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All Eno-philes should at least be aware of, if not subscribe to, Opal Information, a publication which used to be produced by Opal Ltd and discussed Brian Eno's on-going work. Opal Information appeared on an increasingly irregular basis, and although we thought Number 28 would probably be released in 1998, it didn't happen, and that was the end of that. Eno's Diary shows that he crams a lot into a year, but OI only really appeared regularly in the days when Opal represented a larger body of musicians who had plenty of public activities on the go.

The subscription address is no longer valid. It was a P.O. Box number but that's gone.

This address is only for Opal Information. You cannot write to Eno at this address. Well, you could, but you'd be wasting your time because he wouldn't get your letter. The most recent subscription information that we have is as follows, but please note that we make no claim that it is current or accurate. We would advise writing before sending payment. Pricing is included for reference and not for ordering. A subscription used to be 4 issues. Some back issues are available.

UK & Eire : £7
Rest of Europe: £8
South America and Africa: £8.90
Australia, New Zealand and Japan: £10
USA and Canada: $15.00

(Last updated 12th May 1997)

Ordering Erik Tamm's Doctorate thesis

Erik Tamm's Doctorate thesis became Brian Eno and the vertical color of sound. The book has been updated and re-released, and could well be available from your local bookstore or from web bookstores. In 1993, Malcolm Humes wrote to UMI for the dissertation, and a company called EMC answered him.

Nowadays Eric's book is available as a free download from here:

Mystic Fire Video

Mystic Fire carries a few Eno related videos such as Imaginary Landscapes and also quite a number of other interesting if not inspiring videos and audio. Mystic Fire has an online catalog.

All Saints

All Saints, the label which released Neroli, Spinner and Brian's new album in Europe, took over the Opal non-Eno back-catalogue, and releases new work by Roger Eno, Harold Budd, Kate St. John and many, many more, offers a FREE newsletter:

The All Saints Bugle

P.O. Box 2767

London, NW1 8HU

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