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METANET is a digidelic aquariana for all TRANSNEPTUNIANS where the YANTRIC fuses with the NEWSIC neural nerve net creating a METATHESIA. A PROMETHEAN pyroteknical PSYCHISM is heralding a TRANSONIC ALCHEMY of consciousness. This AQUARIAN AGE is bringing a spiritualisation of teknology. Humanity is faced with an existential crisis, as it contemplates moving out of the body and prepares to leave the earth.

We have yet to master the greatest spiritual equation. FEAR versus LOVE. Technological innovation has amplified the core dilemmas of life in an emotional vehicle on a physical plane. SPECIES SURVIVAL and compassion for others. This MENTASMIC age of the machine has brought a rapid proliferation of information and expansion of knowledge. But we haven't grounded it. We are still not at ease with the organic, our feelings, the body, and how these entwine with our thought processes. Epidemics and aggressive bloodshed is the collective dysfunctionalism we are all inheritors of. This is the dharma of every organism we can conceive of. It is the dynamic tension which challenges life to survive and evolve. The universe is one seamless whole, it has a METACONTINUOUS interconnectivity, as revealed in the ancient Hindu analogy of INDRA'S WEB. The celestial mechanics of the cosmos have a macro/micro correspondence which we experience here on earth. We are revising our models of reality, as in quantum science with its new paradigms which reveal the patterns which connect the unity of mankind with the web of nature.


'MORPHIC FIELDS' are living resonances of memory that instruct all living processes.'
- states Rupert Sheldrake.


Presently we are coming out of a fear-based, dogmatic, religious tyranny, in our mode of belief systems. The enemy is not out there, but the repression of the darkness within ourselves. The future is the present liberated from the past through METANOIA (changed consciousness). Just recently, the two most revolutionary planets in our solar system, Uranus and Pluto, moved into the Aquarius and Sagittarius zones of the heavans. Aquarius and Uranus are associated with a radical, revolutionary, awakening, as well as technological innovation. Sagittarius corresponds with philosophy, and religion. Pluto is the archetypal energy of death and rebirth. In mythological terms we can say the god Hades, who rules the underworld and that of the instincts, meets Zeus, the god of culture, intellect, and 'the law.'


'Unless patterns of thought are changed at the very deepest level, any change in behaviour is but a fragile pantomime that disintegrates under stress'
- states Melanie Reinhart.

It is very clear through present events on earth, that we are going through a rennaissance peroid concurrent with collective, emotional, healing, as we move into the next millennium.

'There is an awakening of global consciousness: the Earth is my body, humanity is my soul. This is a NEW WORLD SOUL from within, where a reverence for life merging with a spiritually-guided technology is the ultimate goal'
- states David Solte.

THE TRANSFIGURED BIRTH OF LIGHT. A DIGITAL OCCULT cyborganically surfing CYBERDELIC silicon chip intermedia FREAKQUENCIES, sparkplugging an ELECTROCOMMUNION , mediated via the maverick TEKNOSHAPERSON , transcending culture, gender and age. The transmutated channel who becomes an agent of the larger whole. An AVATAR. A NUMINOUS TRANSDUCER of light. What's the role of the artist in this evolving ecology of consciousness? Art has always been a means of transcendence, a kind of religious experience, akin to a passionate spiritual orgasm, that lifts you momentarily beyond yourself. Art and aesthetic contemplation are a principle area of human experience that allows liberation from the bondage of existence, allowing one to embrace the divine. What the mystics call - 'THE TRANSENDENTAL BLISS STATE'. In astrological terms this is very Piscean and Neptunian. Currently we are letting go of the Piscean age and are adjusting to the shocks and revelations of the Aquarian age. We can see this, right now, with Saturn transiting thru Pisces. Astrology is the psycho-spiritual SCIENTIA of the stars. The horoscopic is a METAPHORICAL MAP reflecting a universal MYTHOS of genetic memory. A SYMBOLIC COSMOSIS , revealing a matrix of relationships between elements whose meanings arise from their relationships to the whole.


The relationship of teknology to organic INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL. ESPecially via psycho-kinesthetic MENTASMS on the NEURAL NERVE NET. Each of us is a cell in the conscious mind of Gaia. A METAMUTATING , global, informational, being, utilising UFORMYSTEC tools to attain a DREAM STATE LOGIC. A SYNASTRY of minds.

'The mission of the cyberspace counterculture is to explore unmapped realms of consciousness and to RECHOOSE REALITY consciously and purposefully.'
- states Douglas Rushkoff.

CYBERDELICA is the interface between teknology and spirituality. The age of URANIA. The free transmittence of occult knowledge aiding transpersonal consciousness thru ELECTROMAGNETIC CONDUCTIVITY on the collective CYBERVINE. A trance TWEAK AGE. The PSYCHIC SPARKPLUGGING of SYNCHROMYSTEC intuitive OMNESS. Being here now, in this moment, in this body, levitating beyond the brain's loop-like programming. Reconnecting with the primordial SAUCE OF CREATION , via the electronic neutron proton dance. MINDMORPHING out of the body, to transgress and TRANSMOGRIFY all boundries. TRANCE-ZEN-DANCE. Liberating the spirit thru sound. A reconnective VIBRATIONAL HEALING. The sacred syllable -- OM --the core reverberating seed sound out of which creation emerges and has its origin. An EXCELSIS CATHEXIS awakening cellular and ancestral memory. FRACTALS and OCTAVES are the DIGITAL OCCULT. Computors plug us into the RHYTHMYSTEC. Tapping the SECRETS of TIME & SPACE. Realigning with cyclic, cosmological, harmonies. Time is the greatest mystery because it contains the secret of a sacred and eternal order. Mystery has been essential to a true spiritual life since the beginning of time. There is a revolution of a meditative presence in the world. It is the only IN-ROAD TO TIMELESSNESS. Time extends itself in a series of non-linear cycles repeating themselves in different OCTAVES OF EXPERIENCE , like CIRCLES WITHIN CIRCLES , which evolve progressively HIGHER SYSTEMS OF ORDER. The redefining of the alchemist's quest for a sophisticated psychology of transformation thru an elaborate system of symbolic correspondences... ASTROLOGY ... The ANIMA MUNDI -- the evolving galactic centre of the universe -- the axis intersection of time & space & spirit & matter.

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Fluro Artwork

These fluro wall hangings were made in Bali by Sachi Harada during 1992-1993. All of these are approximately 8'x6' in size, and have been seen at numerous goa-trance parties all over the world.

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