceived the idea of and created videos for their 'Zoo TV Tour' (1992). Most recently he has produced the band James for Phonogram Records.

His own solo albums each set a standard for and an inspiration to scores of devotees for the following decades. The recordings span a vast range. From the proto-punk "Here Come The Warm Jets"('73) through the brilliant album of song and instrumental miniatures of "Another Green World"('75)(which provided the theme for BBC 2's Arena), to his masterful tapestry of ethnic and 'found sound' interwoven with voice and sampler on the collaboration with David Byrne, "My Life With The Bush Of Ghosts" ('81), he bewildered and enchanted critics and public aLike. Meanwhile his pioneering ambient records, starting with "Discreet Music" ('75) and ending with "On Land" ('82), were credited by many as starting the whole New Age movement and more recently Ambient House.

Always seen as being ahead of his time, Brian Eno in 1992 released "Nerve Net", as well as "The Shutov Assembly", both to great critical acclaim.


Outside of the 'rock' music milieu, Brian Eno has forged another equally influential and impressive career as a 'video artist'. Fascinated by the mediums potential as a way of painting with light, he first turned to video in 1979, and in the last 13 years he has staged more than 100 installations in public spaces around the world. Early works such as 'Two Fifth Avenue' (1979) and 'Mistaken Memories of Medieval Manhattan' (1981) - slow moving, intensely colored shots of the NY. skyline - are like gently animated paintings. Accompanied by Eno's own music, these works video . in that the TV monitor must be turned on its side and there is no narrative development .

In 1983, Eno began to conceal the monitors inside three-dimensional sculptures and paintings constructed out of perspeX and card, using the video as a way of illuminating the pieces from within. Visitors to these darkened installation spaces found themselves slowing down, almost involuntarily, to the rhythms of another (incandescent) world. By 1986 Eno had begun to incorporate 'real' objects, such as rocks, sand, tree-trunks and other natural elements, into his installations alongside the use of abstract slides.

Throughout his career Eno has lectured such wide and varied topics as 'The Studio as a Compositional Tool', and more recently on various aspects of culture, including High & Low art, perfume, haircuts, and defense.......

He has also spoken to delegates of the EEC on 'The Future of Culture' and is a member of an international computer-networked think-tank made up of 70 or so artists, intellectuals and scientists.

His most recent installation was entitled "The Future Will Be Like Perfume" at Markthalle, Hamburg(6th February - March 7th 1993)


 1-  Solo Album
 2 - Solo Single
 3 - Album production or coproduction
 4 - Remix production
 5-  Primary collaboration
 6 - Guest appearance / secondary collaboration
 7 - Selected comissions to score music
 8 - Audio - video installations
 9 - Slide installation
10 - Lectures
11-  Other - misc.


6 THE GREAT LEARNING: Cornelius Cardew / Scratch Orchestra (Deutsche Gramaphone)


5 VIRGINIA PLAIN: Roxy Music (EG) 5 ROXY MUSIC: Roxy Music (EG)




1 TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN (BY STRATEGY): Eno (E&) 2 SEVEN DEADLY FINS: Eno (EG) 3 HALLELUJAH: Portsmouth Sinfonia (Transatlantic) 3 FEAR: John Cale (Island) 5 JUNE 1st 1974: Kevin Ayers/John Cale/Eno / Nico (Island) 6 CAPTAIN LOCKHEED & THE STARFIGHTERS: Robert Calvert (United Artists) 6 THE END: Nico (Island) 6 LADY JUNE'S LINGUISTIC LEPROSY: Lady June (Caroline) 6 THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY: Genesis (Charisma)


2 THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT (WIMOWEH): Eno (EG) 1 ANOTHER GREEN WORLD: Eno (EG) 1 DISCREET MUSIC: Eno (Obscure Editions EG) 3 THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC: Gavin Bryars (Obscure / Editions EG) 3 ENSEMBLE PIECES: Christopher Hobbs / John Adams / Gavin Bryars (Obscure / Editions EG) 3 NEW & REDISCOVERED MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: David Toop / Max Eastley (Obscure /Editions EG) 3 LUCKY LEAF & THE LONGSHIPS: Robert Calvert (United Artists) 5 EVENING STAR: Fripp / Eno (Editions EG) 6 DIAMOND HEAD: Phil Manzanera (EG) 6 MAINSTREAM: Quiet Sun (Editions EG) 6 SLOW DAZZLE: John Cale (Island) 6 HELEN OF TROY: John Cale (Island) 6 RUTH IS STRANGER THAN RICHARD: Robert Wyatt (Virgin) 6 PETER THE WOLF: Various Artists (RSO) 7 THE DEVIL'S MEN: Frixos Constantine (UK Film)


1 MUSIC FOR Films: Eno (limited edition of 500) (EG) 3 VOICES & INSTRUMENTS: Jan Steele / John Cage (Obscure / Editions EG) 3 DECAY MUSIC: Michael Nyman (Obscure / Editions EG) 3 MUSIC FROM THE PENGUIN CAFE: Penquin Cafe Orchestra (Obscure / Elitions EG) 5 801 LIVE: 801 (EG) 7 SPARROWFALL: Alan Drury (UK Play) 7 SEBASTIANE: Derek Jarrnan (UK film)


1 BEFORE & AFTER SCIENCE: Eno (EG) 2 KING'S LEAD EAT / RAF: Eno / Snatch (EG) 3 ULTRAVOX: Ultravox (Island) 5 CLUSTER & ENO: Cluster & Eno (Sky) 5 LOW: David Bowie (RCA) 5 HEROES: David Bowie (RCA) 6 LISTEN NOW: Phil Manzanera /801 (EG) 6 RAIN DANCES: Camel (Nova) 7 SCIENCE REPORT 'ALTERNATIVE 3': Anglia (UK TV)


1 MUSIC FOR FILMS: Eno (EG) 1 AMBIENT 1: MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS: Eno (Editions EG) 3 MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS & FOOD: Talking Head (Sire) 3 Q: ARE WE NOT MEN A: WE ARE DEVO: Devo (Virgin) 3 NO NEW YORK: Various Artists (Antilles) 3 MACHINE MUSIC: John White / Gavin Bryars (Obscure / Editions EG) 3 IRMA - AN OPERA: Tom Phillips/Gavin Bryars / Fred Orton (Obscure /Editions EG) 3 THE PAVILLION OF DREAMS: Harold Budd (Obscure Editions EG) 5 AFTER THE HEAT: Eno/Moebius/Rodelius (Sky) 7 JUBILEE: Film soundtrack:Various Artists(EG)


3 FEAR OF MUSIC: Talking Heads (Sire) 5 LODGER: David Bowie (RCA) 6 EXPOSURE: Robert Fripp (EG) 6 IN A LAND OF CLEAR COLOURS: Robert Sheckley (limited edition of 1000 copies with book)(Galeria el Mensajero, Ibiza) 8 KITCHEN CENTRE, New York - June


5 AMBIENT 2: THE PLATEAUX OF MIRROR: Harold Budd/Brian Eno (Editions EG) 3 REMAIN IN LIGHT: Talking Heads (Sire) 3 AMBIENT 3:DAY OF Radiance: Laraaji (Editions EG) 5 FOURTH WORLD VOL 1: POSSIBLE MUSICS: Jon Hassell / Brian Eno (Edition EG) 8 PAUL IDE GALLERY, Brussels 8 HALLWALLS, Buffalo. New York 8 WALKER ARTS CENTRE, Minneapolis, Minnesota - July 8 NEW GALLERY OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Cleveland, Ohio - August 8 CONTEMPORARY ARTS MUSEUM, Houston, Texas - August 8 ARC, Toronto Canada - August / September 8 GRAND CENTRAL STATION, New York City - September


2 THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT:Brian Eno/David Byrne (EG) 3 THE PACE SETTERS: Edikanfo (Editions EG) 5 MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS: Brian Eno / David Byrne (EG) 3 DREAM THEORY IN MALAYA: FOURTH WORLD VOL. 2: Jon Hassell (Editions EG) 6 SONGS FROM 'THE CATHERINE WHEEL': David Byrne (Sire) 8 ALUMINIUM NIGHTS,Bonds, New York -June 8 UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM, Berkeley, California - July 8 HARPO'S BAZAAR, Bologna, Italy -July 8 THE NEW MUSEUM, New York City - July / August 8 ST. LOUIS ARTS MUSEUM, St. Louis, Miss.- August /September 8 THE ART GALLERY, Toronto, Canada - November


1 AMBIENT 4: ON LAND: Brian Eno (Editions EG) 6 ONE DOWN: Material (Electra / Celluloid) 7 SILK CUT: Collett, Dickinson, Pearce (UK Commercial) 8 VANCOUVER ART GALLERY, Vancouver, B.C.- February 8 ESPACE LYONNAIS D'ART CONTEMPORAIN, Lyon, France - February / March 8 BIENNALE OF SYDNEY, Sydney, Australia - April / May 8 STEDELIJK MUSEUM, Amsterdam, Holland - May / June 8 ALMEIDA THEATRE, London, England -June 8 ICA, London, U.K. - July


5 APPOLLO:ATMOSPHERES & SOUNDTRACKS: Brian Eno / Daniel Lanois / Roger Eno 1 WORKING BACKWARDS 1983 -1973: Brian Eno's 10-album box-set (Editions EG) 1 MUSIC FOR FILMS VOL. 2: Brian Eno (in 'WORKING BACKWARDS' box-set only) (Editions EG) 2 RARITIES: Brian Eno (EP - 'WORKING BACKWARDS' box-set only)(Editions EG) 8 MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, Oxford, England - January 8 CONCORD GALLERY, New York, USA - January 8 GALLERIA DEL CAVALLINO, Venice, Italy - April 8 FESTIVAL OF VIENNA, Vienna, Austria - May 8 LA FORET MUSEUM, Alaska, Tokyo, Japan - July / August 8 CENTRE NATIONAL D'ART ET DE CULTURE GEORGES POMPIDOU, Paris, France - September ' 8 ICA, Boston, Mass., USA - December


7 GREAT RIVER JOURNEYS OF THE WORLD: 'THE Nile' BBC (UK TV) 7 DUNE 'PROPHECY THEME': David Lynch (USA Film) 6 THE PEARL: Harold Budd / Brian Eno / Daniel Lanois (Editions EG) 3 THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE: U2 (Island) 8 DER HANG ZUM GESAMTKUNSTWERK, Festival, Institute Unzeit, Berlin, Germany - January 8 TEGEL AIRPORT, Berlin, Germany -February 8 MAISON D'ACCUEIL, Lile, France -March 8 THE LUMINOUS IMAGE, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland-Sept.lOct. 8 CRYSTALS, Church Of Saint Carpoforo, Milan, Italia - Sept./Oct. 8 VIDEO CULTURE CANADA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada- Oct. 8 CENTURY 66, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - December


3 HYBRID: Michael Brook (Editions EG) 3 VOICES: Roger Eno (Editions EG) 3 AFRICANA: Theresa De Sio (Polydor) 7 CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE THEME: PBS (USA TV) 1 THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Brian Eno (CD only)(EG) 8 2ND INT'L CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Olympia, London, U.K. - January 8 MUSEO DEL RISORGIMENTO, Rome, Italy - February 8 FRANKFURTER MUSIK,MESSE, Kongrsshalle, Frankfurt, Germany 8 GALLARIA DEL CAVALLINO, Venice, Italy - June 8 1ST FRANKFURT PUBLIC DESIGN FAIR, Frankfurt, Germany (audio only) - October 8 KULTURHUSET, Stockholm, Sweden November 8 ART FAIR, Zwirner Gallerie, Cologne, Germany - November


3 THE FALLING: Carmel (2 tracks) (London 1 MORE BLANK THAN FRANK:Eno (compilation)(EG) 1 DESERT ISLAND SELECTION:Eno (compilation for CD)(EG) 2 GLINT (EAST OF WOODBRIDGE): Eno (flexi-disc for Artforum) 3 POWER SPOT: Jon Hassell(ECM) 8 HUSETS UDSTILLINGER. Copenhagen, Denmark - January 8 PLACE # 11, Riverside Studios, London, U.K. - March/April 8 ESPACE # 12, CNAC, Grenoble, France- April / May 8 PLACE # 13, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Ireland - June 8 THE VENICE BIENNALE, Venice, Italy - June / Sept. 8 PLACE # 15, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - August 8 PLACE # 16, S. Carpoforo, Milan, Italy - Oct. 8 INTERACTION, Camden Arts Centre, London, U.K. - Nov.


3 THE JOSHUA TREE: U2 (Island) 3 THE SURGEON OF THE NIGHTSKY RESTORED DEAD THINGS BY THE POWER OF SOUND: Jon Hassell (Intuition) 8 PLACE # 18, Casino dell'Aurors 8 IN HARMONIC SPACE, Ospedale degli Innocenti, Florence, Italy - March 8 PLACE# 19, Crossover Festival, Barrio, Italy - June / July 8 ORTO BOTANICO, Rome, Italy (audio only) - July / Sept. 8 SAO PAOLO BIENNALE, Sao Paolo, Brazil - Oct. 8 PLACE # 20, Pallau Solleric, Palma de Majorca, Spain - Dec.


6 THE WHITE ARCADES:Harold Budd (Opal/Warner Bros.) 5 MUSIC FOR FILMS VOL. 3: Eno/ Lanois/ Budd/ Brook/ Jones/ Laaraji/ Mahlin/ Theresin (Opal/Warner Bros.) 5 YOU DON'T MISS YOUR WATER: 'Married to the Mob' Soundtrack: Jonathen Derme (Warner Bros.) (USA Film) 3 FLASH OF THE SPIRIT: Jon Hassell (Intuition) 8 PLACE # 1, Alhondiga, Bilbao, Spain - Jan. 8 LATEST FLAMES, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA - Feb. 8 'MISTAKEN MEMORIES', 'THURSDAY AFTERNOON', Adelaine Biennale, Australia - March 8 'RELICS, CHARMS & LIVING ROOMS FROM THE RECENT PAST FOUND HIDDEN AMONG STRANGE TREES, Werkstadt, Berlin. Germany - Aug. / Sept 8 'LATEST FLAMES', Santa Monica Museum of Art Santa Monica Ca . USA - Aug. / Sept.


3 ZVUKI MU: Zvuki Mu(Opal/ Warner Bros. ) 6 YELLOW MOON: The Neville Brothers (A&M) 3 WORDS FOR THE DYING: John Cale (Opal / Warner Bros. ) 6 RATTLE & HUM: U2 (Island) 2 ANOTHER GREEN DAY/ DOVER BEACH / DEEP BLUE DAY/ Eno (Editions UK) 6 ACADIE: Daniel Lanois (Opal Warner Bros. ) 8 'RELICS, CHARMS & LIVING ROOMS', The Bilderstrus?, Frankfurt, Germany - April 8 PLACE # 2, Saratoga, Spain - May 8 RELICS, CHARMS & LIVING ROOMS, La Base, Paris, France - May 8 TENKAWA SHRINE, S. Japan. (rare live performance) - July 8 VIDEO SCULPTURES, Seed Gallery, Tokyo, Japan -July 8 SOUND & LIGHT', Kebec Hall, Kobe, Japan - August 8 TROPICAL RAIN FOREST SOUND INSTALLATION, Winter Garden, New York Financial Center. New York. USA - Sept. 8 HALOES ON COMMON PLACE OBJECTS, Gallerie VVK, Hannover, Germany - Oct


3 EXILE: Geoffrey Oryema (Real World) 5 WRONG WAY UP: Eno/ Cale (All Saints) 8 CONTEMPORARY DATA LOUNGE, Todd Gallery, Soho, London - May 8 TROPICAL RAINFOREST SOUND INSTALLATION, Barbican Conservatory, London (audio only) - May/June 9 NATURAL SELECTIONS. ECLIPSES, MUTATIONS AND LIVING DATA, Triennale Building, Parco Sempione, Milan - June 9 NATURAL SELECTIONS, Amlux Bldg., Tokyo, Japan - Sept.


3 ACHTUNG BABY: U2 (Island)


1 NERVE NET: Eno (WEA) 1 THE SHUTOV ASSEMBLY: Eno (WEA) 2 ALI CLICK: Eno (WEA) 2 FRACTAL ZOOM: Eno (WEA) 3 JANE SIBERRY: Tracks (WEA) 6 COBALT BLUE: Michael Brook (4AD) 3 COMPLETE SERVICE: YMO (Alfa) 11 U2 WORLD TOUR STAGE SET: designed and produced video images -Jan. 9 LIGHT, SOUND SLIDE INSTALLATION, Cave de los Verdes, Lansarote, Canary Islands - Feb. 8 TROPICAL RAINFOREST SOUND Installation, Winter Garden, New York, USA - March 9 SCRIBBLE, piece & slide installation, Centre d'Art, Santa Monica, Barcelona. Spain - April 9 GEOLOGICAL CINEMA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark - May 4 UNBELIEVABLE: EMF - remix, Red Hot & Dance Album (Epic) 9/10 PERFUME, DEFENSE & DAVID BOWIE'S WEDDING, Lecture & slide Installation, Sadlers Wells, London, U.K. - July 10 LECTURE TOUR OF GERMANY - November


9 THE FUTURE WILL BE LIKE PERFUME, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - Feb. 4 I FEEL YOU - Depeche Mode (Sire) 7 MR. WROE'S VIRGINS, with Roger Eno - Feb. NEROLI: Brian Eno (Caroline) 3 T.B.A.: James (Polydor) (the box sets?)
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