On Travel

Throughout 1993 the Ministry of Love have had the opportunity to travel across the country a great deal by car. We had always dreamt of reaching out, of spreading our wings and checking out the country, but there was never any reason to do it. When the opportunity arose, we jumped on it, and all it took was a $900 van, an ice chest, and 5 friends with $400 between them (that sounds like a lot of money, but between five people that's really only $275 each roughly; cheaper than plane fare). So we had a van and some gas money, but then we wondered where we would go and who we would stay with. So, we got on the phone calling DJ's, record/clothing stores and promoters across the U.S. asking them about what was happening in their city. We got a terrific response and made many potential friends. So we set off one night at 2:00 a.m. with a bag of groceries and a few blankets into a country that we all imagined was huge, distant and overwhelming.

Here are some suggestions (based on our mistakes) about traveling the country by car:
  1. No matter how hungry you are, wait until you find a grocery store.
  2. Don't carry any illegal substances in your vehicle, you'll be stopped in every state and searched thoroughy.
  3. Wherever you are, however you feel, try and smile at everyone you meet.
  4. Whoever you meet, however strange they seem to you, open your mind and offer your love to everyone (even cops).
  5. Trust people.
  6. Don't litter.
  7. No matter how hungry you are, wait until you find a grocery store.
  8. Don't let your tank get lower than 1/4 full.
  9. Have a spare tire.
  10. Small town/small mind is a lie.
  11. Never park on the street in New York (not even for 2 minutes in broad daylight with a lot of people around).
  12. Get plenty of names and addresses.
  13. No matter how hungry you are, wait until you find a grocery store (eat out once and you're hooked).
  14. Bring plenty of yourself with you so you can share it with the people you meet.
  15. If you find yourself someplace where the people are mean and cold, you're probably in a bad mood and all you have to do is smile.
  16. Keep your eyes open and on the highway (this country is beautiful and changes dramaticly.
  17. Don't trust the map (follow your heart).
  18. Carry AAA.
  19. Don't be disappointed if things don't happen to you. You are what you do, not what you hope for.
  20. No matter how hungry you get, wait until you find a grocery store (fast food is deadly).

What we found along the way was that this country (this world) is alarmingly small (1.5 days drive to Chicago/2 days drive to New York, without stopping) and there are beautiful people everywhere for the finding. Basicly we are all the same; the same hopes and dreams (and fears) and more than anything else, a simple smile changes the world and opens the door to its' horizons. So, if you've ever been driving along the highway and wondered what would happen if you just kept going . . . Remember: THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR DREAMS IS YOU.

We realize that these suggestions may not apply to all situations, however, it is our belief that information can only make us stronger and is yours to take or leave as you like.

please feel free to photocopy and distribute this flyer

Ministry of Love

(San Francisco)

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