•Rabbit In The Moon, "Out Of Body Experience" (Hallucination)
•Rabbit In The Moon, "Orisha/Dubassex" (Halluciation)
•Rabbit In The Moon, "Phases Of An Out Of Body Experience"
•Rabbit In The Moon/Humate, Hemispheres E.P. (Superstition)
•Hazed, "Bells" (Plus 8)
•Rabbit In The Moon, "Deeper" (Hallucination Limited Edition)
•Rabbit In The Moon, "Floori.d.a." (Hallucination Forthcoming)
•Rabbit In The Moon, "Waiting For The Night To Fall" (Hallucination


•Delusions Of Grandeur Compilation, includes R.I.T.M., "Out Of Body Experience" "Burning
  Spear" rmx and R.I.T.M's remix of God Within's "Phoenix" River & Rain remix (Hardkiss)
•The American Dream Compilation, includes R.I.T.M., "Dusk" (City Of Angels)
•United States of Ambience Compilation, includes two tracks: LunaSol, "Dawn" and
  "Butterfly" (Moonshine)
•United States of Ambience Compilation Part 3, includes R.I.T.M., "Dubassex" (Moonshine)
•The Sound Of Superstition Records Vol. 3 Compilation, includes R.I.T.M./Humate, "East"
   original mix   (Superstition)
•Trance Fiction, Fever Pitch At Dawn Compilation, includes R.I.T.M./Humate, "East"
  R.I.T.M. southern stimulation (Rising High)
•Best Of Techno Vol. 6 Compilation, includes R.I.T.M./Humate, "East" opium den mix (Sm:)e)
•United Nations Of Home Mixed Compilation, includes Orbital, "Are We Here"
  (R.I.T.M.'s Oral Mix) (London/FFRR)
•Excursions In Ambience Vol 4 Compilation, includes LunaSol, "D.I.A.P.O.W." (Astralwerks)
•Dark Hearts Compilation, includes R.I.T.M., "Subconscious" vinyl only (Harthouse/Eye-Q)
•Sunshine State Of Mind Compilation, includes R.I.T.M., "Floori.d.a." (FFRR)
•Urbal Beats Compilation, includes R.I.T.M., "O.B.E." (Polygram)
•Digital Empire "Electronica's Best" Compilation, includes R.I.T.M., "Subconscious"
•Urbal Beats 2 "The Definitive Guide To Electronic Music" Compilation, includes R.I.T.M.,
  "Subfusion" (Polygram)
•For The Masses "Depeche Mode Tribute" Compilation, includes R.I.T.M., "Waiting For The
  Night To Fall" (1500)
•Rabbit In The Moon "The Remixes Volume 1" Compilation, various R.I.T.M. remixes
•Rabbit In The Moon "The Remixes Volume 2" Compilation, various R.I.T.M. remixes
•Rabbit In The Moon "Floori.d.a. Remixes" Compilation, various remixes of the track
•Digital Empire 2, R.I.T.M., "Floori.d.a." (Pimp Juice Remix) (K-tel/BMI)


•Velocity, "Lust" R.I.T.M. rmx (Superstition)
•Orbital, "Are We Here" R.I.T.M. & LunaSol rmxs (London/FFRR)
•Sarah McLachlan, "Possession & Fear" R.I.T.M. rmxs (Arista)
•God Within, "The Phoenix" R.I.T.M. river & rain rmx (Aquarhythms)
•Ether, "Bodyjazz/Bodyfusion" R.I.T.M. & LunaSol rmxs (Aquarhythms)
•Rabbit In The Moon/Humate, "East" R.I.T.M.'s southern stimulation rmx
  (Superstition/Rising High)
•Cosmic Baby, "Cosmic Greets Florida" R.I.T.M. greets berlin & 7 am pacific rmxs
•Nightripper, "Tone Exploitation" R.I.T.M. exploitation rmx (ESP)
•Astral Pilot, "Electro Accupuncture" R.I.T.M. rmx (Harthouse)
•Garbage, "Queer" R.I.T.M.'s Heftybag mix and F.T.F.O.I. mix (Geffen/Almo Sounds)
•Planet Soul, "Set U Free" R.I.T.M.'s Moon Spirits dub (Strictly Rhythm)
•Goldie, "Innercity Life" R.I.T.M. mixes (London/FFRR)
•White Zombie, "More Human Than Human" & "Blood, Milk & Sky" (Geffen)
•Garbage, "Stupid Girl" (Geffen/Almo Sounds)
•Keoki, "Caterpillar" R.I.T.M.'s disco 2001 mix (Moonshine)
•BT & Tori Amos, "Blue Skies" R.I.T.M.'s Fathomless mix (Kinetic/Perfecto)
•Garbage, "Milk" R.I.T.M.'s Got It, Butchered Vegas and Udder mixes (Geffen/Almo Sounds)
•Delerium, "Euphoria" R.I.T.M.'s Divine Gothic Disco mix (Netwerk)
•Healy & Amos, "Argentina" R.I.T.M.'s Helium mix (Positiva)
•Butthole Surfers, "Pepper" Hallucination mixes (Capitol)
•Geggy Tah, "Whoever You Are" Hallucination mixes (Warner Bros.)
•Moloko, "Fun For Me" Hallucination mixes (Warner Bros.)
•TDF (feat. Eric Clapton), "Ripstop" R.I.T.M.'s Creamy Funkshunal mix (reprise)
•Smashing Pumpkins, "The End Is The Beginning Is The End" R.I.T.M. & Hallucination mixes
  (Warner Bros.)
•Banco De Gaia, "Drunk As A Monk" R.I.T.M.'s Brass Monkey mix (Mammoth)
• Love & Rockets, "R.I.P. 20C" R.I.T.M.'s D.eath M.etal T.echno mix & R.I.T.M.'s R.I.P.ella
   (Red Ant)
•Stone Roses, "Fool's Gold" & "I Wanna Be Adored" (Jive Electro)

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