rabbit in the moon -- while creating some of the most emotional electronic soundscapes the world has ever known - is not fully expirienced until you see them live. this is when front man - bunny - takes the audience on the roller coaster of performance art and special effects. his antics and multitude of costumes have a mesmerizing effect that has made rabbit in the moon the enigma that they are today.

below you will find a few slideshows of their rare live perfomances:
  dj monk @ Ultra Beach Fest (3-19-99)
  rabbit in the moon @ Ultra Beach Fest (3-19-99)
  miscellaneous rabbit in the moon pics
  miscellaneous flyers
  rabbit in the moon LIVE -- date, location unknown {part 1}
  rabbit in the moon LIVE -- date, location unknown {part 2}
  rabbit in the moon LIVE -- date, location unknown {part 3}

if you have any rabbit in the moon, flyers, pictures, or live video please contact me!

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