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"State of the Nation"

Recently, our house movement has been under a fiercly competitive attack from all sides. The once loving family of united party people have apparently begun to faction off into many small groups of promoters/ dj's/ and social scenes. We can't have this! The never ending search for money, success, and prestige can drive nearly anyone down to an all time low. Promoters skip town without paying for services rendered. Cliquish groups of people snub those around them. Innocent party people drive long distances and pay large amounts of money only to find an empty warehouse, or dj's that weren't that were never on the flyer to begin with. Promoters give interviews to the press about our scene in order to turn a higher profit. All of these things and more are going on around us all the time. Obviously this kind of information is a sure fire bummer, but it's these kinds of problems that will eventually destroy our house nation forever! Many of us believe that this movement is a meaningful one, full of love and good people, NOT a money-making business venture. We have the potential to come together from all walks of life (regardless of race, creed, religion, or sexuality) and unite in mind, body, and spirit. It's up to us to make this happen; without our collective participation, love, trust, and support, we are nothing.

Here are some suggestions from your friends:

We realize that these suggestions may not apply to all situations, however, it is our belief that information can only make us stronger and is yours to take or leave as you like.

please feel free to photocopy and distribute this flyer

Ministry of Love

(San Francisco)

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