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Brian will be appearing on the BBC 6 Music show Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service on Sunday 22nd December. The programme runs from 16:00-18:00 GMT and will available for 7 days thereafter. A capella is the order of the day.

The latest version of 77 Million Paintings is on show at Sala de Exposiciones Alcala 31 -- Calle de Alcala 31, 28014 Madrid, from Wednesday 18th December 2013 to Sunday 30th March 2014. Brian said that about 50% of the material is new for this version. He also gave a lecture on his art on 19th December which was streamed live but not archived.

Brian spent some time in Mali recently with Damon Albarn and other artists producing musicians from Mali. The result, an album called Maison des Jeunes, was released on 9th December (Thanks to Radiocitizen).

The New Statesman interviews Brian and Grayson Perry. The New York Times has a Q&A. The Wall Street Journal investigates Brian's quote about the first Velvet Underground album

On January 21st 02014 Brian will present a lecture with Danny Hillis entitled The Long Now, now at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, 3301 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94123(Thanks to Radiocitizen).

Brian will be a judge for an Arts Foundation award for experimental music, and is also up for a Grammy himself as LUX has been nominated as Best New Age album! (Thanks to Radiocitizen).

Video time.

J. Peter Schwalm and Icebreaker will be presenting a new project on 24th January 2014 at London's Science Museum (where Apollo was premiered a few years back). "Composer, producer and sound-scapist J. Peter Schwalm re-imagines tracks from a range of Kraftwerk albums to show off the group's many different sounds – from early acoustic tracks to the by now iconic synthesized tunes".

More from the All Saints Records archives.

There is still an audio excerpt from Michel Faber's 2006 audiobook with music by Brian, The Fahrenheit Twins at The Guardian, though EnoShop hasn't sold it for yonks.

Erik Honoré's live remix of J. Peter Schwalm's "No Orders" with Brian Eno should see release in 2014.

Our previous update was on 30th September when we wrote:

Sound Trax FM is a new streamed online radio station dedicated to music from the movies. In the second programme, musician & novelist Hugh Cornwell talks to Brian about his favourite Music For Films. We even get to hear Brian sing "Moon River" -- sadly only those two words, not the entire song. He also enthuses about Songs from the Shows, and talks about making "A Secret Life", "Deep Blue Day" and "I'm Deranged". (Thanks to David Fagence).

Brian is interviewed in the Autumn/Winter 2013 (Issue 17) edition of AnOther Man. It's a fat 288-page publication primarily made up of adverts featuring moodily pouting male models who wear unlikely fashions and hold bizarre props. The Eno feature / interview runs to a whole 1½ pages. The interview is not available online but the frequently black-and-white publication can be ordered. The most interesting bit is this:

Don't ask us. Fashion is a mystery. Turn to the left! Turn to the right! Turn to the rabbit???

Oh, I'm sorry. Mustard The Tortoise was killing himself laughing at that ad earlier when he had the camera and he must have taken the photo. This is what we were thinking of.


Yawning and blinking like Bagpuss, All Saints Records is awakening once more. The Buddbox was not a one-off: over the coming century (or perhaps the next two years) the label will be releasing old and new material from its roster of artists, kicking off with Laraaji. They've got a fascinating video about Laraaji plus an unreleased track. (Thanks to Dominc Norman-Taylor.)

Let's now rock back to 1995 where Brian was interviewed by Triple J’s Richard Kingsmill.

Selected pages from Christopher Scoates' book Brian Eno: Visual Music can be viewed on Google Books if you need any more encouragement to buy it. The downloadable track runs to a smidgin under 20 minutes and is a version of the track that accompanied "Empire/Appearance" on Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan. (Thanks to Mark for the correction.)

One of the essays in the forthcoming book Brian Eno: Oblique Music is "Control & Surrender -- Eno Remixed: Collaboration and Oblique Strategies". This collaborative essay is written by Kingsley Marshall & Rupert Loydell using Oblique Strategies, and examines Eno, collaboration and Oblique Strategies. (Thanks to Rupert.)

David Byrne has updated his book How Music Works for the new paperback edition. Available from the usual places.

Our previous update was on 22nd September when we wrote:

As regular visitors are aware, EnoWeb is celebrating its 20th year in business by returning to 1993 levels of update frequency.

Off we go then. Earlier in the year EnoShop published a special limited Sixth Edition of the Oblique Strategies -- seemingly partly to mark Brian's 65th Year On Earth, and partly because they got the 40th anniversary of the original deck wrong (out by one year). The cards sold out very quickly, but here is Tom-from-EnoWeb's not entirely serious Unboxing video.

Enoshop also sold some signed and unsigned prints of the LUX artwork. It's good to see some new items appearing there from time to time...

Brian's cover of the Peter Gabriel track "Mother Of Violence" is included on the album And I'll Scratch Yours, released on 23rd September in the UK & US, and already out in some other territories to judge by YouTube. Brian treats the song as a spoken word piece along the lines of his work with Rick Holland.

Published now is Christopher Scoates' book Brian Eno: Visual Music. Amazon.com (not co.uk) has a preview of several pages, where we learn that the exclusive track of installation music accompanying the book is called "CAM (Canada, Amsterdam, Milan)" -- redeemable with a code obtained by scratching off a panel. How this will work with the eBook versions we are not sure. (Thanks to John Emr).

Coming next year is another book with "Brian Eno" followed by a colon in its title. Brian Eno: Oblique Music will be edited by Sean Albiez and David Pattie. "This volume examines Eno's work as a musician, as a theoretician, as a collaborator, and as a producer. Brian Eno is one of the most influential figures in popular music; an updated examination of his work on this scale is long overdue."

Brian was interviewed by one of his daughters, Irial, for Mono.Kultur. The interview is not available online but the colourful publication can be ordered. (Thanks to Uwe Meilchen & Roland).

Thanks to Radiocitizen for the majority of the following links:

Brian's Cooper Union lecture in New York was unusual in that he used it to look back at his life and career, topics he normally shies away from. Although this lecture did not go out on the Web -- not even in the unofficial capacity that is so popular these days -- the Red Bull Academy did record an interview/Q&A (which is confusingly described as a lecture). Interviewer/moderator Emma Warren does a superb job.

Other Red Bull coverage:

Other New York coverage:

Brian spoke to DAZED Digital.

Brian appears to have hugely enjoyed his time in New York. He subsequently lectured in Mexico for TagDF in July but seems to have been less happy about this experience.

Brian will be providing ambient sound for the Long Now Salon.

Brian was interviewed for the New Statesman.

Another interview appeared on the History of Emotions blog.

Brian kicked off a long correspondence for the Artangel Longplayer Letters.

Recently Tom Dixon and Brian looked at some expensive trendy things for the New York Times. Brian claimed "I'm deeply suspicious of the cosmetics industry", apparently forgetting that in the 1970s he pledged to "retail crummy cosmetics" as he worked his passage in stages to get to Peru.

Brian is one of those backing the No Glory campaign, which seeks to challenge the narrative of the official programme marking the centenary of The Great War.

Brian provided music for the second series of Channel 4's series Top Boy in August/ September, including a piece from Scape.

A review of Brian's talk at the Edinburgh International Festival on 23rd August.

FACT Magazine declared On Land to be the 30th best album of the 1980s.

The University of Ambience has opened up more of its archives for the Michaelmas Semester.

Other videos & audio.

Another new book, this time with two colons in the title... June 1st 1974: Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Nico, Eno, Mike Oldfield and Robert Wyatt: The Greatest Supergroup of the Seventies looks at the ACNE concert. (Thanks to Bob.)

A stray link about the Montefiore Hospital.

Peter Chilvers was interviewed.

Heckford Advertising looked at Russell Mills' artwork for Nine Inch Nails.

Loud and Quiet Digital interviewed Jon Hopkins.

Harold Budd has released a new album, Jane 1-11. His albums on Land Records/All Saints Records are also being collected into a Buddbox anthology.

For more frequent news updates, do keep an eye on Radiocitizen's Dark Shark Facebook Page, to which EnoWeb sometimes contributes news items.

Our previous update was on 23rd April when we wrote:

Thanks to Radiocitizen for the vast majority of these news items, and also to Rory Walsh, Jason Newton, Anthony Ollevou, Jérôme De Greef, Stefan Nelson, Sebastian Böcking, Richard Nensel, Kevin Brown and Richard Mills.

The Future:

Brian will be in New York during May. Courtesy of the Red Bull Music Academy (and what a jittery place that sounds), he's presenting all 77 Million Paintings at 145 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001 from 3rd May to 2nd June 2013 apart from Mondays, Brian apparently being in sympathy with Bob Geldof and his Boomtown Rats on that score.

Monday 6th May sees him giving a sold-out illustrated talk at The Great Hall at Cooper Union, 7 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10003.

He'd better not be late to bed that evening, for on Tuesday 7th is The Kitchen's Spring Gala honoring Brian Eno. The address for that is CAPITALE, 130 BOWERY AT GRAND STREET, NEW YORK CITY. Capitales, you see, not just because we cut and pasted the text from their site and couldn't be bothered to change the case. Tickets for that start at a low, low, low $500 plus/or (not sure) $75 for the after-party. The money is for The Kitchen, not Brian, by the way. He does it for the love of the place and a large jar of pickled onions according to his rider. Look, EnoWeb may be back after a rest but we never claimed we would make any more sense than before.

Brian is giving a sold-out talk at the Edinburgh International Festival on 23rd August.

A new book about Brian's art will be published on 24th September (1st October in UK). Brian Eno: Visual Music is by Christopher Scoates (the Director of CSULB's University Art Museum). It will include a download code for an unreleased Eno track. "Spanning more than 40 years, Brian Eno: Visual Music weaves a dialogue between Eno's museum and gallery installations and his musical endeavors -- all illustrated with never-before-published archival materials such as sketchbook pages, installation views, screenshots, and more."

The Present:

Brian's music and artwork has been installed in The Montefiore Hospital in Hove, Sussex. 77 Million Paintings adorns the reception area, while The Quiet Room is far downstairs for patients and staff.

eBay Day is now here! This traditional annual festival involves auctions of limited edition vinyl records sold during the less well known Record Store Day (20 April), at amusing price mark-ups. One of the records this year includes a remix of LUX by Nicolas Jaar.

Rosa Roedelius' interviews with Brian for her film CHANCE are being released on Vimeo.

Brian appears on the track "Digital Lion" on James Blake's album Overgrown, on the track "Day Before We Went To War" on Dido's album Girl Who Got Away, and the track "Voila Voilà" on Rachid Taha's album Zoom.

A multimedia presentation about Brian.

A mere 55 years since the release of Elvis' King Creole, Rick Holland has a new collaboration out -- The King Krill -- with Old Man Diode and a host of other Bright Young Things.

And we'd been wondering what Mr Leo Abrahams was up to; it seems the answer is this.

We'd also been wondering what EnoWeb had been getting up to, and the answer here appears to be fielding more unsolicited phone calls from telesales survey operatives. Perhaps you'd enjoy the three minutes from 4:50 onwards?

The Past:

Rory Walsh reports: at a Stop The War benefit on 7th April, Eno gave a ten minute talk on twelve thousand years of Iraqi history. Playing overhead was a slideshow of photo-montages by the artists kennardphillipps. The 400 or so people there were transfixed. It ended with a recording of Eno's daughter reading over some music. Compere Arthur Smith said it was an honour to introduce him as he was a person called Brian who was cool!

Brian provided music for a campaign commercial for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Laurie Anderson interviewed Brian for the February 2013 edition of Interview magazine.

EDGE.org asked WHAT *SHOULD* WE BE WORRIED ABOUT? rather excitedly. Here's Brian's take.

Brian participated in Alfred Dunhill's Voice advertising campaign.

J. Peter Schwalm uploaded an extract from the Schwalm-Eno remix of Reggie Watts at the 2012 PUNKT Festival.

Brian was made Docteur Honoris Causa in Bruxelles on 4th February.

Jerome Lefdup's 1993 documentary about Brian, ONE ENO, is available online.

...as is Henning Lohner's 1994 documentary Solo Für Eno.
...and a 1993 interview with Brian by Ron Arad.

Not to be left out, the University of Ambience has dug up some old Eno interviews.

Brian and James Thornton discussed "How To Change The World" at HowTheLightGetsIn 2012:

Brian was also on a panel discussing Culture, Creativity and the Digital Commons at a conference called Can the BBC be "Our" Beeb? in 2012.

The Tom Robinson Show interview with Brian has been archived by the BBC. It was originally broadcast on BBC 6 Music on Saturday 12th January.

Geeta Dayal was interviewed.

A new site has been created celebrating the work of producer Conny Plank. Click on the first stripe to read a memory from Brian, and the middle stripe to see a photo of After The Heat recordings.

Our previous update was on 9th January when we wrote:

The shocking truthWarp Records and Brian have compiled a video of some of the images chosen for the "Day of Light" event, and set them to one of the label's trademark bangin' 180bpm House beats. Oh sorry, we mean an extract from LUX. Do the Young People still have House Music these days? Or is it all Dubstep? (Thanks to Steven at Warp.)

Brian will appear on The Tom Robinson Show on BBC 6 Music on Saturday 12th January (21:00-0:00 GMT). The programme will be available for streaming for a week afterwards.

On 4th February the UniversitÚ catholique de Louvain in Belgium will confer a doctorat honoris causa on Brian in recognition of his artistic contribution.

Richard Nensel writes: Brian is mentioned in Pete Townshend's new book Who I Am. There's a few lines circa 1970 describing a lecture PT gave at Winchester Art College...

Brian is listed as one of the speakers at "Confronting War Today", an international conference organised by Stop The War in London on 9th February 2013. (Thanks to Rory Walsh.)

In the two months that EnoWeb has been putting off doing a site update by writing Christmas cards, scanning photos, still playing Skyrim, taking phone calls from cold-callers, recording Canada geese on ice, decluttering (yeah right) and so on, Radiocitizen has been compiling some 2012 Eno links. Many thanks to him!

Mr David Bowie has a new album due out in March, The Next Day. Harold Budd's Bandits of Stature came out in November last year. Oh, and Roger Eno's got plans too according to Richard Mills. Moreover, Peter Gabriel has a new iPhone/iPad app, while Bryan Ferry has his Jazz Age arrangements of Roxy toons.

As is traditional we ask ourselves what lies ahead this year for followers of Eno? 2013 marks some significant anniversaries: Brian becomes an Old Age Pensioner of 65 and also celebrates 40 years as a solo artist. And EnoWeb turns 20, which must make this site one of the Internet's seniorest citizens. Older than Google. Older than Amazon. Older than eBay. Older than Wikipedia. Older than Facebook. Older than iTunes. Older than Spotify. Older than Twitter. Etc. etc. All of which makes us feel a bit old. Take that, Long Now Foundation!

Definite: A collaboration on a track on Dido's new album, Girl Who Got Away (4th March). Vaguely possible: A release of some of the music recorded at the Pure Scenius concerts; a record label might notice the 40-year anniversary of Here Come The Warm Jets and use it to generate some publicity.
Not overly likely judging by previous years but you never know:
The collaboration with Herbie Hancock; Brian's book if he's still writing it.


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