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: updated 23rd October 02014 :


New lamps for old! New lamps for old! It may not be panto season just yet, but here come Brian and All Saints Records dressed as your Fairy Godmother(s). Four of Brian's albums from the 1990s will be re-released by All Saints Records on 1st December – and this time they've got company.

Expanded editions of Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly, Neroli and The Drop will each include a second disc of previously unreleased or rare music:

CD1: Nerve Net – CD2: the first official release of My Squelchy Life
CD1: The Shutov Assembly – CD2: six unreleased pieces plus a variation
CD1: Neroli – CD2: a long unreleased piece
CD1: The Drop – CD2: 77 Million, the limited edition CD originally compiled for the 2006 installation at Laforet in Japan

All the albums will be available on CD in "deluxe casebound packaging" – presumably standard casebound packaging just wasn't considered suitable for music of this magnitude. Or you can have downloads or double vinyl gatefold (main album only), apart from Neroli because it appears Brian doesn’t want to split it up to fit on a Long Player. That short version of Neroli on Textures (Constant Dreams) was just a one-time thing, apparently. And so was the Neroli edit on Disc 3 of the Instrumental Box Set. Okay, it was a two-time thing. But he's totally over that now.

Each CD includes a 16 page booklet with associated photos, images and writing by Eno. Purchasers of the LPs will see this material on the printed inner sleeve, and will get a download code for the relevant bonus tracks so they don't miss out.

CD and digital orders of all the albums (again, apart from Neroli) from Enoshop and Bleep will immediately include a download track from the original album. Then one week before the release date, you'll get a download track from the bonus material.

Here are the tracklists for the rare and unfamiliar material...

My Squelchy Life (with Nerve Net)
01. I Fall Up
02. The Harness
03. My Squelchy Life
04. Tutti Forgetti
05. Stiff
06. Some Words
07. Juju Space Jazz
08. Under
09. Everybody’s Mother
10. Little Apricot
11. Over

Bonus Material (with The Shutov Assembly)
01. Eastern Cities
02. Empty Platform
03. Big Slow Arabs
04. Storm
05. Rendition
06. Prague
07. Alhondiga Variation

New Space Music (with Neroli)

Bonus Material (with The Drop)
01. Never Stomp
02. System Piano
03. Bonk
04. Luxor Night Car
05. Targa Summer
06. Cold
07. Little Slicer
08. Surf Birds
09. Targa

More details can be found at All Saints Records. Thanks to Matthew Jones and Dominic Norman-Taylor.

Brian will be performing with Damon Albarn at the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East Gala Dinner in November (thanks to Radiocitizen). No other information about the date, state, venue, menu etc. yet.

Radio New Zealand is currently half-way through a detailed 6-part documentary on Brian.

NPR is streaming Daniel Lanois' forthcoming album Flesh + Machine, which is due for release on 28th October.

The Quietus interviews Jon Hassell. Radiocitizen points out that Hassell's Fourth World Vol 1: Possible Musics, produced by Brian, will finally be re-released on 21st November by Glitterbeat. Worth it for Delta Rain Dream.

Roger Eno will discuss Music in Film at the Colchester Film Festival on 26th October.

Bryan Ferry is due to release a new album called Avonmore on 17th November.

There's just time for Mustard The Tortoise to take a look through the mailbox. He's still rather frisky as the temperature is a bit mild for October.

Eloy Dawson writes: Yo! I'm sorry for the noise you've heard from upstairs.
Mustard: About time somebody gave me a bit of consideration.
Eloy Dawson: Well, OK! I'm not sorry about it at all.
Mustard: Make up your mind.
Eloy Dawson: It was the hottest night of my life.
Mustard: I'm not surprised. All there is upstairs is a stuffy loft with some insulation and lots of dust. There isn't even a proper loft ladder.
Eloy Dawson: The pills I bought online so cheaply turned me into a tireless insatiable beast.
Mustard: I had no idea that Dr Jekyll was selling online these days!
Eloy Dawson: Do you want to know my secret?
Mustard: No. I think I can guess.

Mr. Kellee Kam: I am contacting for a good proposal that will benefit both of us if you are interested and trustworthy.
Mustard: That counts me out then.
Mr. Kellee Kam: My banks do not even know that i am contacting you. I will explain better the process as a banker when I see your response, I shall wait for days
Mustard: You've got that right.

Bart Floyd: Hello, Our company is offering to you a sensational breakthrough in weight loss sphere!
Mustard: Is that like a medicine ball? Do they even have medicine balls these days?
Bart Floyd: If you are tired of feeling embarrassing on the beach, wear L, XL, and larger size clothes.
Mustard: And that will stop you feeling embarrassing, will it?
Bart Floyd: The sensational discovery of the American scientists!!!
Mustard: That's all right then. If you can't trust them, who can you trust?

Robin Buck: hi there, my name is Robin Buck, i'm 17 y.o. I'm available now and looking for a cool guy. maybe it is you?
Mustard: I'm pretty cold-blooded, yeah. Got any dandelions?

Bean Caleb: This night was THE NIGHT!
Mustard: Does that actually mean anything?
Bean Caleb: I didn’t sleep at all
Mustard: Most beings experience insomnia from time to time and it's nothing to worry about. Not me though.
Bean Caleb: I couldn’t have enough of my hot April!
Mustard: 30 days. That's your lot. Don't blame me, I don't make the rules. I remember this planet when there weren't any months, just one long circle of time.

Irma Mccarty: I got your voicemail yesterday about the stock tip you want, sorry I couldnt pick up the phone I was on with the wife you know how she is but please next time don't call the house line, I would prefer if you come in to my office instead. In person is always better.
Mustard: Is that a frustrated screenwriter temping? "Will write spam for food".
Irma Mccarty: Your timing is impeccable you are very lucky.
Mustard: How so?
Irma Mccarty: There's this insane little company (confederation minerals) that was exchanging hands for like a dollar and a half last year and now you can grab it for around 10 cents.
Mustard: I'm not surprised their shares have dropped like a stone if the people running the business are insane. That kind of thing can seriously impact perception of a company's brand image in the marketplace. That's why I always recommend a good business consultant.
Irma Mccarty: You better bet the stokc is gonna go nuts in the coming weeks when they make the drilling announcement.
Mustard: It's beginninng to sound as if that insanity is catching.

Our previous update was on 10th October when we wrote:

Artangel has posted a video of the Longplayer Conversation between Brian and David Graeber, which took place on 7th October.

Brian was interviewed by Swedish television station TV4, with glimpses of his installation at Fylkingen. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

Talking of bootlegs, Fripp & Eno Live in Paris 28.05.1975 has had an official release from DGM on two CDs, plus a third disc that includes Eno's original stage tape loops. (Thanks to Kevin Eden.)

Brian has praised Sylas, and here's news of one of the winners of the online NOISE Festival chosen by Brian.

Brian sings backing vocals on the track "Going Home", which appears on Marianne Faithfull's new album Give My Love to London. (Thanks to Rory Walsh.)

Earlier in the year we bid a fond farewell to the Nerve Net Eno discussion mailing list, which was even older than EnoWeb. Unfortunately the Topica platform decided to close down rather abruptly, and wouldn't even let the list administrator Alex Rubli log in to send a farewell message or download the list of subscribers. (Thanks to Mark Alberding.)

James Poke has put some Icebreaker Apollo performances on Vimeo.

Another new track from Daniel Lanois.

Harold Budd & Eraldo Bernocchi in 2010. (Thanks to John Emr.)

Phil Manzanera has a new album out soon, and is one of the producers of the forthcoming Pink Floyd album. (Thanks to Alex Rubli & Radiocitizen.)

Our previous update was on 21st September when we wrote:

Brian has a sound installation running at Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden, from 20th September to 3rd October 2014. You will be shocked to your very core to discover that it is not another outing for 77 Million Paintings. He also gave a talk on 16th September. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

Artangel will present Brian Eno in conversation with the academic and activist David Graeber on 7th October. The event -- part of the Longplayer Conversations series -- takes place at the Royal Geographical Society in London. (Thanks to Kieran McGrath.)

During the latest Israel-Gaza conflict, Brian wrote an open letter, his friend Peter Schwartz responded, and then Brian wrote a follow-up letter.

Brian has curated a set of Fela Kuti LPs. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

A documentary about the South African artist Beezy Bailey, Outsider, includes a scene with Brian.

London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is raising funds for a new Accident and Emergency Department. If it succeeds, artists including Brian are likely to create art for it. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

Sasha Frere-Jones wrote about Brian. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

Rory Walsh writes: Sinead O'Connor's Faith and Courage album includes the curious credit "Thanks to Brian Eno for being such a weirdo. Ah no, thanks Brian, you’re an angel." Sinead is interviewed in this month's Uncut and in discussing Faith and Courage she says, "Brian Eno is on that album as well. At the time, we absolutely hated each other, which is kind of hilarious. We had a dreadful row one day in France at Dave Stewart's house. I threw Eno's keyboard in the pool and stole his diary. I'd read it and he'd written something really shitty about me. There was all this mayhem. I flew back to England with it. Dave and Brian were chasing me, trying to find the diary which I dumped in the bin at the airport. Now we get on great. He's brilliant, Brian."

PEN Music Group, Inc. has signed a synch licensing deal with Upala Music, Inc. Wonder what that means?

An old interview.

Daniel Lanois has a new album out soon, Flesh And Machine. If you have created a film, there's also the opportunity to give it to Red Floor Records.

Harold Budd's been busy. (Thanks to John Emr.)

Cartoon time.

Our previous update was on 7th July when we wrote:

With High Life now released, Brian and Karl will be talking to Mark and Stuart on Radcliffe and Maconie, BBC 6 Music, on Tuesday 8th July at 13:00 BST. The programme will then be streamable worldwide for a week afterwards; those who experience problems using portable devices may have more success using a PC or Mac. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

The track "Lilac" from the album is available to stream, accompanied by visuals from the Eno • Hyde app (which has been updated to include "Lilac".

There have been some reviews, as you can readily imagine.

Literary news. Leonardo Vittorio Arena writes: I'd like to let you know that a book of mine on Eno's philosophy of music has been published: Brian Eno, Filosofia per non musicisti, Milan, Mimesis editions, 2014, 66 pp. I teach History of modern and contemporay philosophy at the University of Urbino, Italy. And Rupert Loydell writes about himself in the third person: Rupert Loydell & Kingsley Marshall of Falmouth University recently presented a new paper on Eno at the Music and the Moving Image conference in New York. 'THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: Brian Eno, music, movement and light' (which will be published in an academic journal) is the follow up to their 'CONTROL & SURRENDER. Eno Remixed: Collaboration and Oblique Strategies' chapter, which is forthcoming in the Brian Eno - Oblique Music book later this year.

Dylan Howe has released some new arrangements of Berlin-era Bowie-Visconti-Eno music.

Our previous update was on 20th June when we wrote:

In the very early hours of 21st June German time, Michael Engelbrecht's Klanghorizonte radio programme will premiere two tracks from the forthcoming Eno • Hyde album High Life: "Moulded Life" and "Cells & Bells". The show runs from 1am to 4am and is streamed but not archived, although it looks as though the site has some kind of online recorder.

Brian Eno may have something at The Barbican's Digital Revolution event (July-September). If it's Digital it might be 77 Million Paintings, who knows?

The Interval at Long Now in San Francisco definitely has a 77 Million Paintings light painting behind the bar.

Brian recently spoke at an event celebrating the life of Tony Benn. Richard Mills writes: "Brian Eno once invited Tony Benn to join his acapella choir and was told, 'But the only songs I know are about either work or love'. To which Brian replied, 'That about sums up our repertoire'. On another shared taxi journey, as they were nearing their destination in slow London traffic, Tony Benn asked Brian Eno, 'Have you ever noticed that as you approach your destination, you need to go to the toilet?' Brian says he replied: 'At our time of life, enlarged prostate, I know the feeling'. Tony then said, 'The nearer you get, the greater the need becomes'. Brian was also interviewed at the venue for Going Underground about British interventions and other political issues (thanks to Radiocitizen).

News of various friends and former collaborators of Eno:

Ultimate Classic Rock looks at June 1, 1974.

Another opportunity to hear Brian's donation to The Museum of Curiosity (available until 27th June 2014). If it won't work on your mobile device, try a PC or Mac.

Our previous update was on 28th May when we wrote:

There's another Eno • Hyde album on its way. High Life consists of 6 tracks, unless you get the download version (in which case it consists of 7 tracks), or you get the double vinyl version (in which case it consists of 8 tracks). Apparently it returns to the original plan for the album that became Someday World before the musicians went off at a tangent (longer polyrhythmic funk) -- and this time Rick Holland is along for the ride! Is EnoWeb making it sound like a sequel to a buddy film? Anyway, the track "DBF" is available to whet appetites until the release date of 30th June/1st July (Vinyl is in August).

The publicity for Someday World is of course continuing. Warp released a new tie-in app for Apple iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. The free Eno • Hyde app "takes the classic medium of vinyl and fuses it with image recognition and AR (augmented reality) technology in a melding of analogue and digital worlds ... fans can use their iOS device to watch and explore as new 'outsider architecture' metropolises spring into life around their vinyl copy of the album (or if you have a different format of the album, at www.enohyde.com/app).  The experience is soundtracked by the Someday World song 'Strip It Down'." (Thanks to Steven Hill.)

People on Facebook asked what tha meant, so here's the text EnoWeb wrote:

The app is for iOS devices only, not Android, Windows or Symbian.

Having installed the app, you point the iPod/iPhone/iPad camera at the record label, or the picture on the web page -- and after a bit of experimentation, I see it also works with the 2-CD version with the circular hole in the cover. It has to be a circular image to get recognised.

A "play" triangle appears on the screen. After that is touched, the built-in song "Strip It Down" plays and geometric building-y shapes appear and rotate. Touching or tapping the screen apparently affects them. If you move the device too far away from the source picture then the music will fade and the animation disappears.

Warp's video shows that the app gives you the power to walk into a record store and then monopolise their record deck as you point your phone at it for five minutes -- without the owner shouting "Oi! Clear off if you aren't going to buy anything!" at you. This is clearly a vital super-power to have, and could be useful in all manner of record-store scenarios.

There was a performance, and some interviews and reviews.

A museum official writes: Your intrepid reporter was present at the Barbican Centre on 17th May for Session Two of the Explorations Weekend, marking the 50th anniversary of Nonesuch Records. In the midst of pieces by Terry Riley, a premiere Steve Reich piece and a performance by Brad Mehldau, came a short piece by Timo Andres, Paraphrases on Themes of Brian Eno. The current writer thought he heard quotations from "Becalmed", "Julie With...", "Sparrowfall" and "By this River". The whole piece can be heard online here.  

Related artists...

Past Eno suffers a meltdown in this bizarre too-hot-to-handle video.

Mustard The Tortoise shuffles through the mailbox.

Gary Stallings writes: Good Day!
Mustard: I'll be the judge of that.
Gary Stallings: A new advanced vacant position is available!
Mustard: Oh. I'm only interested in primitive vacant positions, really.
Gary Stallings: I am a chief personnel officer of an Australian consulting company. We deal with non-typical business solutions.
Mustard: Me too, especially when they involve dandelions. I think I'll skip to the end of this e-mail.
Gary Stallings: Our managers work 24 hours for you!
Mustard: They haven't really got the hang of this management concept, have they?

Patriot Survival Plan writes: Obama has just signed Executive Order 16303, which gives him the right to institute Martial Law whenever he wants to.
Mustard: Why should that bother me? I don't live in the USA. Or the delusional world you inhabit.
Patriot Survival Plan: This is the beginning of the end.
Mustard: No, it looks as though your e-mail goes on for a while yet.
Patriot Survival Plan: But YOU can make your own happy ending...and laugh in Obama's sorry face.
Mustard: Oh good, that's cheered me up. How, exactly?
Patriot Survival Plan: It's easier than you think. American Patriots are already doing this...and Obama's got NOTHING on them. On our first visit, we opted for the 10-course tasting menu, and every course was outstanding. It's not often that I taste something I've not had before, but here it happened many times. From the tea service (tea and pork broth with smoked lemon!) to snacks of trout beignets and gin/celery popsicles, to an incredible parsnip soup with ice cream... everything was perfect. Our server was attentive, friendly and informed. Cocktails were creative and delicious.
Mustard: It all seems to have gone very well. Perhaps you were just in a bad mood because you were hungry?

Simona writes: Have an electrifying direct chat session with Stunning-Russian-Singles using our Brand New Cam-Talk.
Mustard: But I don't want to be electrified.

Dirty Pearl writes: Dirty Pearl needs YOUR HELP
Mustard: Sounds more as if Dirty Pearl needs A BATH.

Mona writes: My dear Kayden
Mustard: That's not my name. What do you want?
Mona: I am a kind, affectionate, sociable, caring, nice, humorous, reliable, devoted, passionate and reliable person with a good taste.
Mustard: You forgot modest, self-effacing, and never boastful.
Mona: I like traveling, sport, music, cars, comfort and romantic candlelight dates with my special one.
Mustard: What a coincidence! I don't like any of those things.

Wileen writes: Drop couple of WORDS to KINKY Mrs. Wileen Queenan
Mustard: How about "Go" and "Away"?

Patriot Survival Plan writes: Just found out something crucial and rushed to let you know.
Mustard: Great to hear from you again, PSP! Thank you for keeping in touch so assiduously.
Patriot Survival Plan: Martial law has gotten dangerously close. Right now, we're literally one step from having feds knock down our doors.
Mustard: Literally, you say? Are you sure? Literally? Not metaphorically? Not figuratively? Literally? Litter, more like.
Patriot Survival Plan: Almost all the steps leading to martial law are now completed...
Mustard: But you just said it was "literally one step" away. Now it's "almost all the steps" that have been taken. Are you backtracking? Or is your home on wheels?
Patriot Survival Plan: all it takes is one more spark to ignite the disaster.
Mustard: How scary.
Patriot Survival Plan: And the match has just been lit.
Mustard: I think you'll find that a lit match is rather greater than a spark. Yet nothing has ignited. The situation has all turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, hasn't it?

Our previous update was on 07th May when we wrote:

The new Eno • Hyde album Someday World has now been released worldwide.

The Eno • Hyde interview and session for Lauren Laverne is now available for streaming, and will be for the next four weeks.

Brian Eno & Karl Hyde will be performing on Later... With Jools Holland, BBC 2, Tuesday 13th May at 22:00 BST. Extended version on Friday 16th May at 23:05. (Thanks to Bob.)

Some one-time Obscure artists will be performing on 26th May at Second Home, Britannia House, 68-80 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, London E1 5JL. (Thanks to Richard Mills.)

All Saints Records has a trailer for the Laraaji remixes.

Another link from All Saints: a live performance by the Jon Hassell Performance Group, in Avignon, France, June 1982.

Our previous update was on 29th April when we wrote:

The Eno • Hyde site now features a promo video filmed at an early rehearsal session for Someday World. (Thanks to Steven Hill.)

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde are due to appear on Lauren Laverne's BBC 6 Music show on Wednesday 7th May (10:00-13:00). The BBC's page says they "will be performing a very special four song session live from our Maida Vale studios". The show should be available for streaming for a week afterwards. BBC streams generally work on PCs & Macs worldwide, but people sometimes report problems when using phones or other portable devices.

A review by The Arts Desk.

Jon Hopkins was interviewed...

...as was Chris Martin...

...and Michael Nyman will be, on Monday 5th May, according to the Radio Times (nothing on the BBC web-site yet).

Our previous update was on 28th April when we wrote:

NPR is now streaming the Eno • Hyde album Someday World.

Germany's foremost Enologist, Michael Engebrecht, has been serialising his interview with Brian and Karl at the Manafonistas music blog.

Thefourohfive reviews the album.

The Edge and Howie B talk a bit about Passengers, and there's some information about the re-release of Jon Hassell's City: Works of Fiction.

Our previous update was on 24th April when we wrote:

Three tracks from the upcoming Eno • Hyde album Someday World will be included on Michael Engelbrecht's Klanghorizonte radio programme. It can be found on the Deutschlandfunk radio station on Saturday 26th April at 04:05 in the morning, Germany time. The show will be streamed at time of broadcast, but not archived -- so if you snooze, you lose.

Warp has released some photos of the album, and somebody had a copy that they reviewed. There's a limited edition vinyl edition with a print, too. (Thanks to Rory Walsh.)

BBC Africa's Manuel Toledo reports on Brian's recording of a performance by Tiemoko Sogodogo.

Cartoon time.

Three articles on Harold Budd. One on Seun Kuti.

Other All Saints artist information. (Thanks to Rory Walsh.)

Richard Mills writes: "The music by Brian Eno used for the BBC2 Arena series was whistled live for the channel's 50th birthday celebration All About Two by DJ Bob Harris and 'the Whistlettes' (children's TV hero Johnny Ball, Tommy Walsh from Ground Force, Peter Martin of Royle Family and snooker player Denis Taylor). Host Dara O'Briain called it the most miserable theme music in BBC2's history."

Our previous update was on 07th April when we wrote:

"Daddy's Car", the second track from the forthcoming Eno • Hyde collaboration Someday World, is now available to pre-orderers and streamable.

Two Fripp & Eno LPs from the 1970s are to be re-released on
a) vinyl
b) 14th April

Our previous update was on 06th April when we wrote:

"Daddy's Car", a new track from the forthcoming Eno • Hyde album Someday World, has been played on the wireless. Mustard The Tortoise felt that the introduction reminded him of the theme from OutRun for some reason (he likes OutRun). We couldn't hear it ourselves. Marc Riley says he believes that the pair will play a session for a future edition of Lauren Laverne's programme.

Michael Engelbrecht -- music journalist and longtime friend of Brian Eno (EnoWeb visitors may recall his knack for getting highly detailed responses from Brian 24 years ago and Rick Holland just 3 years past, but we digress) -- was in London recently and more by accident than design ended up interviewing Brian and Karl Hyde... and listening to them performing in the studio. The resulting interview will appear on 1st May on Manafonistas.de, the eclectic music blog for which Michael writes, and on 26th April he will also include some tracks from the album on his Deutschlandfunk show Klanghorizonte which runs from 4:05 to 5:00 (German time) on Saturday mornings. This is not part of Warp's promotional activities, so it's an extra treat for us.

Some watermarked images from the opening of 77 Million Paintings in Madrid. Also for Spanish speakers, there's a podcast with simultaneous Spanish translation of Brian talking (he's in the background and occasionally foreground but probably not enough to avoid frustration for those of us Spanishly challenged).

FACT Magazine reviews "The Satellites" and its critics are cross.

A Record Store Day LP (19th April) of the Africa Express album Maison Des Jeunes includes a bonus track of Tiemoko Sogodogo's "Man Nyale Totebereye" produced by Brian. This will be more widely available on CD and digital on 21st April.

Damon Albarn's track "Heavy Seas Of Love", which includes vocals from Brian, is now available without audio watermarking. Two tracks from Owen Pallett's album In Conflict with involvement from Brian are also available as videos.

We think we forgot to post this 1987 archive article by Rick Poynor last year.

Brian selected some books for the Long Now's Manual for Civilisation. (Thanks to Radiocitizen.)

Laraaji is playing in London on 5th June. (Thanks to Dominic Norman-Taylor.)

Our previous update was on 25th February when we wrote:

Someday WorldWarp Records has announced a new album from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde. Someday World will be released on 5th May (6th May in North America) and is already up for pre-ordering. It includes "nine songs composed and sung by Eno & Hyde together with a distinguished cast of musicians, including Tessa Angus, Nell Catchpole, Marianna Champion, Will Champion, Kasia Daszykowska, Don E., Darla Eno, Georgia Gibson, Andy Mackay, John Reynolds and Chris Vatalaro."

The track listing is:

1.  The Satellites
2.  Daddy’s Car
3.  A Man Wakes Up
4.  Witness
5.  Strip It Down
6.  Mother Of A Dog
7.  Who Rings The Bell
8.  When I Built This World
9.  To Us All

A special edition CD with casebound book & slipcase will also be available with four additional tracks. Unusually for this special edition malarkey, it's only £5 more than the standard version:

1. Big Band Song
2. Brazil 3
3. Celebration
4. Titian Bekh

Underworld is currently slightly more expensive than Bleep & EnoShop. Pre-orders from Underworld, Enoshop, Bleep and iTunes include 2 album tracks delivered to you (in MP3 format) pre release of the album, the first of which will be available from 4th March 2014.

On January 21st 02014 Brian talked to Danny Hillis in a talk entitled The Long Now, now, moderated by Stewart Brand. The audience was given a preview of the final track from the new album before the discussion got going. It is not included in audio of the event, but Brian does talk about it.

77MPThe latest version of 77 Million Paintings is still running at Sala de Exposiciones Alcala 31 -- Calle de Alcala 31, 28014 Madrid, until Sunday 30th March 2014.

Red Bull Music Academy has released a free digital film called What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music -- which includes talks with Brian and other musicians. Entertainment Weekly has some off-cuts of Brian that didn't make the final film.

Brian will pop up on two other albums this year: Owen Pallett's forthcoming album In Conflict will include vocals, synth and guitar contributions from Brian, and he sings on the track "Heavy Seas of Love" to be included on Albarn's forthcoming album Everyday Robots (28th April). And back in September last year, J. Peter Schwalm released Wagner Transformed to which Brian contributed.

Brian is the NOISE Festival 2014's Curator for Music and Arts. Anyone can take part, as it is a digital thang.

Harold Budd news: Jane 1-11 is now a CD & DVD set, with films for each track by Jane Maru.

Kevin Eden points out that in January Robert Fripp spoke of forthcoming Fripp & Eno releases.

All About Jazz reviews Christopher Scoates' book Brian Eno: Visual Music. (Thanks to Nenad.)

Also on the cards is what the Warp-driven All Saints Records describes as "Epic 3 disc version of [Jon Hassell's] City: Works Of Fiction coming in the next couple of months ft. Eno-mixed live concert."

Video/Audio time.

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