One Love


Life gets so crazy and chaotic, so much so sometimes that we forget why we are here on this planet together. We are here to celebrate life, to live together in harmony, or rhythmically, positively. We we create negative energy, this energy carries on from one person to another until eventually these negative vibrations come back to us. Who wants to deal with this bad energy? The more positive energy we radiate, the more positive our lives will be. Having respect for our mother earth, her oceans and her land is where good vibrations begin. There are so many ways to show her love and respect. If we stop and take some time to be with nature, to appreciate her sounds, her beauty, her peaceful energy will be very cleansing. This world of ours has become so complicated that it's easy to forget just how simple life is. Together we are stronger than anyone can be alone and when we work together it is truly amazing what we can accomplish (we can arrive at positive results). The spirit of community and cooperation, love, trust, and sharing are the tools of this positivity and they are not always achieved as easily as one might think. Obstacles such as money and the tireless forms of greed that surround it can easily and frequently come between us and we are tempted to become factional and politicians in order to preserve a kind of harmony that still enables us to take our fine helping of greed pudding while avoiding conflict with our brothers and sisters (as if being caught were out of the question!). There is already so much downpression on this beautiful planet, so much that it hurts us to even begin to examine it. From this point of view we feel so powerless, and yet the solutions begin simply and humbly with you and me together, joining our forces to save our planet and thereby setting our spirits free. Be thankful, whenever you remember, for the sun and the moon for they are the best example of balance and harmony in the universe. Imagine, such a powerful reminder available to us each and every day and night! Take the time, whenever you remember, to truly feel the beauty and tranquility of the sunrise and the sunset for they are the beginnings and endings of of days full of endless opportunities for positive energy. It's amazing what a random smile can do for for the universe. Life is full of rhythms and vibrations. If we have the faith in such manifestations and remain conscious of them as we move through each day, we can all exist together on a positive plane. It doesn't matter where you're from or what we possess, it is simply what we do, how we live our lives, and how we communicate that makes us who we truly are. Life is constantly testing us, very much like a constantly intersecting set of roads to choose from. Our reactions to these tests determines which road we will walk upon. If we react positively to life's challenges we will remain on a positive path, but as soon as we falter and react in a negative fashion, we begin to spew out negativity and we soon find our lives heading downhill. Brothers and sisters, we must walk this higher path, as individuals and as a people. We must remain positive if we can ever hope to do so. There is only one race on this planet and that is the human race. It is so important that we all live together with one heart and one love. We all have a spirit in us and one day our spirits will be set free, yet how we choose to live our lives on this planet determines what will become of our spirits, live on earth again, or truly be set free. Please live your life positively. Set yourself free! Peace, love, and respect to all of the beautiful brothers and sisters of our planet mother earth. Positive!

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