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01975-01995 & bootlegs compiled by Johann Haidenbauer
01995-02012 & notes compiled by Tom Boon, Johann Haidenbauer, Bommel & Robert Phan
Additional material by Dean Wilson, Paul Strickland, Dave Shibler, Stephen Fruitman, Peter van Doorm, Richard Joly, Bernd Webler, Jim Bailey, Peter D'Adamo, Jason Minnix, Renzo, Radiocitizen, Rory Walsh, Richard Mills, Mark Alberding
Icons by Dave Shibler


This list provides a comprehensive overview of Brian Eno's work, including solo records, collaborations and productions. The list is in chronological order where up to 1995 the year refers, in general, to the recording date; in subsequent years it's the date of release. All items are in album format unless stated otherwise. Note that compilations of otherwise available material and repackages have been not included in this list. Information on those, together with all session details about the records listed below (tracks, musicians involved, etc.) can be found in the encyclopaedic discography on Alex Rubli's Nerve Net site. Anything after 1995 should not be viewed as exhaustive, as there simply aren't enough hours in the day for EnoWeb to buy everything with Brian Eno's input. Please direct any additions, corrections, etc. to Tom.

Note that in case of CD singles very often several versions exist and only one of them may feature the track(s) with Eno. Thus some care should be employed when buying/ordering them.

It goes without saying that we do not believe Brian Eno's input alone would make a disc worth buying! Some are indeed well worth avoiding. The EnoWeb Politburo has therefore introduced a highly subjective grading system based on our honest opinion of what's hot and what's shot.

Essential -- every Eno collection should include this
Nice to have -- good performances and/or worthwhile remixes
Collectors only -- most of us can quite happily continue to live without owning this
What are you thinking of? -- best avoided by all but the most rabid completists
Titles without an icon generally fall between the N and C categories; we don't have any strong feelings about them.



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Year Musician & Title Label & Number
1971 Cornelius Cardew : The Great Learning
1972 Roxy Music : Roxy Music UK : Island ILPS 9200, Polydor 2302048, EG Records EGLP 6
D : Ariola 86259 IT, Polydor 2344064, Topac-EG 207944
US : Reprise MS 2114, Atco SD 36-133, Reprise 26039-2
1972 Roxy Music : Virginia plain/The numberer (single) UK : Island WIP 6144
D : Ariola 12291 AT
US : Reprise REP 1124
1972-76 Roxy Music : Total Recall (video) UK : Virgin VVD 649
1972 Matching Mole : Little Red Record UK : CBS 65260
US : Columbia 32148
1973 Roxy Music : Pyjamarama/The pride and the pain (single) UK : Island WIP 6159
D : Ariola 12575 AT
1973 Roxy Music : For Your Pleasure UK : Island ILPS 9232, Polydor 2302049, EG Records EGLP 8
D : Ariola 86729 IT, Polydor 2344077, Topac-EG 207945
US : Warner Bros. BS 2629, Atco SD 36-134, Reprise 26040-2
1973 Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters : Ejection/Catch a falling starfighter (and the gremlin) (single) UK, D: United Artists UP 35543
1973 Portsmouth Sinfonia : Plays The Popular Classics c UK : Transatlantic TRA 275
US : Columbia KC 33049
1973 Brian Eno : Here Come The Warm Jets e UK : Island ILPS 9268, Polydor 2302063, EG Records EGLP 11
D : Ariola 87665 IT, Polydor 2344095
US : Editions EG ENO 1, Caroline 1510-2
1973 Robert Fripp / Brian Eno : (No Pussyfooting) UK : Island HELP 16, Polydor 2343095, EG Records EGED 2
D : Ariola 87511 ET
US : Antilles 7001, Editions EG EGS 102, Caroline 1522-2
1974 Robert Calvert : Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters ? UK : United Artists UAG 29507, BGO Records BGOLP 5
D : United Artists UAG 29507
US : United Artists LMP 1011
1974 Brian Eno : Seven deadly finns/Later on (single) UK : Island WIP 6178
D : Ariola 13239 AT
1974 Andy Mackay : Ride of the valkyries/Time regained (single) UK : Island WIP 6197
1974 John Cale : The man who couldn't afford to orgy/ Sylvia said (single) UK : Island WIP 6202
1974 John Cale : Fear UK : Island ILPS 9301
D : Ariola 88353 IT
1974 Portsmouth Sinfonia : Hallelujah UK : Transatlantic TRA 285
US : Antilles 7002
1974 June 1, 1974 UK : Island ILPS 9291
D : Ariola 88198 IT
1974 Lady June : Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy ? UK : Caroline C 1509, See For Miles SEECD 350
1974 Nico : The End UK : Island ILPS 9311
D : Ariola 88749 IT
1974 Brian Eno : Taking Tiger Mountain (by strategy) n UK : Island ILPS 9309, Polydor 2302068, EG Records EGLP 17
D : Ariola 88443 IT, Polydor 2344080
US : Editions EG ENO 2, Caroline 1511-2
1974 Genesis : The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (2-LP) UK : Charisma CGS 101
D : Phonogram 6641226, Topac-Charisma 302523 US : Atco 2-401
1974 John Cale : Slow Dazzle UK : Island ILPS 9317
D : Ariola 88840 IT
1974 Unreleased album by The Winkies (According to Borderline Books/Vernon Joynson's The Tapestry Of Delights, in July 1974, the Winkies recorded an album which included Brian on one track. This album and a second attempt remain unreleased. They finally managed to release an album in 1975 - no Brian involvement though). The book had a page here but that's gone now. Some dark cupboard in a studio somewhere
1974/75 Phil Manzanera : Diamond Head UK : Island ILPS 9315, Polydor 2302062
D : Ariola 88750 IT, Polydor 2344096, Polydor 2459 352
US : Atco SD 36-113, Caroline 1576-2
1975 Quiet Sun : Mainstream UK : Island HELP 19, Polydor 2343093, EG Records EGED 4
D : Ariola 89401 ET
US : Antilles 7008
1975 Robert Wyatt : Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard UK : Virgin V 2034
US : Caroline 1635-2
1975 Robert Calvert : Lucky Leif And The Longships ? UK : United Artists UAG 29852, BGO Records BGOLP 2
1975 Brian Eno : The lion sleeps tonight/I'll come running (single) UK : Island WIP 6233
1975 Brian Eno : Another Green World e UK : Island ILPS 9351, Polydor 2302069, EG Records EGLP 21
D : Ariola 89460 XOT, Polydor 2344094
US : Editions EG ENO 3, Caroline 1512-2
1975 John Cale : Helen Of Troy UK : Island ILPS 9350
D : Ariola 89690 XOT
1974/75 John Cale : Guts UK : Island ILPS 9459
D : Ariola 28634 XOT
US : Antilles AN 7063
1975 Robert Fripp / Brian Eno : Evening Star n UK : Island HELP 22, Polydor 2343094, EG Records EGED 3
D : Ariola 89867 ET
US : Antilles 7018, Editions EG EGS 103, Caroline 1560-2
1975 Peter And The Wolf UK : RSO 2479 167
D : RSO 2394 162
1975 Gavin Bryars : The Sinking Of The Titanic UK : Obscure OBS 1, EG Records EGED 21
1975 Christopher Hobbs / John Adams / Gavin Bryars : Ensemble Pieces UK : Obscure OBS 2, EG Records EGED 22
1975 Brian Eno : Discreet Music e UK : Obscure OBS 3, EG Records EGED 23
US : Antilles 7030, EG Records EGS 303, Caroline 1520-2
1975 David Toop / Max Eastley : New And Rediscovered Musical Instruments UK : Obscure OBS 4, EG Records EGED 24
1976 Jan Steele / John Cage : Voices And Instruments UK : Obscure OBS 5, EG Records EGED 25
US : Antilles 7031
1976 Michael Nyman : Decay Music UK : Obscure OBS 6, EG Records EGED 26
1974/76 Simon Jeffes : Music From The Penguin Cafe UK : Obscure OBS 7, EG Records EGED 27
D : Polydor 2311 041
US : Caroline 1544-2
1976 John White / Gavin Bryars : Machine Music UK : Obscure OBS 8, EG Records EGED 28
1976 Harold Budd : The Pavilion Of Dreams UK : Obscure OBS 10, EG Records EGED 30
US : JEM Editions EG EGS 301
1975/76 Brian Eno : Music For Films (Promotional LP) UK : EG Records EGM 1
1976 8 0 1 : Live UK : Island ILPS 9444, Polydor 2302044, EG Records EGLP 26
D : Ariola 28187 XOT, Polydor 2344097
US : Polydor PD-1-6148, Caroline 1553-2
1976 David Bowie : Low n UK : RCA PL 12030, EMI CDEMD 1027 (CD)
D : RCA PL 12030, CL 13856, NL 83856, EMI CDP 797719-2 (CD)
US : RCA CPL1-2030, RCA AYL1-3856, Rykodisc RCD 10142 (CD)
1976 Ultravox : Ultravox! UK : Island ILPS 9449
D : Ariola 28193 XOT
1977 Brian Eno : Before And After Science n UK : Polydor 2302071, EG Records EGLP 32
D : Polydor 2344087
US : Island 9478, Editions EG ENO 4, Caroline 1513-2
1977 Cluster & Brian Eno : Cluster & Eno D,UK : Sky 010, Sky CD 3010
1975-77 Phil Manzanera / 8 0 1 : Listen Now UK : Polydor 2302074, EG Records EGLP 30
D : Polydor 2344082
US : Polydor PD-1-6147
1977 Phil Manzanera : Flight 19/Car rhumba (single) UK : Polydor 2001 733DJ
1977 David Bowie : Heroes n UK : RCA PB 01121, PL 12522, EMI CDEMD 1025 (CD)
D : RCA PL 42372, NL 13857, NL 83857, EMI CDP 797720-2 (CD)
US : RCA AFL1-2522, RCA AYL1-3857, Rykodisc RCD 10143 (CD)
1977 Camel : Rain Dances UK : Decca TXSR 124, Decca 6376 122
D : Teldec-Nova 6.23261
US : Passport PB 9858
1977 Brian Eno (& Snatch) : King's lead hat/R.A.F. (single) UK : Polydor 2001 762
1977 Tom Philips : Irma UK : Obscure OBS 9, EG Records EGED 29
1976-78 Brian Eno : Music For Films n UK : Polydor 2310623, EG Records EGED 5
D : Polydor 2344123
US : EG Records EGS 105, Caroline 1515-2
1978 Brian Eno : Jubilee (This soundtrack LP is shared with other artists) UK : Polydor 2302079
D : Polydor 2344107
1978 Devo : Be Stiff (12" EP) UK : Stiff Records ODD 1
D : Teldec-Stiff 6.23712 AJ
1978 Devo : Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! UK : Virgin V 2106, Virgin OVED 37
D : Ariola 26353
US : Warner Brothers BSK 3239
1978 Devo : Come back Jonee/Social fools (single) UK : Virgin VS 223
D : Ariola 15815 AT
1978 Devo : The day my baby gave me a surprise/Penetration in the centrefold (single) UK : Virgin VS 265
D : Ariola 100676
1978 Talking Heads : More Songs About Buildings And Food US : Sire SRK 6058
UK : WEA-Sire K 56531
D : Ariola 26383 XOT, WEA-Sire K 56532
1978 No New York c US : Antilles AN 7067
1978 Eno / Moebius / Roedelius : After The Heat n D,UK : Sky 021
1978 Brian Eno : Music For Airports e UK : Polydor 2310647 (AMB 001), EG Records EGED 17
D : Polydor 2344132
US : PVC 7908, EG Records EGS 201, Caroline 1516-2
1978 David Bowie : Lodger UK : RCA BOW LP 1, EMI CDEMD 1027 (CD)
D : RCA PL 13254, NL 84234, EMI CDP 797724-2 (CD)
US : RCA AQL1-3254, RCA AYL1-4234, Rykodisc RCD 10146 (CD)
1978/79 Robert Fripp : Exposure UK : EG Records EGLP 101, EG Records EGLP 41
D : Polydor 2302092
US : Polydor PD 1-6201, Caroline 1557-2
1979 Robert Sheckley : In A Land Of Clear Colours (book + LP) q SP : Mensajero D-2007, Mensajero GM-2001
UK : Voiceprint VP 151CD (CD)
1979 Talking Heads : Fear Of Music n US : Sire SRK 6076
UK : WEA-Sire K 56707, Sire SRK 6076
D : Ariola 200 880, WEA-Sire K 56707
1979 Talking Heads : The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads (2-LP) US : Sire 2SR 3590
UK : Sire SRK 23590
Brian Eno : From Brussels With Love (This compilation 2-LP set is shared with other artists) 1979 c B : Crepuscule twi 007
D : Interphon IPCD 72001 (CD)
1979 Brian Eno : The Voice Of Brian Eno (flexi-disc) J : Vanity 2002 (FM-6526) (issued with ROCK MAGAZINE)
David Byrne / Brian Eno : My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts e 1979/80 US : Sire SRK 6093
UK : EG Records EGLP 48
D : Polydor 2302100, Topac-EG 207963
1979/80 Brian Eno / David Byrne : The Jezebel Spirit (12" EP) UK : EG Records EGOX1
1980 Talking Heads : Remain In Light US : Sire SRK 6095
UK : Sire SRK 6095
D : Ariola 202 980, WEA-Sire 56867
1980 Harold Budd / Brian Eno : The Plateaux Of Mirror n UK : EG Records EGAMB 002, EG Records EGED 18
D : Polydor 2311 105
US : Editions EG EGS 202, Caroline 1549-2
1980 Laraaji : Day Of Radiance UK : EG Records EGAMB 003, EG Records EGED 19
US : Editions EG EGS 203, Caroline 1573-2
1980 Jon Hassell / Brian Eno : Fourth World No. 1: Possible Musics n UK : EG Records EGED 7
US : Editions EG EGS 107, Caroline 1537-2
1981 David Byrne : The Catherine Wheel n
(many Bush-of-Ghosts style tracks)
US : Sire SRK 3645-2 (CD), Sire M5S 3645 (cassette)
US,UK : Sire SRK 3645
D : WEA-Sire 56979, WEA-Sire 456979 (cassette)
1981 Edikanfo : The Pace Setters UK : EG Records EGED 12
US : EG Records EGM 112
1981 Jon Hassell : Dream Theory In Malaya UK : EG Records EGED 13
US : Editions EG EGM 114, Caroline 1571-2
1981 Jon Hassell : Music And Rhythm (This compilation 2-LP set is shared with other artists) UK,D : WEA K 68045
US : PVC 201
1978-82 Brian Eno : On Land e UK : EG Records EGED 20
D : Polydor 2311 107
US : Caroline 1517-2
1982 Material : One Down
(Note: Brian is co-writer of the track "Holding On")
Elektra Records, 60206
1983 Working Backwards
Notes: A box set of all Brian's solo albums up to 1983
US : EG Records
1983 Brian Eno : Music For Films, Volume 2
Notes: Only sold as part of the Working Backwards box set.
US : EG Records EGSP-2
1983 Brian Eno : Rarities (12" EP)
Notes: Only sold as part of the Working Backwards box set.
US : EG Records ENOX 1
1983 Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno: Apollo - Atmospheres & Soundtracks e
Notes: In 2008 Daniel Lanois told Gearslutz: "The main synth was a Yamaha CS-80. This is a polyphonic synth, one of Yamaha's first. On Deep Blue Day there are two guitars, a strumming Strat plays the rhythm and the steel guitar is my Sho-Bud single neck Professional. They were both recorded DI. Eno put a massive treatment on everything. The complexities of the chain are unspeakable! But those treatments were worked on for weeks on end."
UK : EG Records EGLP 53
D : EG Records 813 535-1Y
US : EG Records EG ENO 5, Caroline 1514-2
1983 Silver Morning / Deep Blue Day
Notes: This was a promotion-only 7" single.
1983 John Cale : Caribbean Sunset UK : Ze ILPS 7024
D : Ariola 205986
US : Ze/Antilles IT 8401
1984 Brian Eno : Thursday Afternoon (video) J : Sony OOZM 70 (VHS) / OOQM 70 (Beta)
UK : Hendring Hen 2 133 (VHS)
D : Video Edition Markgraph VEM 101 (VHS)
1984 Harold Budd / Brian Eno : The Pearl n UK : EG Records EGED 37
D : Polydor 828 162-1
US : Caroline 1521-2
1984 U 2 : The Unforgettable Fire UK : Island U2 5
D : Ariola 206 530, Ariola 610 194
US : Island 90231-1, Island 422-822898-1
1984 U 2 : Pride (In the name of love) (12" EP) UK : Island 12IS 207
D : Ariola 601 469
1984 U 2 : The unforgettable fire (12" EP) UK : Island 12IS 220 D : Ariola 601 759
1984 U 2 : The unforgettable fire (2 7" singles) UK : Island ISD 220
1984 Brian Eno : Dune (This soundtrack LP is shared with other artists and a later release did not include The Prophecy Theme) c UK,D : Polydor 823 770-1
1983/84 Jon Hassell : Power Spot D : ECM 1327
1984 Tanit : To Alaska F : Madrigal/Divine MAD 1016
1985 Brian Eno : Thursday Afternoon (CD) n UK : Polydor 827 494-2, EG Records EGCD 64
D : Polydor 827 494-2
US : Caroline 1518-2
1985 Michael Brook : Hybrid UK : EG Records EGED 41
US : Caroline 1563-2
1985 Roger Eno : Voices UK : EG Records EGED 42
1984/85 Teresa De Sio : Africana c I : Philips 824 810-1
1986 Brian Eno : Glint (East Of Woodbridge) (flexi-disc) US : Evatone 861222 XS (issued with ARTFORUM)
1986 Carmel : The Falling c UK : London LONLP 17
D : Metronome 828 014-1
1986 Carmel : Mercy (12" EP) UK : London 888 094-1
1986 He Said : Hail UK : Mute STUMM 29
D : Intercord INT 971.329
1986 Icehouse : Measure For Measure AUS: Regular CD 53180 (CD)
UK : Chrysalis CCD 1527 (CD)
D : Ariola 257 690, Ariola 257 690-222 (CD)
US : Chrysalis F21Y-21527
1987 U 2 : The Joshua Tree n UK : Island U2 6
D : Ariola 208 219
US : Island 90581-1, Island 422-842298-1
1987 U 2 : With or without you (12" EP) UK : Island 12IS 319
D : Ariola 608 922
1987 U 2 : I still haven't found what I'm looking for (12" EP) UK : Island 12IS 328
D : Ariola 609 152
1987 U 2 : Where the streets have no name (12" EP) UK : Island 12IS 340
D : Ariola 609 382
1985-87 Jon Hassell : The Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things By The Power Of Sound n D : EMI-Intuition IC 066 240779-1,Intuition INT 3004
US : Capitol/Intuition C1-46880
1980/81/87 Brian Eno: Mistaken Memories Of Mediaeval Manhattan (video) UK : Hendring Hen 2 134 (VHS)
D : Video Edition Markgraph VEM 102 (VHS)
1987 Teresa De Sio : Sindarella Suite (2-LP) I : Philips 834 301-1
1987 Harold Budd : The White Arcades n UK : Land Records Land 03, All Saints Records ASC03
D : Warner Brothers 925 766-1
1987 Brian Eno: Angels In The Architecture (This LP is shared with other artists) UK: EG Records EEGCD 47
1987 Pieter Nooten / Michael Brook: Sleeps With The Fishes UK: 4AD CAD 710 CD
1987/88 Jon Hassell / Farafina : Flash Of The Spirit D : EMI-Intuition IC 066 791186-1,Intuition INT 3009
US : Capitol/Intuition CDP 7 91186-2
1983-88 Music For Films III

As the track listing was altered for the later CD releases of this album, the original track listing might be of interest. Side 1: Saint Tom - Brian Eno; 2. White Mustang - Brian Eno Daniel Lanois; 3. Sirens - Brian Eno; 4. Zaragoza - Laraaji; 5. Quixote - Roger Eno; 6. Fleeting Smile - Roger Eno; 7. Kalimba - Laraaji. Side 2: 1. Tension Block - Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois; 2. Err - Michael Brook; 3. 4 Minute Warning - John Paul Jones; 4. For Her Atoms - Misha Mahlin Lydia Theremin; 5. Balthus Bemused by Color - Harold Budd; 6. Theme from Creation - Brian Eno
UK : Land Records Land 04, All Saints Records ASC04
D : Warner Brothers 925 769-2
1988 Brian Eno : Married To The Mob (This soundtrack LP is shared with other artists) US,D: Warner Brothers 925 763-1
1988 Brian Eno : Opera (This soundtrack CD is shared with other artists) I : Cinevox CD-CIA 5074
1988 U2 : Rattle & Hum (2-LP) UK : Island U2 7 D : Ariola 303 400
US : Island 91003-1, Island 2 422-842299-1
1988/89 Zvuki Mu UK : Land Records Land 07 D : Warner Brothers 925 916-1
1989 Carmel : Set Me Free UK,D : London 828 148-1
1989 Daniel Lanois : Acadie UK,D : Warner Brothers 925 969-1
1989 Terry Riley : In C US : Celestial Harmonies 13026-2
1989 John Cale : Words For The Dying UK : Land Records Land 09, All Saints Records ASC09
D : Warner Brothers 926 024-1
1989 Neville Brothers : Yellow Moon UK,D : A & M Records 395 240-1
US : A & M Records 75021-5240-1
1989 Neville Brothers : Yellow Moon (5" CD EP) UK,D : A & M Records 390 433-2
1989 Brian Eno : Brian Eno Wants You To Hear Something. A Band Called Hugo Largo And A New Album Called 'Mettle' (Promotional LP) US : Warner Brothers Pro-A-3546
1989 Textures
Notes: This is a collection of tracks for use by TV & film production companies. The music is by Brian, alone and with Roger Eno & Daniel Lanois. Some tracks later appeared on The Shutov Assembly, Neroli and the Instrumental Box set. It is not commercially available.
Standard Music Library ESL 003 CD
1989 Box set containing Apollo, Here Come the Warm Jets and Before and After Science, to commemorate EG's 20th anniversary. Editions EG
1989 The 20th Anniversary Album -- included with the above box set. Features (amongst others) Virginia Plain, St Elmo's Fire, Miss Shapiro (801 Live version) and America is Waiting EGCD 75
1990 Geoffrey Oryema : Exile UK,D : Real World Records RWLP14
1990 Carmel : Collected. A Collection Of Works, 1983-1990 UK,D : London 828 219-1
1990 Brian Eno / John Cale : Wrong Way Up n UK : Land Records Land 12, All Saints Records ASC12
D : Warner Brothers 7599-26421-1
1990 Brian Eno / John Cale : Spinning away (5" CD EP) D : Warner Brothers 7599-21826-2
1990 Brian Eno / John Cale : One word (5" CD EP) US : Warner Brothers 9 40001-2
1990 Brian Eno / John Cale : Soil samples records (promotional 7" EP)
Notes: Includes Brian's rendition of "Ring Of Fire" and John Cale's "Shuffling Down To Woodbridge".
US : Warner Brothers PRO-S-4573-A
1991 Brian Eno : Words and Music from 'Wrong Way Up' (Promotional CD)
Notes: Brian publicises the album and explains the artistic tensions encountered.
US : Warner Brothers PRO-CD-4691
1991 Eno/Cale - One Word CD Single
Songs include: One Word (3.38) Grandfather's House (3.06) Palanquin (2.33)
Land Records LANDHO4
1991 Brian Eno : My Squelchy Life (only promotional copies issued) UK : Warner Brothers 7599-26504-2
1991 The Walkabouts : Scavenger n US : Sub Pop SP-124-2
1991 U 2 : Achtung Baby n UK : Island U2 8
D : Ariola 226 110
US : Island 314-510347
1992 Michael Brook : Cobalt Blue n UK,D: 4AD Records CAD 2007
US : Reprise/Warner Bros. 9 45000-2
1992 EMF : Red Hot And Dance (This compilation CD is shared with other artists) c UK : Epic 471821-2
US : Columbia CK 52826
1992 Brian Eno : Songs From The Cool World (This soundtrack CD is shared with other artists) c US : Warner Brothers 9 45009-2
UK : Warner Brothers 9 45078-2
1992 Brian Eno : Trademark Of Quality (This compilation CD is shared with other artists; promotional CD) c US : Warner Bros./Reprise PRO-CD-5798
1992 Brian Eno : Fractal zoom (5" CD EP) US : Warner Brothers 9 40539-2
1992 Brian Eno - Fractal Zoom CD Single - 2, from Germany. Songs include: Fractal Zoom (6.24) FZ (Zaire Mix) (6.14) FZ (Naive Mix 1) (5.24) The Roil, The Choke (5.00) Opal / Warner Bros - W0116CD-40496-
1992 Brian Eno : Nerve Net n UK,US,D: Warner Brothers 9 45033-2
1992 Brian Eno : Ali click (5" CD EP) n US : Warner Brothers 9 40650-2
UK,D: Warner Brothers 9 40618-2
1992 Peter Gabriel : Us UK,D : Real World Records PGCD 7
US : Geffen GEFD 24473
1992 Brian Eno : The Shutov Assembly n US,D: Warner Brothers 9 45010-2
1992 The Grid : Heartbeat (5" CD EP) c UK : Virgin VSCDX 1427
1992 Yellow Magic Orchestra : Complete Service (2-CD) J : Alfa Records ALCA 421-2
1992 Cross Crisis in Lust's Storm Played on US radio broadcast
Notes: title is possibly "Cross Crisis in Luststorm", a piece very NerveNetty in flavour, with Robert Fripp's wild guitar. Year is approximate. Program was New Sounds. Later released on The Cotswold Gnomes / Beyond Even
1993 Depeche Mode : I feel you (5" CD EP) c UK : Mute LCD Bong 21
D : Intercord INT 826.751
1993 Brian Eno : Neroli UK : All Saints Records ASCD15
US : Caroline 6600-2
1993 Slowdive : Souvlaki UK : Creation CRE 139
D : Sony SCR 474071-2
1993 U 2 : Zooropa UK : Island CID U2 9
D : Ariola-Island 74321-15371
US : Island 314-518047-2
1993 Jane Siberry : When I Was A Boy UK : WEA 7 599 26824-2
US : Reprise 9 26824-2
1993 James : Sometimes (5" CD single) UK : Fontana JIMCD 13
D : Fontana 862471-2
1993 James : Laid D : Fontana 514943-2
1993 James : Laid (5" CD single) UK : Fontana JIMCD 14 D : Fontana 862927-2
1993 Geoffrey Oryema: Beat The Border UK : Real World CDRW 37
US : Caroline 2333-2
1993 Yellow Magic Orchestra: Cubic (Box with 10 3" CD singles) J : Alfa Records ALDA 91-100
1993 INXS: Full Moon, Dirty Hearts UK : Mercury 518637-2
US : Atlantic 7-82541-2
1993 Brian Eno : Instrumental (3-CD box) n UK : Virgin ENOBX 1
1993 Brian Eno : Vocal (3-CD box) n UK : Virgin ENOBX 2
1993 Derek Jarman : Blue UK : Mute Records CDSTUMM 49
D : Intercord IRS 971.375 PC210
1994 Depeche Mode : In your room (5" CD EP) UK : Mute XLCD Bong 24
D : Intercord INT 826.784
1994 Phil Manzanera : The Manzanera Collection. (2-CD) UK : Virgin CDVDM9033
D : Virgin 8 40462-2
US : Caroline 1798-2
1994 Robert Fripp / Brian Eno : The Essential Fripp & Eno c UK : VENTURE (Virgin) CDVE 920
US : Caroline 1886-2
1994 Hans Joachim Roedelius : Theaterworks Sw : Multimood Records MRC 016
1994 Derek Jarman - Brian Eno: Glitterbug (video) UK : Dangerous To Know DTK 011
1994 Brian Ferry : Mamouna
Notes: Brian contributes sonics, sonic awareness, sonic ambience, sonic emphasis, swoop treatments and sonic distress to various tracks. Nothing new there then. But Bryan and Brian working together again after so long was nice. A good late-night album.
UK : Virgin CDV 2751
US : Cema/Virgin 2439 39838-2
1994 Brian Ferry : Mamouna (CD EP)
Notes: "The 39 Steps (Brian Eno Mix)" appears on this single.
UK : Virgin VSCDG 1528
1994 Laurie Anderson: Bright Red / Tightrope US : Warner/Reprise 2-45534
1994 James : Wah Wah UK : Fontana 522 827-2
1994 Chris Juul/ Doug Jipson/ Brian Eno : Headcandy (CD-ROM) c US : ION 76896-40005-2 (Macintosh version) US : ION 76896-40067-2 (Windows version)
Notes: A CD-R version of this has been auctioned on numerous occasions at eBay. The seller describes it thus: 'This is the music from the VERY Out Of Print 1994 CD-ROM only release “Headcandy”. This disc has been assembled by one of the Headcandy creators and contains two extra tracks NEVER BEFORE RELEASED + a third UNRELEASED demo song with the English band Slowdive. Tracks are: BEAST 6:05........ALLOY BALCONY & JETS OVERHEAD 12:20...... SPUNK WORSHIP 5:40.......CASTRO HAZE 6:56........ MANILA ENVELOPE 7:28............ BONUS TRACKS: ALLOY BALCONY & JETS OVERHEAD (VERSION 2)...... 10:50 HEADCANDY (UNRELEASED SONG)....... 7:13 (*note* this song has a silence gap of about 1 second on it. This audio anomaly was present on the original)...... + the unreleased Slowdive song A.B.. This is a rare opportunity to obtain this music! It was created as a give-away item during a Headcandy release party in 1995. CDR w/ rights implied.'
1994 Suede : The wild ones (CD single) UK : Nude Records NUD 11CD2
1994 Various Artists: Soccer Rocks The Globe c
US: Mercury Records 314 522 367-4/2
Notes: includes "Goal, Goal, Goal" by James / produced by Brian Eno. This is a 14-track compilation to promote the 1994 World Cup competition. "Goal, Goal, Goal" is in fact "Low Low Low" (from the "Laid" album) with different lyrics. This song was later re-released on CD2 of "Just Like Fred Astaire" by James.
1995 Massive Attack : Protection (set of 2 CD singles) UK : Circa Records WBRX6
US : Virgin V25H-38471
1995 Brian Eno : Future Perfect (This CD is shared with other artists) UK : All Saints Records ASCD24
US : Gyroscope 8190 6609-2
1995 Laurie Anderson : The Ugly One With The Jewels US : Warner Bros. 7599-45847
1995 Arto Lindsay : O Corpo Sutil - The Subtle Body J : Gut Record SC CG 3010
1995 EBN : Telecommunication Breakdown (Enhanced CD) c US : Tee Vee Toons Records 1658 4710-2
1995 Help UK : Go! Discs PY 900
D : Metronome 828 582-2
1995 David Bowie: 1.Outside D : BMG 74321 30339-2
US : Cema/Virgin 2439 40711-2
1995 David Bowie: The heart's filthy lesson (CD single) US : Virgin V25F-38518
1995 Brian Eno/Jah Wobble: Spinner UK : All Saints Records ASCD23
US : Gyroscope 8190 6614-2
1995 David Bowie/Brian Eno : Showgirls (This soundtrack CD is shared with other artists) US : WEA/Interscope 65449 92652-2
1995 Passengers : Original soundtracks 1 n US : Polygram 4228 24166-2
1995 Passengers : Miss Sarajevo (CD EP) UK : Island CID 625
also 1995
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David Bowie Strangers When We Meet BMG / RCA ; 74321329402
Notes: This single includes a live version of the updated "The Man Who Sold The World" mixed by Brian in the studio; Brian sings along with David
Film Soundtrack Music From The Motion Picture -- Heat Warner Bros. 9362-46144-2
Notes: One track by Brian -- Force Marker, used in the bank heist scene.
Microsoft The Microsoft Windows Sound Microsoft
Notes: The startup sound used on Windows 95 (but not later versions of Windows).

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Brian Eno Generative Music 1 SSEYO
Notes: Generative Music 1: 12 Self-Generating Compositions By Brian Eno: A 3.5" floppy disk with 12 Koan pieces written for the SoundBlaster AWE card. No CD versions of these tracks were released. Box has Anton Corbijn's photograph of Eno, also featured on the UK & US editions of Eno's diary. Disk carrier has Eno art. Available from SSEYO. The SSEYO site also has 3 Koan pieces by Brian which don't appear on the album in the same form.
Joseph Arthur Big City Secrets Real World CDRW64 7243 8 42177 2 3
Notes: Brian Eno sings backing vocals with Peter Gabriel on the second track, "Mercedes". Overall the album strikes me as rather over-produced. Joseph Arthur is an electrifying singer live, emanating raw energy and emotion. Some of that comes across on the album, but the production has a tendency to stifle it.
Soundtrack Songs in the key of X Warner Bros. 9362-46079-2
Notes: Brian and Elvis Costello collaborated on the track "My Dark Life", as Brian describes in his Diary.
David Bowie (produced by Pet Shop Boys) Hallo Spaceboy RCA 74321353842
Notes: In addition to the Pet Shop Boys remix of 1.Outside's "Hallo Spaceboy" this single has the Radio Edit of "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" plus 2 live Bowie tracks.
Compilation (or David Toop) Ocean Of Sound Virgin AMBT 10; 7243 8 41367 2 7
Notes: A 2-CD collection of ambient music to accompany David Toop's book of the same title. Includes "Lizard Point" from On Land. Each track segues into the next, and it's a magical moment when Buddhist ceremony bells break into the Lizard Point landscape...
Russell Mills Undark UK: t:me em:t 3396
Video Neverwhere Double video BBCV 5948
Audio Book Neverwhere Triple CD: CD1944, ISBN - 0 563 38170 1) or double cassette - ZBBC 1944, ISBN 0 563 38101 9
Notes: Neverwhere was a 6-part fantasy BBC television series by Neil Gaiman; Brian wrote the music. The audio books contain a few short snatches of the music, whilst the video has all the music (with dialogue/sound effects, obviously).
PC Format magazine Brian Eno: Koan Pro (CD-ROM or 3.5" floppy disc) in the magazine UK: Future Publications, PC Format issue 54, March 1996, UK
Booth and the Bad Angel Booth and the Bad Angel D : Fontana 526 852-2
Various Artists Trance Europe Express 3
Notes: Includes a mix of the EBN track 3:7:8 by Brian and Markus Dravs.
Various Artists / Soundtrack Lost Highway Soundtrack US: Nothing / Interscope Records intd-90090
Notes: Includes "I'm Deranged (reprise version)" produced & composed by Bowie & Eno
Various Artists / Soundtrack Basquiat Original Soundtrack US: Island Records 314-524 260-2
Notes: Includes "A Small Plot Of Land (slow version)" produced & composed by Bowie & Eno
John Brown Singers Season’s Greetings Friendsound
Notes: A CD created for John Brown Publishing as a corporate Christmas Card. Includes Brian singing.

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Brian Eno White Light/White Heat Brian Eno
Notes: A one-off single created for War Child's Musical Milestones auction. Brian's version of The Velvet Underground's song mixed Here Come The Warm Jets-style overtones with more modern sounds and included a sequence where Brian explained how he had first heard the track living in a log cabin outside Winchester. There was only one copy of the single and it sold for £40,000. At one time it seemed possible that the purchaser might release the single but it hasn't happened yet.
Various Glitters is Gold All Saints Records ASCD31
Notes: Includes 2 tracks by Brian, both longer versions of pieces which appeared later in the year on The Drop (Swanky & Blissed). Swanky is better in the longer form. Blissed has a couple of sound glitches on it.
Brian Eno The Drop All Saints (UK) ASCD32; Thirsty Ear (US)
Notes: The Drop showcases a new kind of music which Brian created. The album title went through a number of changes, including Swanky, Today On Earth [which he would pretty much return to 8 years later], Hup! and This is Hup! Reviews were less variable, being mainly hostile to the album -- partly, I suspect, because the album didn't deliver what's normally expected from Brian. Drop music was originally called "Unwelcome Jazz" because "most of the people I played them [the pieces] to don't really like them," according to Brian. He said: "they all share this quality of having melodies that go in very odd directions and take sharp turns and so on. They have another characteristic: they use a combination of instruments that are so recognizable, that come with a huge amount of cultural history, you know, like jazz piano sounds, the ride cymbal, all that sort of things. As soon as you hear those instruments you have some kind of picture of how the music was made. Within that, I place those things in an electronic landscape, which is completely another world, a world that never belonged to that music." Another proposed title was Neo Geo, and there are instrumental/approach similarities to Ryuichi Sakamoto's album of that name.
Brian Eno The Drop (Japanese version) Paradise Island FLCP-1005 (part of For Life Records)
Notes: The Japanese version of The Drop includes a bonus second disc with 3 tracks: "Swat & Rut", "Slicing System" and "Sharply Cornered". There is also a more substantial booklet which appears to list Brian's work up to that point, including the White Cube & Contra 1.2 CDs (see below).
Brian Eno Extracts from Music For White Cube White Cube Gallery
Notes: Music For White Cube was a sound installation created by Brian Eno for the White Cube gallery in London, which consisted of 4 CD players playing tracks of Brian singing one note with a background of traffic and other street sounds, which had then been slowed down and enhanced using audio software. As its title suggests, the catalogue CD includes extracts from the installation. The overall result is similar to the work of Thomas Köner. The CD was originally priced at £20, but as the numbers available dwindled, the gallery hiked the price, as is apparently traditional for limited-edition artworks. The run of the CDs was about 500, we think.
Brian Eno Contra 1.2 White Cube Gallery
Notes: Solely available at the gallery during the run of Music For White Cube, Contra 1.2 was a series of unique CD-Rs, each containing a different take of Contra, one of Brian's Koan pieces (previously unreleased). The CD-Rs varied in length from around 20 to 49 minutes. The inlay cards were also unique, each different design generated by Brian's software (possibly a Bliss/After Dark combination). Around 80 CD-Rs are believed to have been made and they have appeared at eBay from time to time. A short extract from Contra was broadcast on the Radio 3 programme Mixing It, and it also turns up in the background of the Nile CD game (see 1998).
Film Soundtrack The End of Violence Outpost Recordings; OPRD-30008
Notes: There are 2 soundtrack albums to accompany Wim Wenders' film The End Of Violence. One has music by Ry Cooder; this one has music by a variety of artists. Brian's contribution is a production of the (previously unfinished) Roy Orbison song "You May Feel Me Crying". As with much of Brian's production work at this time, the track includes him singing along.
David Bowie EART HL I NG BMG /RCA 7432144944 2
Notes: Includes the track "I'm Afraid Of Americans" by Brian & David.
David Bowie Dead Man Walking RCA 74321475842
Notes: This single includes two new mixes of "I'm Deranged" and "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" from 1.Outside.
Harmonia 76 Tracks & Traces Rykodisc RCD 10428
Notes: Although only released in 1997, this album features previously unreleased music by Harmonia (Hans Joachim Roedelius, Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius) and Brian Eno from their first collaboration in 1976. Brian even sings on one track -- but the lyrics are only "Don't get lost on Luneburg Heath" over and over.
James Tomorrow Polygram Fontana JIMCD 17 LC 0211 574 337-2 PY 940
Notes: Brian co-wrote the first track of this single and provided "frequent interference and occasional co-production".
Lopez (Metaphorically) c ZTT Records Ltd
ZANG87CD/ 0603-17584-2 / ZANG TUUM TUMB
Notes: Lopez is 808state versus the Propellerheads and Brian Eno. Brian's 6 minute, 23 seconds mix alters the time signature but the EnoWeb couldn't notice much difference, having no dance gene.
Lopez (Metaphorically) c ZTT Records Ltd
Notes: A promo version of the single, with a cut-down version of Brian's mix (3 minutes, 50 seconds)
Various Artists A Tribute To The Music & Works Of Brian Eno ? Hypnotic (part of the Cleopatra Labels Group) CLP 0016-2
Notes: This is a special definition of "tribute" meaning "cover" -- the album has lots of covers of pieces by Brian by bands with whom EnoWeb was not previously familiar. Or afterwards, for that matter.
Robert Wyatt Shleep n UK: Hannibal Records (a Rykodisc label, HNCD 1418; US: Thirsty Ear
Notes: Brian arranged the track "Heaps of Sheeps", on which he also sings and plays synth. He plays synth on two other tracks as well. A great album, named the best rock album of 1997 by The Independent.
Various Terra Nova: Nature and Culture -- Music From Nature MIT Press; Volume 2, Number 3, Summer 1997
Notes: Terra Nova is a quarterly journal; this special issue includes a 74-minute CD of music from nature, imitating nature or creating soundscapes. Brian's 6-minute contribution is "Ikebukoro/Madrid/4", an excellent remix of "Ikebukoro" from The Shutov Assembly. You can read more about it here.
Various Can: Sacrilege (This album is shared with other artists) Mute Records SPOON CD 39/40
James James: Whiplash UK: Fontana 534 354-2
Daniel Lanois Sling Blade (This soundtrack CD is shared with other artists)

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Brian Eno Lightness: Music for the Marble Palace n Opal Ltd -- Available exclusively through Enoshop
Notes: The Lightness CD accompanied Brian's installation in St Petersburg in 1997. The CDs left over were then sold by Opal in 1998, not through normal record distribution channels. Two excellent ambient pieces that positively glow. Limited edition of around 500.
U2 If God Will Send His Angels Island / Polygram; CID684/572189-2
Notes: The single includes a track remixed by Brian, 'Slow Dancing', on which Brian provides backing vocals for Willie Nelson. The CD also features 'Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad', which formed part of Bono's exhibit for the Musical Milestones auction for War Child.
Bang On A Can Music For Airports Point Music 314 536 847-2
Notes: The Bang On A Can Allstars transcribed Music For Airports and arranged it for their orchestral ensemble. No involvement from Brian, although he thought highly of the idea and their execution of it.
Baaba Maal Nomad Soul Island / Palm Pictures -- PALMCD 2002
Notes: Brian contributes to one track, Lam Lam, with Jon Hassell and Howie B.
@mbassadors We Love You q Booth-Clibborn Editions
Notes: We Love You is a book + CD that brought together loads of Young British Artists with musicians, for a series of artistic and musical collaborations. Brian provides "Sensual Zero Gravity" with added words and noises by Marc Quinn. The track is an extended version of "Coasters" from The Drop. Quinn's input is the kind of uneasy-listening monologue done rather better by Chris Morris' radio programme Blue Jam, the book is uninspiring and the track says nothing new about Drop Music in this form that The Drop hasn't already covered.
Stone House Productions / Zap Media Inc. Nile: An Ancient Egyptian Quest c Simon & Schuster Interactive
Notes: Nile is a computer game for Windows; Brian composed the music for it in 1996. It's a mixture of unreleased tracks plus music which previously appeared on the soundtrack of Neverwhere and music from Generative Music 1. Much of the music accompanies re-tellings of Egyptian myths and stories narrated by Kelly McGillis. This is an enjoyable edutainment disc, but I did wonder at Brian's involvement given his public statements about how useless CD-ROM games are. Simon & Schuster Interactive used to have a page on it here with a link to a sample. In the UK the game is distributed by Zablac Entertainment.
UILAB Fires Duophonic Super 45s; DS45-CD19
Notes: UILAB was a collaboration between Stereolab and UI. The EP has four covers of the Eno song "St Elmo's Fire": "Radio", "Red Corona", "Spatio-Dynamic" and "Snow". No involvement from Brian Eno.
Various Artists Minimalism: More Or Less Law & Auder Records LA5CD
Notes: A 2-CD compilation of techno/electronica which includes a cover of 2/1 by MAKYO. No involvement from Brian Eno.
Brian Eno, Slop Shop, Holger Czukay Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen! Unreleased but was available in RealAudio
Notes: A concert of background music to mark the opening of one of Brian's installations, at the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle in Bonn. This was recorded and was available for viewing/listening in RealAudio here.
Brian Eno Une Année aux Appendices Gonflés Serpent à Plumes ISBN 2-84261-092-X
Notes: The French translation of Brian's Diary includes a 6-track 30-minute CD containing previously unreleased pieces created during 1995.
-- Velvet Goldmine audio CD + CD-ROM The Independent / FilmFour
Notes: Free CD given away with The Independent newspaper. Includes 2 audio tracks from the soundtrack by Pulp & Grant Lee Buffalo, plus video clips including part of the performance of one of the Eno tunes. "Baby's On Fire", I think.
Soundtracks Velvet Goldmine -- music from the original motion picture Innerstate/London 556-035-2
Notes: Includes original versions and cover versions of some Eno & Roxy tracks. No involvement from Brian, though he apparently enjoyed the film.
Various Artists Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs of Noël Coward EMI 7243 49463127
Notes: "Twentieth Century Blues" is a project that benefits the Red Hot AIDS Charitable Trust. The seventh track "There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner" , performed by Robbie Williams, has Brian Eno playing the Omnichord somewhere in the background.
Brian Eno Warnography & Untitled Piece Unreleased, radio broadcast
Notes: Played by Brian when he was interviewed for Front Row on BBC Radio 4 shortly before his 50th birthday.
Merce Cunningham Pond Way UbuWeb
Notes: Dance, with musical soundscape by Brian based on "Ikebukuro". Not released.

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Robert Wyatt eps UK: Hannibal HNCD 1440
Notes: The fourth of the 4 CD EPs has four remixes of songs from "Shleep", one of which includes Brian's playing, though he didn't do the remixes.
Brian Eno Sonora Portraits 1 Materiali Sonori: MASO CD 90110
Notes: A slip-case containing a CD and a booklet. The CD includes 12 previously released tracks and an excerpt from an interview. The booklet contains 3 essays and an extended version of the interview plus a "Chronology" (biography).
James I Know What I'm Here For (CD one) Mercury Records: JIMCD22 562 227 2
Notes: I Know What I'm Here For produced by Brian Eno; All Good Boys produced by Brian Eno and Saul Davies; Imagine Ourselves produced by Brian Eno, Saul Davies and Mark Hunter & mixed by Brian Eno.
James I Know What I'm Here For (CD two) Mercury Records: JIMDD22 566 228 2
Notes: I Know What I'm Here For produced by Brian Eno; Downstairs produced by Brian Eno and James; Stolen Horse produced by Brian Eno and James.
Instrumental Acoustek Big Chill, Factor 1; more information here
Notes: Includes an arrangement of Sparrowfall for strings plus arrangements of other non-Eno pieces
801 / Phil Manzanera 801 Live n Expression Records EXVP 16CD 6043 88457 7 2
Available direct from manzanera.com
Notes: An extended version of the album of 801's final live gig, including two tracks not included on the original release, Golden Hours and Fat Lady Of Limbourg. A storming performance.
Phil Manzanera Diamond Head n Expression Records EXVP 14CD 6043 88457 5 2
Available direct from manzanera.com
Notes:A re-release of this 1975 album. Includes Brian singing two songs, the triumphant Big Day and wild Miss Shapiro; first time on CD outside Japan.
Phil Manzanera / Quiet Sun Mainstream Expression Records
Available direct from manzanera.com
Notes: Brian contributes treatments.
New Composers with Special Guest Brian Eno Smart Fax +49-69/450464 PS 08/95
Notes: Brian contributes (to) 3 tracks plus samples. The percussive organ used in Generative Music 1's piece NS-9001 can be heard.
Roxy Music Roxy Music Virgin EG Records Ltd ROXYCDX1 7243 8 47448 2 3
Notes: 1972 album remastered by Bob Ludwig
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure Virgin EG Records Ltd ROXYCDX2 7243 8 47450 2 8
Notes: 1973 album remastered by Bob Ludwig
James Just like Fred Astaire (CD two) Mercury Records jimdd 23 562 396-2
Notes: Includes "Just Like Fred Astaire" (produced by Brian Eno/Dave Osborne; "Mary" produced by James/Brian & mixed by Brian; and "goal goal goal" produced by Brian. Enhanced CD with video of the title song, lyrics and previews of 4 tracks from Millionaires.
James Millionaires Mercury Records
Notes: Brian was producer for this album.
Russell Mills / Undark Pearl + Umbra Bella Union BellaCD13
Notes: Brian contributes touchstone sonics to one track.
Simon Haram Alone Black Box
Notes: The saxophonist Simon Haram covers "Warszawa" alongside tracks by John Adams and Gavin Bryars
Brian Eno "I Dormienti" n Opal -- Available exclusively through Enoshop
Notes: Brian created this music for the Eno/Paladino installation at The Roundhouse in London in September-October 1999.
Brian Eno Kite Stories Opal -- see the Kiasma web-site Available exclusively through Enoshop
Notes: Brian created this music for an installation at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland, in December 1999 - early February 2000.
Television Soundtrack Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)
Notes: EnoWeb has heard that this CD includes "Confusion", a track by James / produced by Brian.
The Divine Comedy Gin Soaked Boy Setanta Records SETCDA071
Notes: CD1 of a 2-CD set has as its 3rd track "I Am". Neil Hannon lifted bits of text from A Year With Swollen Appendices and used them as lyrics ... so Brian Eno got credited for not being there!
Brian Eno Bottom Liners Work in progress, unreleased, radio broadcast
Notes: Played by Brian on Charlie Gillett's GLR radio programme in the UK.

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James we're going to miss you (cd two) n Mercury jimdd 24, 562 568-2
Notes: CD single. Includes "we're going to miss you (eno's version)", which Brian mixed as well as producing.
Various artists The Beach (soundtrack)
Notes: Includes a cover of the Cale/Eno song "Spinning Away" by Sugar Ray.
Okano, Reiko / Yumemakura, Baku / Brian Eno / Peter Schwalm Music for Onmyoji Victor Entertainment VICP-60980~1 2CD
Notes: 2-CD, limited edition of 5,000 in silver & hologram packaging. The first CD consists of Japanese music played on traditional instruments. The second CD is by Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm (of Slop Shop) and consists of 6 tracks running at just over 28 minutes
Various / U2 / Bono / MDH band Music from the motion picture: The Million Dollar Hotel Island CID 8094 / 542 395-2
Notes: Includes tracks by U2 produced by Brian Eno, and music by The MDH Band which includes Brian Eno, Jon Hassell and Daniel Lanois.
Brian Eno Music for Civic Recovery Centre Opal -- available exclusively through Enoshop.
Notes: Also titled A section from Music for Civic Recovery Centre "The Quiet Club". Running time 44:49. Originally not available direct from Opal, being produced as a souvenir of Brian's installation at the Sonic Boom show (April-June 02000). Flavour is predominantly Kite Stories-type vocals and Ikebukoro. See EnoWeb's dedicated installations page for more information
-- Sonic Boom: The Art Of Sound (brochure) Hayward Gallery
Notes: Hardback brochure accompanying the Sonic Boom show; includes 2 CDs, one of which has an extract from Kites III as well as pieces by other artists including Thomas Köner, Russell Mills and Paul Schütze.
Phil Manzanera / 801 Listen Now Expression Records EXPCD17 7243 849276 22
Notes: A re-release of this 1977 album; Brian contributes to 4 tracks, though he was just called "Eno" in those days.
Sinead O'Connor Faith & Courage
Notes: Includes "Emma's Song", the track that Sinead and Brian worked on for the soundtrack of The Avengers film.
Arturo Stàlteri coolAugustMoon Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90120
Notes: Instrumental arrangements of some of Brian's pieces, from "Here Come The Warm Jets" to "Garden Recalled". This project was originally begun in 1990.
David Bowie Seven CD2 Virgin VSCDX1776; 7243 8 96928 0 8
Notes: CD 2 of a 3 CD set has a Nine Inch Nails version of the Bowie/Eno track "I'm Afraid Of Americans" plus a video thereof. No direct involvement from Brian.
New Composers CMAPT c Moon Town
Notes: As its Russian name suggests, this is a re-release of the Smart album, albeit in a revised version, on a different label. This album has 11 tracks. 2 are new (one is just an extract from Lightness with New Composers' bleeps & sounds). The 9 remaining tracks are drawn from the 12 featured on Smart, re-ordered and renamed, most in Russian.
Brian Eno Lightness: Music For The Marble Palace n Opal -- available exclusively through Enoshop.
Notes: A re-release of Brian's St Petersburg installation music, originally put out in 1997. As with all Opal-direct installation albums, this is on CD-R format media, unlike the original which was a standard pressed CD.
David Bowie liveandwell.com Risky Folio / Virgin Records America
Notes: Exclusively sent to Bowienet members. Includes some live versions of Bowie/Eno 1.Outside tracks.
David Bowie Bowie At The Beeb - the best of the BBC radio sessions 68-72 (3rd CD) Emi Virgin Records America 7243 5 28959 2 3
Notes: Bonus 3rd CD included with first 10000 copies features David's June 27th 2000 concert at the BBC Radio Theatre where he sang the Bowie/Eno songs "Hallo Spaceboy" and "I'm Afraid of Americans".
U2 Beautiful Day Island CID 766/562 945-2
Notes: As well as the title track, CD 1 includes two other songs produced by Brian and Dan Lanois, "Summer Rain" and "Always". There is also a CD2 which has two live tracks with no involvement from Brian (CIDX 766).
-- Classic Rock Magazine Issue 19 October 2000 Future Publications
Notes: Cover-mounted CD has Bryan Ferry & Brian Eno on the front and features the Roxy Music track "Editions Of You" from yet another Roxy Music compilation.
Slop Shop Makrodelia 2 Poets Club Records PCR016
Notes: An album from Brian's sometime collaborator Peter Schwalm. One track, "So Nah", includes remixed extracts from the Slop Shop / Eno / Czukay Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen! gig, though Holger's bits don't appear to be included.
Chris Morris Blue Jam Warp Records WARPCD79
Notes: A compilation of material from Chris Morris' BBC Radio 1 series Blue Jam. Very uneasy listening, dark, disturbing, often sickening, sometimes dreadfully funny. Showcases Morris' usual obsessions with death, twisted sexuality, violence, untrustworthy doctors, rude words and the dislocated logic of the small hours of the morning, backed by ambient music by various artists including "Deep Blue Day" from Apollo.
Various Artists Inside 02 Poets Club Records PCR015-CD
Notes: A compilation of tracks by artists on the Poets Club label, including one by Brian Eno & Slop Shop entitled "Miscellanea (Epitome)", another extract from the Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen! concert.
Slop Shop Blue Angel Poets Club Records PCR018-12"
Notes: A 12" single which includes a Brian Eno remix of the track "Stay ... and come". A promo CD of this 12" vinyl also exists.
Sikter Now, Always, Never Sikter
Notes: Brian Eno is credited for keyboards on tracks 2, 3 & 9, vocals on tracks 2 & 3, and whistling on track 4. He is also credited for co-production of these tracks.
Roxy Music Valentine Burning Airlines pilot51 (under licence from Radio Bremen)
Notes: This Enhanced CD includes six tracks by Roxy Music (including Eno) from the German TV show "Musikladen" sometime in the early 70s. All tracks are included as Quicktime videos as well.
Film Soundtracks Traffic: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack TVT records
Notes: Includes "An Ending: Ascent" from Apollo.
-- Q Magazine: The best tracks from the best albums of 2000 --
Notes: CD free with issue 172 of Q magazine; includes U2's "Beautiful Day (Quincy and Sonance Radio Edit)", an exclusive apparently. See how EnoWeb brings you the most obscure vaguely Eno-related track info...

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U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind Island
Notes: Album by the youthful up-and-coming band from Ireland, produced by Brian and Daniel Lanois.
U2 Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of Island CIDX 770/572779-2
Notes: As well as the title track, CD 1 includes "Beautiful Day (Quincey and Sonance Remix)" produced by Brian and Dan (a longer version of the track on the Q CD) plus "Big Girls Are Best" which has no involvement from Brian or Dan. There is also a CD2 which has two live tracks with no involvement from Brian (CID 770).
Brian Eno Music For Prague --
Notes: This was a one-off CD of sound sketches made by Brian when he was working on his 1998 installation with Jiri Prihoda in Prague. The CD was donated to an auction in aid of South London Arts in January 02001 and raised £400. Not to be confused with the inevitable 2-CD bootleg audience recording.
Brian Eno Compact Forest Proposal n Opal -- exclusively available from SFMOMA at SFMOMA CD ordering page and through Enoshop.
Notes: Music for Brian's installation at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art -- see SFMOMA site.
Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm Drawn From Life n UK: Virgin Venture CDVE 954 LC03098 / 7243 8 10148 20
US: Astralwerks

Notes: The culmination of ideas Brian had been working towards for many years, without the malice of Nerve Net or the refrigeration units of The Drop. Press reviews gave it an average of 3 stars out of 5 and words like "warm" and "organic" abounded.

For a time, Virgin had a dedicated site for the album, with streaming tracks, videos from the launch party and Dark Jam (see below).

Interviewed by John Diliberto for Pulse! Magazine, Brian explained about the voices of his daughters Irial and Darla on "Bloom": ' "Interestingly, fake!" says Eno with a laugh. "Because they both appear in that piece as the same age, about a year and a half old. They are in fact a year and a half different in age, so it's sort of collaged together from two different recordings." Eno's daughters reveal an underpinning of nostalgia to this otherwise off-center slice of junk electro-abstraction as they recite the nursery rhyme "Pease Porridge Hot". "I love the way she says 'nine days aawold,'" says Eno with a touch of wistfulness. "Old! That's such a difficult word for a child." '

Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm Drawn From Life Virgin Venture: CDVEDJX954 LC03098
Notes: Promo edition of the above, in cardboard gatefold sleeve. Back has track titles in Brian's handwriting. Front is thermographic black ink. Album does not include the credits, photograph or "Two Voices" lyrics featured on retail version.
Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm Drawn From Life Virgin Venture
Notes: Double LP version. 10 tracks only.
-- UNCUT 17-track guide to the month's best music UNCUT magazine
Notes: Take 49 of the magazine, June 2001, has this cover-mounted CD which includes the track "More Dust" from Drawn From Life.
Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm Dark Jam  
Notes: Dark Jam was a 14-minute infrared film QuickTime video (by Brian's then studio manager Marlon Weyeneth) of Brian and Peter playing a jam in Brian's studio with only the instrumentation lights for illumination. It appeared on Virgin's Drawn From Life web-site (no longer functioning).
Ryuichi Sakamoto / David Sylvian Zero Landmine More information here.
Notes: An EP CD with profits going to a campaign to get rid of landmines, the indiscriminate weaponry sadly popular with dictators and rebels alike. Mainly Ryuichi Sakamoto although there are contributions from Brian, Kraftwerk and other artists. Brian's bits appear on track 1 -- Bridge 3 (after Section Tibet) and the following Section Bosnia, just before Princess Di.
1 Giant Leap Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Palm Pictures
PALMDVD 3031-2
More information here
Notes: Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman travelled the world for 6 months visiting musicians, artists, gravediggers etc. This DVD single has a video which mixes music with short soundbites from gurus, Dennis Hopper, etc including a few seconds of Brian talking about the future.
James Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) Mercury Records JIMCD25 BIEM/MCPS LC00268
Notes: CD single. Also includes the non-album tracks "Make It Alright" and "So Swell (Ambient Version)" which isn't particularly Ambient but is co-produced by Brian. A second CD in this 2-CD set has different bonus tracks without Brian's involvement.
James Pleased To Meet You Mercury Records
Notes: Album produced by Brian. He also contributes a few backing vocals & synth bits.
Various Artists/ Soundtracks Accelerator Volta Sounds Voltcd1
Notes: One track by Brian: "Corrosive Beat Treatment", a rhythm track along the lines of Heat's "Force Marker".
U2 Elevation Island
Notes: CD single, 2 versions available. The title track is produced by Brian and Daniel Lanois; Brian also plays synthesizer.
David Bowie All Saints
Notes: Compilation of instrumental tracks from David's career, some of which involve Brian.
Various Artists/ Soundtracks La stanza del figlio / Das Zimmer meines Sohnes Italy 2001,
released by Virgin
Notes: Includes "By This River" from Before and After Science.
Various Artists What's Going On  
Notes: Fundraising single for Artists Against AIDS Worldwide and the United Way September 11th Fund (no longer collecting). US version has 9 tracks, UK 3 tracks. Both include the London Mix produced by Brian and sung by Bono (U2) and Chris Martin (Coldplay).
Interview With An Angel UK: Instant Karma Records 503059 2
Notes: Brian plays keyboards on tracks 5 & 7. Ghostland is peopled by John Reynolds (ex-husband of Sinead O'Connor; the sessions with Eno date from the Faith & Courage album), and Justin Adams (appeared on Spinner). More info here.
Brian Eno Forced to Choose & two other tracks Work in progress, not released, radio broadcast
Notes: Played on Michael Engelbrecht's Klanghorizonte radio programme in Germany, one with vocals by Tim Booth from James. A version of "Forced To Choose" subsequently appeared on Another Day On Earth under the title "Caught Between".
Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm "between us and it", a performed installation of 4-D Music Live performance, subsequently radio broadcast
Notes: Performed and improvised at the Lanzarote Festival; subsequently broadcast on radio in Germany.
Brian Eno Wander  
Note: A Koan piece that was the first example of SSEYO's Freesense -- a generative audio track that would play when people opened an e-mail or web page containing it, regardless of their audio hardware, so long as they had the Koan plugin (unlike 1996's Generative Music 1 release which relied on the SoundBlaster AWE soundcard). As SSEYO and Koan are no more, and Freesense Sonified E-mail never caught on, this track has wandered off.
Metropole Orkest Live On Stage - Netherlands Metropole Orchestra Dick Backer
Note: Promo CD which included "Saint Tom" from the 1999 Holland Festival concert along with popular tunes like "Isn't She Lovely".

Filed Under Futile
Frou-Frou Details  
Notes: Features a track called "Hear Me Out" which is credited to Imogen Heap, Guy Sigsworth, Lee Bennett and Brian Eno but Brian's contribution is only a sample from Apollo's "An Ending (Ascent)". However 2 other tracks have real contributions from Jon Hassell.
Audiodacious Audiodacious More info here
Notes: "69 minutes of loopacious amusement, handcrafted from only the finest ingredients by Andy Bull and Andy Gill, aka Andean Dandies." Includes samples of Brian lecturing on the track "Dub Haunts".
Brian Eno Light a Cigarette & Untitled Track Performed, not released
Notes: New pieces premiered during concerts with J. Peter Schwalm.
1 Giant Leap 1 Giant Leap (DVD) UK: Palm Pictures PALMD3043
Notes: in the Time chapter, Brian is interviewed in front of the model Clock of the Long Now at London's Science Museum and speaks of olive trees and empathy.
Bryan Ferry Frantic  
Notes: Includes the song "I Thought", written by Brian and performed by Bryan and Brian.
U2 Best of 1990-2000 UK: Island CIDTU213
Notes: Some pieces produced by Brian.
Brian Eno & Roger Eno 18 Keyboard Pieces by Hans Friedrich Micheelsen Opal: OPALCD01. Available exclusively through Enoshop.
Notes: Played on Disklavier by Roger, tweaked & produced by Brian

Filed Under Futile
Brian Eno January 07003 - Bell Studies for The Clock of The Long Now Opal -- OPALCD02. Available exclusively through Enoshop (orders for Europe) and Long Now (orders for rest of world)
Notes: All profits to The Long Now Foundation. Brian is in Quasi mode and this is his most experimental work since Nerve Net. The first track is over-long but the rest certainly rings true! He must have been going like the clappers to get this album out!! Give a man enough rope!!!
Simian La Breeze

Source UK
7" single: Sour 069. 7243 552184 7 6. PM215
CD single: SOURCD069

Notes: Brian remixes the album track in chaotic & Kaossic cut-up fashion.
Martin L. Gore Counterfeit² CDSTUMM214 / 0724358350425
Notes: Includes a cover of "By This River".
-- And Then So Clear --
Notes: An extract was played on Brian Eno: A Quantity Of Stuff on BBC Radio 2, 1st February 2003 "...as the snow across the tundra and the rain across the skies..." he sings. Played in its entirety on Echoes (syndicated on US NRI stations) in November & December 2003. Released on CD in 2005 on Another Day On Earth, although that is a slightly shorter version.
-- Lydian Bells installation At the Science Museum in London
Notes: Part of the Treat Yourself exhibition which ran until September 2003. Not available on CD.
-- Fear X [film] Doing the rounds of the film festivals
Notes: Music by Brian & J. Peter Schwalm. Not currently available on CD.
Brian Eno Curiosities Volume 1 Opal -- OPALCD03. Available exclusively through Enoshop

Notes: 15 previously unreleased tracks from the Eno studio, curated by Brian's technical assistant Marlon Weyeneth. Somewhat of a Drop Vol 2 -- all the tracks appear to be from the last decade. "Castro Haze" and "Manila Envelope" appear in mildly different mixes from their Headcandy incarnations and "Late Evening in Jersey" (which appeared on the soundtrack of Heat) is a longer version of The Drop's "Hazard".

Here's what Opal's Press Release said:

RELEASE DATE: Friday 5th September

This latest release from the Enoshop is the first in a series of collections of little known Eno work from recent years which has been collected together and compiled by his diligent and long suffering studio assistant, Marlon Weyeneth.


The pieces on this record are singularities, things that didn't fit together with enough other things to ever make a whole album.

Thus 'Circus Mathematics' was imagined as part of a group of pieces called 'Mathematical Piano Music', but only three others ever materialized, and 'Ambient Savage' is the only surviving example of the little-known but much-mourned 'Afro-Ambient' genre.

'Castro Haze' was the first, and, as it transpired, the last representative of the cycle which was to have been known as 'Unsuccessful Boxers' - the Castro in question was a welterweight who ultimately failed in his bid to seize fame.
The 'Thrash Funk' category of which 'War Fetish' is a proud member, has been more prolific but still not quite abundant enough to justify a whole CD. 'Work/Wank' belongs to a long tradition of songs with very few lyrics (such as 'Hot Pastrami', 'Mashed Potatoes' and 'Wipeout'), and, together with 'Draw One Animal' formed the beginning of my projected CD: 11 things to do on a dull afternoon. Unfortunately this project failed because I could only think of three.

Brian Eno is currently at work in his studio on his forthcoming song album, tentatively called Brian Eno: The Love Collection.

Curiosities Volume 1 will be exclusively available from the Enoshop website WWW.ENOSHOP.CO.UK. The Enoshop website has been set up to provide an outlet for the side projects which keep distracting Brian from work on his song album.

N Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere A&E
Notes: US DVD release of the 1996 6-part BBC series with music by Brian. Includes a commentary by the multi-talented Neil Gaiman. Supposedly Region 1 (US & Canada) but some people report it appears to be Region 0 (all regions).
Brian Eno Brian Eno BMGPUB038
Notes: According to eil.com this is a 14-track promo CD, a kind of Greatest Hits of the earlier years. Tracklisting: 1. Mother Whale Eyeless 2. I'll Come Running 3. Delta Rain Dream 4. King's Lead Hat 5. Sparrowfall (3) 6. Here He Comes 7. The Jezebel Spirit 8. 1/1 9. Third Uncle 10. Another Green World 11. Here Come The Warm Jets 12. Mountain Of Needles 13. Taking Tiger Mountain 14. Becalmed.
André Heller Ruf und Echo Polydor (Universal) B0000DKBKR
Notes: Brian remixes/produces one track, "Gottes Lachen" (God's Laughter).
Long Now / Pelissero Long Now --
Notes: A data & music CD sent out to wine dealers to promote Pelissero's Long Now wine. Includes 5 Bell Studies tracks by Brian: some variants of existing tracks and others previously unreleased. 1. Study 16 (x5, x3 series ratios); 2. Study 17 (Phytagorean ratios); 3. If a bell became a drone...; 4. Campion Bells (invert harmonics); 5. Bell Study with distant delays.
John Cale Hobo Sapiens  

Notes: Hi; as a long time fan of the site, I thought you'd like to know that Eno & his daughters appear on John Cale's (excellent) new album, Hobosapiens. The liner notes read: "[Thanks] to Brian Eno for the groove and his daughters Irial and Darla for the giggles on 'Bicycle'." The musician credits clarify said groove as the drum track, though the bass sounds pretty Eno-esque as well. -- Jason Minnix

UNKLE Never, Never, Land UK: Island Records MWU 001CD
Enoweb Notes: Richard Joly writes that the May 4, 2003 issue of the JockeySlut has a cover story on UNKLE. In it we learn that "Eno and Jarvis Cocker meanwhile have a synthesizer stand-off on 'I Need Something Stronger'." This will be on UNKLE's next album, "Never, Never, Land", to be released at end of June by Mo Wax/Island. Curiously, the article carries a photo of a tracklist and on the photo, the Eno/Jarvis track is called "Oil + Steel".

Notes: James Lavelle teamed up with Richard File, a singer / songwriter, to produce this 2nd album by UNKLE. Brian Eno played the synth on "I Need Something Stronger". He was also responsible for Kaos, effects, and programming on this track. The music of "I Need Something Stronger" was improvised by James Lavelle and Richard File with Antony Genn, Brian Eno and Jarvis Cocker of the Pulp. It featured a sample of "Wavesheets" which was performed and written by John Fiddy and Sammy Burdson.

Release Notes: The Island Records version of "Never, Never, Land" has a bonus track called "Awake The Unkind". Subsequent versions have different bonus tracks.
Damien Dempsey
Seize The Day Eire: Clear Records CLR001
UK: Independent Records Ltd IRL 018
Damien Dempsey
Notes: Damien Dempsey released this breakthrough album under the direction of veteran producer John Reynolds. Brian Eno played atmospheric guitars ... but it's not clear on which tracks. On the "Collaborations" compilation by Sinéad O'Connor, he was credited with atmospheric guitar on "It's All Good". Sandy Nelson wrote an album review  for the Robotfist website and she reported that Brian also played atmospheric guitars on "Ghosts Of Overdoses". Miles Hunt penned an online article for the LeftLion website and he shared the rare privilege of hearing an unmixed version of "Celtic Tiger" with contributions by Brian and Sinéad.

Release Notes: The Clear Records version of "Seize The Day" has a hidden track. It's the title song from the 3:42 mark of track number 10. The UK and US versions have "Seize The Day" as an indexed track.
Sinéad O'Connor She Who Dwells In The Secret Place Of The Most High Shall Abide Under The Shadow Of The Almighty US: Vanguard Records 215/16-2 (2 CDs Set)
Sinéad O'connor
Notes: Sinéad O'Connor supposedly released "She Who Dwells ... Under The Shadow Of The Almighty" as her swan song album. It included rare tracks on disc 1 and a live performance on disc 2. Brian Eno co-composed 1 demo with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and co-produced 4 tracks on disc 1. All 4 tracks with Brian date back to the "Faith And Courage" sessions.

Disc 1
1. Regina Caeli
2. O Filii Et Filiae
3. My Love I Bring
4. Do Right Woman [Written by Dan Penn/Chip Moman - Produced by Sinéad O'Connor/John Reynolds/Brian Eno]
5. Love Hurts [Written by Boudleaux Bryant - Produced by Sinéad O'Connor/John Reynolds/Brian Eno]
6. Ain't It A Shame
7. Chiquitita
8. Brigidine Diana
9. It's All Good
10. Love Is Ours (Demo)
11. A Hundred Thousand Angels
12. You Put Your Arms Around Me (Demo)
13. Emma's Song
14. No Matter How Hard I Try (Demo) [Written, arranged and produced by Sinéad O'Connor/Brian Eno/Dave Stewart]
15. Dense Water, Deeper Down [Written and arranged by Sinéad O'Connor - Produced by Sinéad O'Connor/Adrian Sherwood/Brian Eno/Dave Stewart]
16. This Is A Rebel Song
17. 1000 Mirrors
18. Big Bunch Of Junkie Lies
19. Song Of Jerusalem

Song Notes: "Do Right Woman" was a hit taken from Aretha Franklin's classic album "I Never Loved A Man The Way I Loved You". "Love Hurts" was originally written for the Everly Brothers ... before being covered by countless artists from Roy Orbison to Nazareth! "Emma's Song" is the Adrian Sherwood remix which was included as a bonus track on the Japanese and Australian versions of the "Faith And Courage" album by Sinéad O'Connor.  
Robert Wyatt
Cuckooland n Hannibal Records HNCD 1468
Rykodisc USA
Notes: 6 years after "Shleep", Robert Wyatt invited once again both Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera to guest on his latest masterpiece. Brian sung beautifully on the ballad "Forest" and he literally played the 'last note' on "Tom Hay's Fox". By the way, Robert joyfully tinkered with Eno's toys on "Trickle Down"! 
Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime
US: SireRecords R2 73934 (3 CDs + 1 DVD Box Set)
Talking Heads
Notes: The "Once In A Lifetime" box set is a comprehensive retrospective of the Talking Heads. The 3 audio CDs include remastered tracks from their debut album to "Naked" plus 5 previously unreleased tracks. The DVD is an expanded version of their "Storytelling Giant" video with 3 bonus clips. On Disc 2, there are 2 alternate versions taken from the "Fear Of Music" sessions which were produced by Brian Eno. "Cities" has additional lyrics and "Drugs" is a different mix with Robert Fripp on guitar.

Disc 2
1. I Zimbra
2. Cities (Alternate Version) [Previously Unissued]
3. Life During Wartime
4. Air
5. Memories Can't Wait
6. Drugs (Alternate Version) [Previously Unissued]
7. Once in a Lifetime
8. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes on)
9. Listening Wind
10. Houses in Motion
11. Crosseyed and Painless
12. Burning Down the House
13. Making Flippy Floppy [Full-Length Version]
14. Girlfriend is Better [Full-Length Version]
15. Slippery People [Full-Length Version]
16. Swamp
17. This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)

Song Notes: "Drugs" was originally credited to David Byrne on the album "Fear Of Music". The alternate version of "Drugs" is credited to both David Byrne and Brian Eno on the box set "Once In A Lifetime".

Release Notes: The entire Talking Heads back catalog will be reissued on DualDiscs in January 2006. The "Fear Of Music" DualDisc will include 4 bonus tracks: an unfinished outtake "Dancing For Money" plus alternate versions of "Life During Wartime", "Cities", and "Mind". The alternate version of "Drugs" will NOT be included.
The Horror  
Notes: The track "June (Remix)" has a sample of 2/1 from Music For Airports.

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Label/more information
Rachid Taha Tékitoi?  
Note: Brian & Rachid co-wrote "Dima" and Brian contributes keyboards and backing vocals on the cover version of The Clash's "Rock the Kasbah".
Doug Hilsinger & Caroleen Beatty Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Saucefaucet
Note: A cover version of the entire album which met with Brian's approval.
Brian Eno Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World, Before & After Science
Virgin EMI & Astralwerks

Note: The first set of "Original Masters" CDs, given the collective title "Early Works". Virgin's site The Raft reported at the time that the music "will not be 'remastered' but instead will be re-transferred by Simon Heyworth from the original analogue masters". There's a mention of the mastering equipment here. Simon did an excellent job with the sound quality, but there were problems with the CD mastering.

The press release said:

He co-wrote with David Bowie on Low, Heroes and Lodger, was a founder member of Roxy Music, as well as the producer of U2's The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, Zooropa, All That You Can't Leave Behind, Talking Head's Fear of Music and Remain in Light, Devo's Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and many more.

But that's just part of the story.

Now Brian Eno's groundbreaking albums have been digitally remastered and reissued in special edition digipak packages as part of a series called "Original Masters." Very often when albums are remastered, the tapes are re-equalized, remixed, in other words altered from the way they were originally delivered by the artist. Not so with the albums in the "Original Masters" series.

Using an ATR analog mastering deck with Aria Reference Series class A discrete electronics, Simon Heyworth was able to coax a higher level of fidelity out of these recordings than ever before heard, while keeping the original mastering intact.

"What I quickly learnt was that many of the EQ'd Production Masters at the time were absolutely 'spot on'," says Heyworth, "and why shouldn't they be when you think about it, this was the end of a long artistic endeavour and are we saying that they didn't get it right at that point? This is nonsense of course because if it was a landmark recording and sold lots of albums it must have been right! The Artist and Producer all decided at the time that this was 'it'. Should we be tampering with that piece of art - after all we don't go around saying let's Re-master a great painting."

The result is a clarity and depth of sound to these albums not heard since their initial playback in the recording studio. And more important, no attempts have been made to re-equalize, remix or in any way tamper with the original EQ'ed analogue production masters. These "Original Masters" sound just as Brian Eno originally intended them to be heard.

CD mastering flaw:
On the first pressing of Another Green World, the problem was described by EnoWeb visitor Feline1 thus: 'If you haven't heard one of these discs yourself, lemme try and explain what happens - it's quite odd - "Everything Merges With The Night" fades in for some several seconds, it's not like it just abruptly begins with a chunk missing from the start... but the first vocal line is "I've been waiting all evening" - it's like they've seamlessly removed the correct first line "Rosalie" and digitally spliced the join back together." Virgin issued an official statement: "Subsequent to approval of a correct version of Another Green World on reference CD, there was a DDP image file corruption which has affected the track 'Everything Merges With The Night'. Please take your CD back to where you bought it, and the retailer will exchange it for you. Although working as fast as possible to remanufacture, the new discs won't be ready until the end of next week." Incorrect pressings were supposed to have been withdrawn from sale by Virgin EMI but we received several reports of instances where this had not occurred. Astralwerks offered a higher level of support to its customers.

Quibbles about packaging:
The CDs are packaged in digipacks inside a protective plastic sleeve. There is very little tolerance in the sleeve which means re-inserting the digipack into the sleeve is often difficult.
The designer positioned the text on the spines in a non-standard orientation (most go from top to bottom with the baseline on the left. These go from bottom to top with baseline on the right).
The four Peter Schmidt print watercolour images, an important part of Before And After Science, were excluded from the packaging and the album's original subtitle Fourteen Pictures was cut down to Ten Pictures.

Fripp & Eno The Equatorial Stars Discipline Global Mobile / Enoshop
Note: Fripp and Eno together again -- with today's technology rather than tape loops.
Phil Manzanera 6PM www.manzanera.com
Note: Brian contributes "Enotonic treatments" on "Broken Dreams", "Waiting For The Sun to Shine" & "Manzra". The stand-out track is "Wish You Well", an elegy for Ian MacDonald.
BJ Cole
Trouble in Paradise  
Note: Brian is credited for "processing" on the track "Milkshake Roadmap".
Various Artists Unity: The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album  
Note: The track "Still Standing" is a collaboration between Brian Eno, Rachid Taha & Skin (formerly of Skunk Anansi).
Brian Eno Nerve Net / The Shutov Assembly All Saints Records ASCDA41 / ASCDA42
Note: All Saints gets in on the re-release action, with reissues of these albums. The UK Nerve Net included Jerome Lefdup's video for "Ali Click" and the lyrics for the first time; Shutov had additional graphics in the booklet. These CDs were not around for long, as the following year All Saints re-released the albums again in a tie-up with Rykodisc, sometimes with other bonus tracks that varied according to territory.
Brian Eno Discreet Music, Music for Airports, The Plateaux of Mirror and On Land Virgin EMI & Astralwerks
Note: The second set of "Original Masters" CDs, given the collective title "Ambient Works".
Brian Eno Curiosities Volume 2 Enoshop
Note: More previously unreleased fun. The inside cover includes a list of future Curiosities music tracks, but the series ground to a halt after compiler Marlon Weyeneth left Opal.
  Hammerheads BBC
Note: Soundtrack for a television documentary in the BBC's The Natural World strand on Hammerhead sharks. Not released although some was re-used on the track "Passing Over" on Another Day On Earth, and the UK & US re-releases of Music For Films III each have a different "Shark" bonus track.
James Perry/Mopmonster Baby's On Fire Mopmonster
Note: A cover.
David Bowie 1.Outside  
Note: Limited Edition Re-issue with bonus second CD of tracks from singles. Very tricky to listen to in one go... once you've heard "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" and "Hallo Spaceboy" a couple of times you really don't want to hear yet another remix. Does include "Nothing To Be Desired" which is pretty much in keeping with the rest of the album.
David Bowie Earthling  
Note: Limited Edition Re-issue with bonus second CD of tracks from singles including 3 remixes of the Bowie-Eno track "I'm Afraid Of Americans".
Neil Conti The Dark Side of the Groove AMG / samples4
Note: Drum loops and sessions for use with audio software (there are different versions for various platforms, e.g, Apple Garageband, WAV, Kontakt etc), including Eno processing. Not to be confused with a compilation CD that goes by the same name.
Brian Eno, J. Peter Schwalm, Sophie Clements One Side Sophie Clements
Note: Video piece with music by Brian & Peter.

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Label/more information
Brian Eno Music For Films, Apollo, Thursday Afternoon and More Music For Films Virgin EMI & Astralwerks

Notes: The third batch of re-issued "Original Masters" CDs, given the collective title "Soundtrack Works". More Music For Films combines most of the tracks from Music For Films Director's Edition and the tracks that appeared on Music For Films 2 in the Working Backwards boxed set.

CD mastering flaws:
On Music For Films, the first note at the start of the track "Quartz" is missing. This fault has never been rectified.
On the first pressing of More Music For Films, track 18 -- which should be "Climate Study" -- was in fact "Approaching Taidu"; track 20 is again "Approaching Taidu". Incorrect pressings were supposed to have been withdrawn from sale by Virgin EMI but we received several reports of instances where this had not occurred. Astralwerks offered a higher level of support to its customers. Even in 2009 the version sold on iTunes retains this error.
On the Director's Edition of Music For Films, "Fuseli" was an alternate title for the Music For Films track "A Measured Room"; on More Music For Films, the CD compiler has used "Patrolling Wire Borders" instead.)

Limitless Romance I'll Come Running Xip
Note: A cover.
Bronagh Gallagher Precious Soul Saltydog Records
Note: Brian contributed "spectacular arrangements and instrumentation" according to the site. Michael Staley told us: Brian provides Male Backing Vocals and Vibe Organ on the song "He Don't Love You" and composed the strings (played by Nell Catchpole, of course) on the song "'Hooks".
Damien Dempsey Shots Damien Dempsey
Note: Brian contributes to "Cursed With A Brain".
Damien Dempsey Patience Damien Dempsey
Note: Includes Patience (Eno Mix)
  Arena: Francis Bacon BBC
Note: Soundtrack for a television documentary on artist Francis Bacon. Not released, although the documentary was later released on DVD.
Brian Eno Another Day On Earth Rykodisc / official site
Note: Brian's long-awaited solo album of songs. Includes some tracks trailed years previously and "Under" from the cancelled My Squelchy Life and Vocal Box Set disc 3. The Japanese version (on the Beat Records label) includes a bonus track, "The Demon Of The Mines". One of Brian's working titles for this album was The Love Collection!
Brian Eno Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly, Neroli, The Drop All Saints Records / Hannibal / Rykodisc
Note: A further re-release, with different bonus tracks on Nerve Net and new artwork.
Brian Eno This Enoshop
Note: Digital single from Another Day On Earth. No difference.
Brian Eno This Hannibal / Ryko hncd1475ths
Note: Promo CD, one track only. Running time 3.30.
Harold Budd/Brian Eno The Pearl Virgin EMI & Astralwerks
Note: The final "Original Master" CD. This time released just on its own, unlike the other batches of 4. We could speculate that perhaps there were originally plans to release other collaborations in a series with this (e.g. Jon Hassell's Fourth World Vol 1 Possible Musics & Laraaji's Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance). The ways of the Music Industry are a mystery to the humble fan.
Coldplay X+Y coldplay.com
Note: Brian plays additional synthesizer on the track "Low".
Various Artists The Wire Tapper 13 The Wire
Note: Includes Fovea Hex track "Don't These Windows Open" -- Brian sings and plays fretless bass; this is a different mix from the version on the Fovea Hex EP Bloom.
Cluster & Eno /
Eno, Moebius and Roedelius
Cluster & Eno /
After the Heat
Water label
Note: Re-releases with "fresh extended sleeve notes plus archive photos".
Various Artists Music for Films III All Saints Records / Hannibal / Rykodisc
Note: Re-sequenced by Marconi Union. Bonus tracks are Roger Eno's "Slower and Slower" and "Shark 12" (US version) or "Shark 15" (European version)
T-Total featuring Marc Almond Baby's On Fire  
Note: Cover version.
  These Small Noises BBC
Note: Karl Hyde from Underworld sat in for Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday 8th September. Included in his set was an as yet unreleased track by Brian called "These Small Noises" with vocals by Fovea Hex's Clodagh Simonds and Brian (ELO-type vocoder & Drawn From Life-type vocal jiggery-pokery) plus keyboards by Jon Hopkins.
Michel Faber & Brian Eno The Fahrenheit Twins Enoshop
Note: Free CD included with the September 2005 issue of Prospect magazine. Michel Faber reads his novella over an icy soundscape by Brian. We are told Brian did another version of the soundscape so there would be a choice. The reading was later released as a digital download by Enoshop. At one time you could download a free podcast of a long excerpt from this at the site of Michel Faber's publisher Canongate, but it appears to have vanished in a re-design.
Hector Zazou Quadri + Chromies Materiali Sonori
Note: DVD and CD of somewhat harsh electronica. A magazine called Experience also had a cover DVD related to Quadri + Cromies with an unreleased track by Brian and Hector called "Ellipses".
Phil Manzanera 50 Minutes Later www.manzanera.com
Note: Brian contributes to a few tracks including a long remix, "Enotonik Bible Black".
Brian Eno 14 Video Paintings All Saints Records / Hannibal / Rykodisc
Note: US DVD release combining Brian's ambient videos, Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan and Thursday Afternoon. The booklet was written by EnoWeb's Tom Boon and Brian Eno without them ever meeting.
Brian Eno How Many Worlds
Note: Downloadable single, a 4-minute edit of the track. Doesn't seem to be available any more. It was just an edited version, nothing fancy or extra. Also produced as a promo CD from Hannibal (HNCD1475HMW).
Fovea Hex Bloom Janet Records / Die Stadt / BurningShed (digital)
Note: 1st of 3 EPs in the Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent series. Brian contributed voice, played fretless bass, and helped to create the vocal loops. A limited edition bonus CD, The Explanation, was also available, featuring material from Bloom remixed by Andrew Mckenzie of the Hafler Trio.
Doctor X (Tim Casey) Oblique Strategies For A Squelchy Life - Doctor X And The Songs Of Brian Eno Lowbudgetrecords
Note: A whole album of covers.
Clean Clean
Note: Soundtrack album for the movie Clean, including previously released tracks by Brian.

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Label/more information
Various Artists No New York Lilith
Note: Re-release.
  The Jacket DVD Warner official site

Note: This film has been responsible for the largest number of queries on a single topic in EnoWeb's history: people asking where they can obtain the "love theme" played throughout the film. Alas it has not been released. There is no soundtrack album available. Most of the music from the film is not available on CD and so titles are unknown. We think the music is licensed to Warner Independent and so it would be up to them if it was to be released. We asked Opal several times but they said they had no plans to release it. For the record, a little of the music has been released: the track at the start of the film (Gulf War section) is "Fleeting Smile" by Roger Eno (Brian's brother), available on the album Music For Films III (All Saints Records/Hannnibal/Ryko label). There are also excerpts from "Going Unconscious" from the album Another Day On Earth and an alternate mix of "The Demon Of The Mines" (from the Japanese edition of Another Day On Earth). One of the tracks over the closing credits is by The Jane Does.

Brian Eno 14 Video Paintings All Saints Records / Hannibal / Rykodisc
Note: UK DVD release combining Brian's ambient videos, Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan and Thursday Afternoon. The booklet was written by EnoWeb's Tom Boon and Brian Eno without them ever communicating. On the first pressing there was a mastering error that put the Thursday Afternoon soundtrack on one of the orientations of Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan.
Brian Eno & David Byrne My Life In The Bush of Ghosts Nonesuch / bushofghosts.com
Note: Remastered with bonus tracks: "Pitch to Voltage", "Two Against Three", "Vocal Outtakes", "New Feet", "Defiant", "Number 8 Mix" and "Solo Guitar With Tin Foil" plus Bruce Connor's "Mea Culpa" video. Not "Into The Spirit World" from the Ghosts bootleg though.
Fovea Hex HUGE Janet Records / Die Stadt / BurningShed (digital)
Note: Features Brian Eno (Keyboards), Roger Doyle, Laura Sheeran, Carter Burwell, Percy Jones, Lydia Sasse, Sarah McQuaid and Hugh O'Neill. There was also a limited edition bonus cd, The Discussion, remixing elements of HUGE. The third EP in the series, Allure, was released in 2007 but did not include Brian (did have Eno collaborators Robert Fripp & Percy Jones though).
  Stop The War concert Secret Records / Enoshop
Note: DVD of the Stop The War Coalition Benefit Concert, filmed at The Astoria, London on 27th November 2005. Features The Rachid Taha Band with Brian Eno, Nitin Sawhney, Imogen Heap, & Special Guest Mick Jones.
Paul Simon Surprise www.paulsimon.com
Note: Brian provides Sonic Landscape.
Brian Eno 77 Million  

Note: Limited edition (1,000) audio CD produced to accompany 77 Million - An Audio Visual Installation By Brian Eno at Laforet Museum in Harajuku. Not music from the software program but a Curiosities-style collection of disparate pieces. A fair amount of the material previously appeared on The Drop, the CMAPT/Smart New Composers album and the Nile game. Track listing is as follows:

1. Never Stomp -- previously unreleased (Drop-style)
2. System Piano -- Rayonism from The Drop (different mix)
3. Bonk 12 -- previously unreleased (Drop-style)
4. Luxor Night Car -- Plot 180 from Passengers (different mix)
5. Targa Summer -- La-la-la from Smart (with a small extract from one of the Headcandy pieces and a bit of speech at the end)
6. Cold -- Iced World from The Drop
7. Little Slicer -- Out/Out from The Drop (different mix)
8. Surf Birds -- Background music from Words Spoken by Count Meketre / Thutmoses' Discovery of the Sphinx from Nile
9. Targa -- Long SQ/Short SQ from Smart underlying previously unreleased tracks and a loop from the Creation story from Nile.

The inclusion of Smart pieces was a little surprising, as the story at the time of that album's release was that Brian had not been greatly involved in its creation -- yet here the tracks are clearly presented as Brian's work.

Various Artists Compounds + Elements www.compoundsandelements.com / All Saints Records / Hannibal / Rykodisc
Note: Sampler for the All Saints Records range of albums, including tracks by Brian. The site above streams the entire album.
Re-TROS Cut Off! Re-TROS MySpace page
Note: Brian dropped into the studio while in China and played keyboards.
  Bath International Music Festival 2006
BBC info

Notes: 2 concerts (unreleased) performed on 24th May, with Brian Eno, Joanna MacGregor, Bath Camerata, Peter King (Organ), Nigel Perrin (Director).

Bill of fare: William Byrd: Ne Irascaris / John Dowland: Forlorn Hope Fancy, Melancholy Galliard / Arvo Pärt: The Beatitudes / Brian Eno/Rick Holland: The Airman, World premiere / Golden Gate Quartet: Listen to the Lambs / John Dowland: Lachrymae, A Piece Without Title / Brian Eno: Music for Airports 1/2, First live performance / Somei Satoh: Incarnation II / Brian Eno: Music for Airports 2/2, First live performance / James MacMillan: O Bone Jesu / Brian Eno/Isaac Rosenberg: August 1914, World premiere / Thomas Tallis: Spem in alium

Rick Holland's MySpace page includes "Predestined Connection" with Brian on Kaoss pads, though not from these concerts.

Will Wright & Brian Eno Playing with Time
Seminar at Fora.TV
Note: A Long Now Foundation seminar discussion on Monday June 26th 02006.
J. Peter Schwalm No Orders iTunes
Note: Single from J. Peter Schwalm's album Musikain.
Brian Eno Like Running Away  
Note: A new song premiered at The Slade Lecture Series at Oxford University's Holywell Music Rooms on 8th March 2006. Texts by Tom Phillips (Brian's mate & Slade Professor of Fine Art at Oxford 2005-6), were set to music by composers including Harrison Birtwistle, Michael Nyman, and for this one, Brian. Later also performed at the Tom Phillips Cushion Concert at the Royal Academy on Saturday 8th July 2006. Not released.
J. Peter Schwalm No Orders Musikain Store
Note: Brian sings on "No Orders" and contributes the title "Regime Change Begins At Home".
Nokia Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition ringtones
Note: Brian created ringtones for the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition phone. This was supported by a promotional Flash video and short musical piece on the Nokia site (click the Experience tab).
Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings
All Saints Records / Hannibal / Rykodisc / 77millionpaintings.com

Notes: Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings is a generative project - a "visual music" program using television and computer screens to create constantly evolving paintings.

Available in limited-edition deluxe numbered packaging, it features a generative software disc playable on Mac or PC together with an exclusive interview DVD and a 52-page hardbound book with an extensive essay by Eno covering his career as a visual artist, fully illustrated with previously unseen images. The 77 million paintings are generated from handmade slides, randomly combined by the computer using specially developed software. It also processes the music that accompanies the paintings in a similar way, so the selection of elements and their duration in the piece are arbitrarily chosen, forming a virtually infinite number of variations.

"I think of these things as visual music. The screen is not being used to tell a story - which is what screens normally do - but to show a painting that changes all the time. One of the interesting things about this is that the artist doesn’t actually know what the result is going to be. There will be unique moments in this for every viewer, and every viewer’s experience will be somewhat different.

This could be used just as you’d use a painting. People now have larger screens, but these big objects sitting in their rooms are dormant for a lot of the time. If you’re not actually watching television, what you have is a big black hole in the wall. 77 Million Paintings is intended to occupy that downtime so that, instead of having a dead hole in the wall, you have a living picture." -- Brian Eno

Various Artists Plague Songs 4AD - offical site
Note: Includes "Flies" by Brian, Robert Wyatt, Leo Abrahams etc.
  Anthropology 101 Come Clean
Note: Short DVD polemic on nuclear weapons with original music by Brian.
Fripp & Eno The Cotswold Gnomes DGMlive
Note: Download-only album of previously unreleased Fripp & Eno music, mostly from the Equatorial Stars period. This was later relaunched on CD in 2007 under the title Beyond Even.
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra Moving Out To The Country Moving Out To The Country official site
Note: Brian covers "Dreaming My Dreams With You".
Herbie Hancock Possibilities DVD

Magnolia Records
Note: The documentary DVD of the making of the Possibilities album includes brief footage of Herbie's recording session with Brian (which didn't make it to the released album, although Herbie & Brian continued to meet up for recording sessions the following year).
Philippe Decouflé Le Sombrero

Note: A ballet with original music by Brian, plus pieces by Erik Satie and Ennio Morricone. Performed in 2007. Not released.

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Label/more information
Bryan Ferry Dylanesque www.bryanferry.com
Note: Brian contributes "sonic enhancements" on the track "If Not For You".


Note: A new piece premiered at the San Francisco Tape Music Festival on Saturday 27th January. Not released.
Robert Calvert Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters / Lucky Leif and the Longships
Eclectic Discs
Note: Both albums are fully remastered with bonus tracks and repackaging. Captain Lockheed bonus tracks are "The Right Stuff (full version)", "Ejection (single version)" and "Catch a Falling Starfighter (single version)". Lucky Leif, produced by Brian when he was working on Another Green World, has bonus tracks "Howzat!" and "Cricket Lovely Reggae (Cricket Star)".
  Songlines Songlines
Note: Songlines is a World Music magazine -- each issue, its cover CD includes some tracks chosen by a guest. For the March-April '07 edition that was Brian.
N Neverwhere  
Note: UK DVD release of Neil Gaiman's 6-part BBC television series, with music by Brian.
Damon Albarn / Greenpeace 5 Minutes to Midnight  
Note: A live musical performance as part of the "Trident: we don't buy it" protest about plans to beef up Britain's independent nuclear weapon system. Greenpeace had planned to webcast the performance live but had technical difficulties. Included bells by Brian -- from the web stream it looked as though he might have been conducting, we weren't sure. Not released.
Roedelius & Gavin Friday By This River  
Note: Cover, broadcast on Dan Hegarty's programme on RTÉ 2FM. Not released.
J. Peter Schwalm Musikain concert, Naples  
Note: Brian performed at this concert. Not released.
Long Now Bald Guys s1m0n3 Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools
Note: MP3 posted by Kevin Kelly, created by Brian as an example of the music that can quickly be created using Logic (sadly the MP3 is over-recorded & distorted). In terms of lyrics and idiot glee this is the closest thing we've had in decades to 70's Eno. Apparently created as a tribute to s1m0n3 (Simone Davalos), former office manager at the Long Now Foundation (the singers are Long Now members). The Simone lyrics refer to her leaving and the fact she's not around to help them any more, having moved to Robotics. Simone was previously described on Long Now's site as "head logistician and gal friday for the Robotics Society of America, Robolympics, and Combots, and judges robot combat tournaments in her spare time, which is nonexistent. She enjoys filing and preaches stress relief through power tools."
Various Artists Wagner Remix Project iTunes
Note: Includes Blue / Brown / Green by J. Peter Schwalm & Brian, performed at the 2006 PUNKT Festival.
J. Peter Schwalm Music for (Im)paired Ground Musikain store
Note: Part 2 (remix) is subtitled "Enojam" and has Eno doing the remix.
  Scott Walker: 30 Century Man DVD  
Note: Documentary on Scott Walker. Contributors include Brian, David Bowie, Gavin Friday etc. Bonus features include a longer interview with Brian.
Fripp & Eno Beyond Even DGM / Panegyric
Note: CD release of the digital album previously titled The Cotswold Gnomes (see 2006 above). Includes 2 CDs, one with the tracks separate and another with them seguéing into each other. This was extensively reviewed & previewed under the title Unreleased Works of Startling Genius, suggesting a last-minute name change.
Robert Wyatt Comicopera Domino
Note: Includes contributions from Brian.
J. Peter Schwalm Musikain Remixes EP Musikain store
Note: Includes Punkt remix of "No Orders" with Brian.
U2 The Joshua Tree U2.com
Note: Remastered. There were four versions; the one of most interest for EnoWeb readers is the Box Set (rather than the Deluxe, CD or Double Vinyl Sets) as it includes some liner notes from Brian. Box & Deluxe also have bonus audio CDs featuring B-sides & rarities from the recording sessions.
Tanit 1981-1985 Infrastition
Note: Re-release of music by Tanit, including the cover of "Lola" to which Brian contributed.
David Bowie The David Bowie Box

ISO/Columbia/Legacy 88697 16903 2
Note: Another re-release of 1.Outside and Earthling (with the bonus second CDs), plus David's subsequent three albums hours..., Reality & Heathen.
Roxy Music Roxy Music: The Thrill Of It All - A Visual History 1972-1982 DVD EMI
Note: Includes rare early footage of the group with Brian.
  Dark Symphony

Vimeo (video) / Vimeo (audio)
Note: Recording of the Koan music installation at Ars Electronica 2003 which brought together Koan pieces from many different Koan artists including Brian.
Daniel Lanois Here Is What Is

Red Floor Records
Note: Digital release of music from Daniel Lanois' film Here Is What Is. Includes dialogue between Brian and Dan, plus the track "Blue Bus" which is an alternative version of "Deep Blue Day" from Apollo.
Gescom A1-D1

Skam Records
Note: Kevin Dunnill writes: Just got hold of the latest Gescom CD and instantly recognised the track b1 as the Eno/Byrne track "Come with Us" from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Some Googling later it appears that each track on their new CD is made from samples of other records. Definitely one for the completists.
Belinda Carlisle Voila

Note: Brian plays keyboards. Belinda told globalrhythm.net: "Brian Eno came into the project because he’s a friend of John Reynolds. He liked the tracks, so he did his thing, took tracks away with him, and I can’t tell you what that was for me. Even over the Stones and the Beatles, Roxy Music is my all-time favorite band, and I’ve been such a Brian Eno fan for years and years. So to actually have him involved in the project was a dream come true."
Afterimages Afterimages 1: Malcolm Le Grice Volume 1 DVD

LUX / Amazon
Note: A compilation of early films by Malcolm Le Grice, including the 1970 Berlin Horse which has an audio soundtrack by Brian (his earliest known released work). Originally this DVD was "only available to colleges and libraries for class room use, and ... not for individual purchase". We commented: "At £100 + VAT & postage it might be a little out of the range of the casual purchaser anyway..." In 2009 it was made available to the general public (see Amazon link or your usual supplier).
British Council Sound and The City

British Council
Note: A book to commemorate "The Sound and the City" event held in China in 2005. Includes 2 CDs, one of which has an excerpt from Brian's Ritan Park Bells installation (quite harsh and stark, without the mollifying influence of Lydian Bells' drone), sound art from the other artists involved including Scanner, and some favourite sounds chosen by citizens of Beiing, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. There are still some web pages about it including the public interview with Brian that appears in the book.


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Label/More Information
Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings (2nd Edition)  
Note: Re-release of the 77 Million Paintings software, apparently with some extra image components and extra loops for the sound mix, though they're a bit difficult to detect. The pack includes the DVD video interview from the first release, and an updated booklet with pictures from various 77 Million Paintings installations.
Leo Abrahams The Unrest Cure


Note: Brian sings on "No Frame" and contributes backing vocals to "2000 Years from Now".
Bang On A Can Music For Airports (Live) Bang On A Can
Note: Digital download of a live performance.
Daniel Lanois Here Is What Is

Red Floor Records
Note: Exclusive Goldtop Edition of Daniel Lanois' Here Is What Is film and CD, which includes chats with Brian (filmed in murky grey by Anton Corbijn, rather oddly as at one stage Brian is enthusing about the colours of material and the viewer can see nothing of these), plus the track "Blue Bus" (see 02007); Daniel also discusses working on the collaborations with Harold Budd. Towards the end in a sequence designed to look like a drive-in cinema screen, there is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Brian looking at a rack of clothes which suddenly collapses. Package includes the cd and deluxe dvd with over an hour of extra footage, including alternate versions of songs from the film, 12 page booklet with photos and lyrics, 3 photographs from a pool of 12 (1 signed), Here Is What Is debossed Moleskine Cahier Notebook (thin), plus a rock and roll button. Limited to 3000 copies. No kitchen sink though.
Phil Manzanera The Unknown Zone Originally a paid-for download from Mvine -- now free from Expression Records
Note: Digital-only track with Brian, Robert Wyatt and Yaron Stavi. Phil Manzanera said on his site: 'A few years ago when Robert Wyatt was recording "Cuckooland" at my studio Eno popped round for dinner, a chat, and an overdub or two and after a few bevies we had a jam. This track, "The Unknown Zone" grew out of that night's improvisations, as did my track "50 minutes later".
Coldplay Violet Hill Coldplay
Note: Produced by Brian and Markus Dravs. Nice long drone at start reminscent of "From This Moment" on Drawn From Life, and (internal?) piano sound. This was free via digital download for the first week of release. Also provided as one side of a vinyl 7" single free with the NME on 7th May 2008, together with a track unavailable elsewhere, "A Spell A Rebel Yell" [VIOLET002].
Coldplay Viva La Vida, or Death And All His Friends Parlophone / EMI
Note: Produced by Brian and Markus Dravs. Jon Hopkins also co-produced: the harmonies at the start of "Life In Technicolor" and "The Escapist" are typical of his work. iTunes orders include the bonus acoustic track "Lost?" and pre-orders also received "Lovers In Japan (Acoustic Version)". During a live concert on BBC Radio 1, Chris Martin introduced "Lost!" with the words "This is for Brian and Markus, who saved our lives".
David Byrne & Brian Eno Strange Overtones EverythingThatHappens.com
Note: Single from the album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. Free MP3 download.
David Byrne & Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today EverythingThatHappens.com
Note: Available in three versions:
1) Digital-only MP3/FLAC at $8.99
2) CD at $11.99 plus $3.00 postage, available in November 2008 with immediate digital download of the music tracks & booklet
3) Deluxe limited edition CD package at $69.99 plus $10 postage, available in November 2008 with immediate digital download of the music tracks, booklet and a screensaver. This includes four exclusive bonus songs (NEVER THOUGHT, WALKING ALONG THE RIVER, THE EYES, THE PAINTING -- not included in the digital download by the way), a short film about the album, Holding Pattern screensaver for PC & Mac, and an Everything That Happens miniature hardbound book. That was the plan, anyway -- in late November Davd Byrne sent an e-mail to explain "we had to have the little house on the top of the container painted better - in China - and you know how it is with house construction - you can get quality, speed or affordable price - but not all three. So speed was sacrificed. We PROMISE they will be in everyone's hands by Christmas, Channukah, Kwanza."
Will Wright Spore www.spore.com
Note: Computer game with music -- by Brian and others -- that mixes pre-authored musical components in a generative fashion to suit the on-screen events. The main theme going into the game is by Cliff Martinez (of Solaris & Traffic fame). Also available in a special Galactic Edition with DVD documentaries, a bigger manual and other stuff.
Fripp & Eno (No Pussyfooting) dgmlive.com
Note: Remastered. Includes reversed & slowed-down versions of some tracks.
Fripp & Eno Evening Star dgmlive.com
Note: Remastered. No extras.
Opal Ltd / Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers Bloom Bloom at iTunes Store
Note: Generative music app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Bloom was updated in October 2009 with additional features.
Grace Jones Hurricane thehurricaneiscoming.com
Note: Includes a contribution from Brian on the track "Hurricane".
Jason Donovan Let It Be Me  
Note: iTunes version includes the bonus track "Nobody But Me" co-written with Brian, though his contribution is rather difficult to discern. Jason told the Birmingham Mail, "Brian Eno's a neighbour of mine and I was strumming some stuff outside and he said 'why don't you throw these chords in'. I live in a mews where he has a studio. I asked him about some of the songs and there are two tracks on the album that he recommended." Eno told MOJO: "I was sitting here one day; Jason knocks on the door. I know him, he's a friend of mine and he says, 'Hi Brian, I'm doing this record of rock'n'roll songs. Can you think of any songs I could do?' I've got loads of old rock'n'roll and doo wop songs and went through all my collection and found about twenty songs that I thought he'd like to consider. I lent him the records and he ended up recording about three or four. But then I happened to say to him, 'You know, these kinds of songs are actually pretty easy to write.' [Picks up an acoustic guitar] All you need is to tune your guitar to a major chord, and then you go [uses index finger to make barre chord and starts playing]. He says, 'Oh, that's really good.' So I played it again and he started singing, and he said, 'I could make a song out of that.' I put it on a CD for him. That's the end of the story. [Eno carries on playing] Anyone can play a guitar like this."
Dido No Direction Home Dido
Note: Includes the song "Grafton Street", co-written with Brian.
Daniel Lanois Acadie (Goldtop Edition) Red Floor Records
Note: Includes Daniel's notes on each song, plus bonus track versions: "The Maker (early bass and lyrics)", "The Maker (Calypso demo)", "Still Water (from Eno's house)", "Jolie Louise (before Dublin)", "Early Dourado Sketch", and "The Source Of Fisherman's Daughter" (that's the track without the words).
Coldplay Lost Single Coldplay
Note: Four different versions of the song.
Coldplay Prospekt's March EP Coldplay
Note: A collection of songs that weren't quite ready for the release of Viva La Vida, mostly produced by Brian and Markus Dravs.
Marianne Faithfull Easy Come, Easy Go www.mariannefaithfull.org.uk
Note: Includes a cover of the Eno Song "How Many Worlds". European release November 2008, UK/USA early 2009.
Underworld "Underworld & Brian Eno Jam" Underworld Live
Note: A jam with Brian included in Underworld's mix of musical marvels and mellifluosities. As all the tracks are intermingled it is not entirely clear where it starts and ends, but it's definitely happenin', man, at between 59 & 60 minutes in. Recording date not known.
Coldplay Thin White Duke remix of "Viva La Vida" Coldplay
Note: A limited edition remix exclusively available for the Christmas 2008 season.
CONTACT Ensemble Discreet Music --
Note: Live performance, arrangement of the piece for conventional instruments by composer Jerry Pergolesi -- not released. Further performed in 2009. Some footage of a 2008 performance can be seen here.


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Label/More Information
Brian Eno / Bang on a Can Brian Eno: Music For Airports Medici Arts
Note: DVD film of Bang on a Can's performance of Music for Airports. Also includes a documentary called In the Ocean with an interview with Brian.
Plastic Billionaires Bankrupting Tiger Mountain (By Credit Default Swap) Plastic Billionaires
Note: Cover of Eno's album, with free downloadable MP3s.
Coldplay Life in Technicolor II Parlophone / EMI
Note: CD single, produced by Brian. Includes the previously unreleased track "The Goldrush".
U2 Get On Your Boots U2.com
Note: CD single, produced by Brian and Daniel Lanois.
Tyler Rix Ascent Tyler Rix
Note: Includes a version of "An Ending (Ascent)".
The Opium Cartel Night Blooms www.myspace.com/opiumcartel
Note: Includes a version of "By This River".
David Byrne & Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today Everythingthathappens.com
Note: Limited-edition 180g gatefold vinyl edition.
Thomas Truax Songs from the Films of David Lynch Thomas Truax
Note: Includes a version of "I'm Deranged".
U2 No Line On The Horizon U2.com
Note: Produced by Brian and Daniel Lanois.
Tap Tap Revenge Tap Tap Revenge: Coldplay Edition iTunes
Note: iPhone/iPod Touch game with music by Coldplay, including some songs produced by Brian.
David Eagleman Sum: Tales From The Afterlives --
Note: Live performance at the Luminous Festival, Sydney, with music by Brian. Not released.
-- Pure Scenius --
Note: Three live concerts forming the finale to the Luminous Festival, Sydney, with music by Brian and his team of musicians including Underworld, Leo Abrahams, Jon Hopkins, and The Necks. Filmed and recorded, so a release is possible.
Brian Eno (Lots of back catalogue albums) EMI.com
Note: EMI re-re-releases of the Eno catalogue. In CD form these are the versions previously called "Original Masters" by Virgin, in digipacks without the plastic sleeves.
Icebreaker / Jun Lee Apollo Icebreaker
Note: Live performance of Apollo performed at the IMAX Cinema, Science Museum, London, by the instrumental ensemble Icebreaker. Arranged by composer Jun Lee (aka Woojun Lee). Not released but extracts from the second night's performance were broadcast on Totallyradio.com: if you visit its Show Archive you can hear the "22-aug-09 experimental guests and exclusives" programme...
Natalie Imbruglia Come To Life Natalie Imbruglia
Note: Includes the song "Lukas", produced by Brian during sessions with Coldplay.
Opal Ltd / Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers Trope iTunes
Note: Another generative iPhone app, described by Brian as "more introspective, more atmospheric" than Bloom.
Harmonia and Eno '76 Tracks and Traces Gronland Records
Note: Remastered re-release with new cover, notes and three extra tracks.
-- Serpentine Poetry Marathon --
Note: Live performance by Brian and Karl Hyde as the finale to the Serpentine Poetry Marathon. Not released.
801 801 Live Collectors Edition manzanera.com
Note: Includes remastered original version and CD of rehearsal.
Underworld versus the Misterons Athens Underworld Live
Note: Compilation including a track with Brian and Karl Hyde, "Beebop Hurry".
U2 The Unforgettable Fire U2.com
Note: Re-release of the album produced by Brian and Daniel Lanois, in a variety of formats -- some with bonus tracks.
Various Artists Retro Retry 2: Another Another Green World Narrominded.com
Note: Covers of all the tracks on the album by different groups from the Netherlands.
Harmonia and Eno '76 Harmonia & Eno '76 (remixes) Amazing Sounds
Note: Remixes of "Sometimes In Autumn" by Shackleton, and "By The Riverside" by Appleblim & Komonazmuk.
Kent Jolly Audio Palette Audio Palette
Note: App for iPod Touch / iPhone that includes some samples provided by Brian.
David Byrne & Brian Eno Strange Overtones / Life is Long Slowboy Records
Note: 7" single, limited to 300 copies.


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Label/More Information
Peter Jackson The Lovely Bones --
Note: Peter Jackson film with original music by Brian (with Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins). Also includes previously released tracks from the 1970s. Released on DVD and Blu-ray. No official soundtrack album exists. Some tracks were included on Small Craft On A Milk Sea.
BBC Arena --
Note: BBC documentary on Brian which included some unreleased music. Not released.
Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back Peter Gabriel
Note: A collection of covers. Peter's intention was for the artists covered to cover one of his songs in return, on a partner album I'll Scratch Yours. Peter sings "Heroes" but David Bowie did not want to participate in this project, so as co-creator of "Heroes" Brian said he would do it. Brian's choice was first said to be "In Your Eyes" though this later changed to "Don't Break This Rhythm"; either way it has not yet been released.
Brian Eno Making Space Lumen London
Note: Album created to be sold exclusively at Lumen London installations (e.g. 77 Million Paintings). Some tracks come from Spore, others are previously unreleased.
Brian Eno Brighton Festival concerts --
Note: Not released, but worth noting: performances of This Is For All Mankind (performed by Icebreaker), This Is Pure Scenius, and This Is Tales from The Afterlives all included live music from Brian. The This Is For All Mankind concerts concluded with a performance of four songs sung by Brian, arranged by Woojun Lee and played by Icebreaker: "Another Day On Earth", "By This River", "Julie With..." and "And Then So Clear".
Brian Eno Speaker Flowers --
Note: Sound installation at the Brighton Festival, in Marlborough House, Old Steine. Not released.
Rick Holland & Brian Eno Story The Flowers --
Note: Part of the Speaker Flowers installation, a series of poems by Rick Holland with musical settings by Brian. Not released. In November 2010 Brian played the track "A Title" on Jarvis Cocker's BBC 6 Music programme.
Daniel Lanois Trance Ascent - Full Nuit Blanche 2010 Chart Attack
Note: A (free) revisitation of "An Ending (Ascent)", created as a preview of what Dan was planning for Toronto's Nuit Blanche in September 2010.
BBC The Museum of Curiosity: Series 2 aka The Museum of Curiosity: The Complete Gallery 2 BBC
Note: Humorous radio series in which guests are invited to donate an object of amazement to the Museum. Brian appeared on one programme in series 2.
Bryan Ferry Olympia www.bryanferry.com
Note: Available as a single CD; CD with DVD; and Collector's Edition with CD, DVD, remix CD, and book. Brian Eno is credited with the rather pedestrian "synthesizer" on tracks "Alphaville", "Me Oh My", "Song To The Siren" and "BF Bass (Ode To Olympia)". On the Collector's Edition, the remix disc includes "Alphaville (Time And Space Machine Mix)", "Me Oh My (DJ Cleaver Mix)" and "BF Bass (Ode to Olympia) (West End Wolf Mix)" and other tracks without Eno involvement.
Brian Eno, Leo Abrahams, John Hopkins Small Craft On A Milk Sea Warp Records
Note: Available in a variety of different formats:
* Warp single-CD digi-pack
* Japanese Beatink/Beat Records single-CD digi-pack with bonus track "Invisible"
* Limited edition with extra CD with 4 tracks: "Surfacing", "Square Chain", "Bimini Twist", "Abandoned Ship", and mass-produced lithograph
* Collectors' numbered edition with extra CD with 4 tracks, plus unique screenprint (edition of 250)
* Bleep (Warp) download inc highest quality WAV
* Amazon etc download
* iTunes download with bonus track "Loose Rein" (worldwide) or "Invisible" (Japan)
* Rough Trade Warp digi-pack with extra bonus 3-track CD: "Square Chain", "Bimini Twist" and "Invisible"
The album was supported with videos: one of Brian being interviewed by Dick Flash, and seven of improvisations in the studio.
The album includes some music from the soundtrack of The Lovely Bones.
Coldplay Christmas Lights www.coldplay.com
Note: Single co-produced by Brian.

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Label/More Information
Fripp and Eno May 28, 1975 DGM
Note: Recording of concert in Paris. 3 CDs worth of audio in FLAC or MP3 format.
Fovea Hex Here Is Where We Used To Sing Janet Records
Note: Brian is one of the many contributors, offering up Clock of the Long Now Bells on "Falling Things (Where Does A Girl Begin?", and Starry Keyboards on "Every Evening".
Anna Calvi Anna Calvi Domino
Note: Brian is there in the background somewhere.
Seun Kuti From Africa With Fury: Rise Knitting Factory Records
Note: Brian co-produces.
Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland Drums Between The Bells Warp Records
Note: After many years, Brian's work with the poet Rick Holland is released. The album was preceded by a downloadable track that did not appear on the album, "Imagine New Times", provided to those who signed up to the Warp/EnoShop mailing list. A limited Japanese CD release included a bonus track "in the future", which would later be released worldwide with Panic of Looking. In many countries the iTunes version included a bonus track, "instant gold".
Andrea Corr Lifelines Andrea Corr
Note: Brian plays keyboards and contributes sounds & backing vocals on "Pale Blue Eyes" and "State of Independence".
-- Brian Eno 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell To Earth Chrome Dreams / Sexy Intellectual
Note: DVD, "not authorised or sanctioned by Brian Eno, or by any party representing him". Lots of interviews with commentators/journalists/musicians; Brian Turrington's contributions are good value. It's quite long, though, and EnoWeb found itself wondering who the audience is for something that tells the story of Brian Eno's early career. Most fans will already know this stuff, most non-fans won't be interested. The film-makers also make use of some footage that they don't own the rights to, which is rather unsporting. And the publicity statement "Also contains many extra features including extended interviews, digital biographies and more" is a fib -- there is one single bit of interview that was not included in the main feature (4 minutes of Lloyd Watson on the 801), screens of text about the DVD contributors, and NO MORE. And they don't mention Music For Films.
Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto Summvs Raster-Noton
Note: Includes 2 versions of "By This River": "in their instrumental versions of the song nicolai and sakamoto create and investigate the song's appeal in both normal speed and slow motion."
Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Coldplay
Note: Brian provides Enoxification and additional composition.
Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland Panic of Looking Warp Records
Note: A 6-track ep, or 7-track if you're in Japan where you'll also get the bonus track "this climate". EnoWeb thinks the track "west bay" is one of the finest pieces that Eno has ever done.
-- Top Boy Channel 4
Note: Brian provided the soundtrack -- some original, some previously released -- for this excellent 4-part sweary, violent and empathetic story about drug dealing, bad luck and flawed choices on a London estate. Soundtrack not released, but UK viewers can watch the episodes on 4OD.


1971/72 Roxy Music : Bittersweet EU : Flashback 03.91.0139
1972 Roxy Music : Ohne Titel, Lebensgross (This compilation LP is shared with other artists) EU : Knall den Bebeck Prod. A-6956
1972/73 Roxy Music : Champagne And Novocaine US : TAKRL 1953
1973 Roxy Music : Do You Remember? No I Don't (10" LP) D : Lux Rox Production ST SP 25.255
1973? Winkies: Baby's On Fire / Fever (7" single, 33rpm) Ambient Music? EN-01
1972-74 Roxy Music : ...When You Were Young UK : Eli records
1974 Television : Television With Bryan Eno US : Pentagram Records PE 10.006A
1974 Kevin Ayers : Canterbury Tapes (This compilation 2-LP set is shared with other artists) EU : Porcupine Records Four/Five
1975 Robert Fripp / Brian Eno : Even Spaces (2-LP) UK : Centrifugal 12 CENT-14
1974/76 Brian Eno : Music For Fans, Vol. 2 UK : ENO 802 (QCS 1441), M 62-36702, Slipped Disc Records
1973/80 Robert Fripp / Brian Eno : Music For Fans, Vol. 3 US : New Depression Music FE 002
1979/80 David Byrne / Brian Eno : My Life In The Bush Of Gosts
(Also released as Ghosts)
I : Utopia Records
US: Klondyke Records
1974/76 Dali's Car (re-released in late 1990s with different cover) German Records Lubek 001
Notes: We gave up trying to keep track of bootlegs. In general, for early material you can be sure it will appear on several different titles. There are a few Fripp/Eno concerts (London & Paris). There is 801's appearance at the Reading Festival and Brian's performance with The Winkies on BBC radio's Top Gear. After that you might get tracks from the low-circulation Directors' Edition of Music For Films, but most of these are included on the official release More Music For Films. Then there's the original version of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. There is also a CD of Eno/Cale/Bowie tracks (musicianship unverifiable). There's a longer version of the June 1, 1974 concert (maybe soundchecks). The unreleased album My Squelchy Life has in recent years been recreated and restored from various sources. A collection of unreleased tracks and snippets from 1.Outside is out there. From the 1990s onwards, the rise of online fan activity and auction sites means that copies may be found of most of Brian's later unreleased musical activities such as installations.