Eno related FTP archives

The Eno Nerve Net mailing list FTP archives have some text and graphics files on Eno on other associated artists. Back issues of the Nerve Net digests are also there.

The Nerve Net list just added it's own WWW server and a page about the list which includes direct links to the areas of the archives. We'll still list the ftp site below, but you'll probably find it easier to access the archives via this page.

Main FTP archives: ftp://noc.pue.udlap.mx/pub/nerve_net
noc.pue.udlap.mx = (, for the DNS impaired.

Nerve Net digest FTP archives

There's also a wealth of online archives by many musical artists, at ftp.uwp.edu. There should be some Eno discographies, lyrics and possibly graphics and interviews at that site, but it's typically so heavily used that it can be hard to ftp into. Also, we've probably got anything in this site that you could find there, at least with regard to Eno.

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