RITM Discography
Rabbit in the Moon, with their emotional soundscapes, and their enigmatic live shows have captured the imaginations of millions of party-goers everywhere. Below is a small sample of the music that has enriched so many peoples lives. I will encode their music into Real Audio as I get time.

The majority of these tracks are out of print or hard to find, and I don't plan on ripping any of their current catologue (Remixes Volume 1 & 2, Floori.d.a. remixes) - MP3 is a sorry excuse for music when you can own the original release. I suggest winamp to play these digital audio files.

Please support RITM by buying their music. Thank You.

o r i g i n a l    t r a c k s
  O.B.E. (original mix)
  FLOORi.d.a. (original mix)
r e m i x e s
  Nightripper - Tone Exploration (ritm's tone exploitation)
  God Within - "The Pheonix" (ritm's riverandrain mix)
  Delerium - Euphoria <firefly> (ritm's Divine Gothic Disco Dub)
  Keoki - Caterpillar (ritm's disco 2001 remix)
  BT feat. Tori Amos - Blue Skies (ritm's phatomless remix)
  Stone Roses - Fool's Gold (ritm vs stone roses remix)
  Depeche Mode - Waiting for the Night to Fall (ritm remix)

if anyone has any live rabbit in the moon sounds on cd-r , please contact me

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