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Following its one-night-only cinematic premiere in UK cinemas last week, Tilo Krause's film Brian Eno & Roger Eno: Live at the Acropolis is being premiered on Deutsche Grammofon's Stage+ streaming platform on 10th and 11th March. Stage+ is a paid-for subscription service, but there is a free trial for people who sign up to the annual sub rather than the monthly one.


The Board of Directors of La Biennale di Venezia will award Brian the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Biennale Musica 2023 "for his research into the quality, beauty and diffusion of digital sound, and for his conception of the acoustic space as a compositional instrument". The ceremony will take place on 22nd October at 12 noon in the in the Sala delle Colonne at Ca’ Giustinian, and will be followed by a conversation between Brian and Tom Service.

The day before (21st October) the Biennale Musica will see the world premiere of Eno's new project Ships, performed by the Baltic Sea Philharmonic conducted by Kristjan Järvi. Presumably this is a development of The Ship, as Peter Serafinowicz, Leo Abrahams and Peter Chilvers are also involved, "interacting with the orchestral atmospheres diffused and processed for the theatre’s particular acoustic space". The venue will be Teatro La Fenice, Venice, and there are scheduled to be two concert performances at 3pm and at 8pm.

Finally, running from 22nd to 29th October in the Sale d’Armi of the Arsenale, Venice, Nothing Can Ever Be The Same is a 168-hour generative video art installation by Gary Hustwit and British digital artist Brendan Dawes – mixing Eno’s music, ideas, art, and other documentary material in some unfathomable melange. According to Hustwit's Instagram, this is not the same project as his forthcoming ENO documentary, and other iterations will be shown in various locations to be confirmed.


EarthPercent launched its new The Earth as Your Co-writer royalties scheme, and Brian also discussed the role of the Arts with Donna Grantis for The Great Northern's Climate Solutions Series on 27th January.


Brian spoke at a rally in his capacity as President of the Stop The War Coalition.


The East Village Eye archive has been put online, and here's Brian back in the past.


A reasonable haul.



Thanks to Martina, Dario, Rory, Samantha, Richard, Chris, Rupert, and EnoWeb's own newsbot Tom Boon in no particular order for these news items.

Forever VoicelessWhat people want is more albums with Brian singing! So for this year's Record Store Day (22nd April), Brian will be releasing FOREVER VOICELESS, an instrumental edition of the critically acclaimed 2022 album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE. Like the vocal album but with no voices or lyrics, it will be available on crystal clear vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day – and more widely on selected digital platforms.

Track listing:
A Thought
And Let It In
Who Are We
Crystal Light
Bells Above
Hardly Me
Small Noise


Live at the Acropolis, a film of Roger and Brian Eno's 2021 concert, will be shown in selected UK cinemas for one night only in 2nd March, with a new Atmos mix by Peter Chilvers.

VEering Northeasterly

Sonos channel The Lighthouse, which features 349-ish unreleased/variant Eno tracks, is now available on standard Sonos Radio worldwide for Sonos speaker owners (previously it was on the monthly-subscription-only Sonos Radio HD in selected countries).


Peter Gabriel is releasing songs from his forthcoming album i/o in a somewhat piecemeal manner, once a month when the moon is full. And some other Eno contributions surfaced since our last update.


Brian has given a few talks, written a few words, spoken in the previous century, and been spoken of in this one. He'll be talking at the Green Events and Innovations Conference on 28th February.


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