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Large Ambient Music Information Centres

Epsilon is a collection of pointers to the ambient music resources found within the Hyperreal Music Archive, including artist and label sites (both official and fan-produced), ambient related articles, and a nice page of links to other ambient music related sites. (You are looking at it now).
Ambience for the Masses
Lookit's awesome ambient music web pages, chock full of reviews, sound files and other surprises.
MP3.com > Ambient
MP3.com hosts music clips and biographical info for several hundred ambient musicians. Some of it is crap, of course, but some of it is really, really excellent. At the bottom of the Ambient Music Artist links (below) there are more links to the ambient content at MP3.com and IUMA.
Obsolete, a labour of love, is home to many attractive ambient-related pages. There's also a bit of non-ambient content there as well, but it's all quite good.

Ambient Music Resellers

Here is a list of online, independent music stores and mail order services that specialize in or sell a wide selection of ambient music. An asterisk indicates I have personally conducted business with them and found them to have excellent service and selection.

Ambient Music Artists

Of course, many artists produce more than one type of music. This list is meant to link to those who have a significant amount of output that might be considered ambient. These are only links to sites not hosted by Hyperreal. Check Epsilon for other artist & label sites, including Axiom, FAX, Eno, and The Orb. Also check the label sites (next section) for more artists, since many labels maintain mini-sites for their artists.

Ambient Music Labels

Just as many artists produce more than one type of music, many labels release more than just ambient music. This list is meant to link to those labels that have artists on their roster who might be considered ambient. Many labels maintain sites for their own artists, so consider this list to be a supplement to the artist list above.

Other Ambient Music Related Sites

Ambient critic Marc Weidenbaum's site features many well-written articles and references centering around the more rhythmic varieties of ambient music.
Dense Communications +
Dense Communications provide publicity services for a number of experimental labels of high quality (A-Musik, Mego, etc.)
Musical Starstreams
Excellent syndicated broadcast radio program with online audio archives.
Earwaves Netowrk
Dwight Loop, producer of the Earwaves and Radio 3000 ambient/experimental/electronic radio shows and EAR magazine, maintains this site with playlists for the shows, sound samples, reviews and more.
Here one can find information about several interesting guitar-ambient bands in the Denton, Texas area.
Sounder is a Windows application that allows the user to use their computer to generate interactive, visual ambient music that plays 'perpetually'. Sounder can run in the background, thus forming a kind of musical 'lava lamp'.
Blazz-net +
Blazz-net, formerly Boom Booom, is/was a collective of 12 or so people who brought a party atmosphere to clubs in England. Besides the full on dance oriented experience BOOM BOOOM for large venues, they also offered BOOMBOOOMBIENCE for intimate venues. Now it seems they are just doing webcasts? Still good stuff, though.
Echoes: A Nightly Music Soundscape
Echoes is a syndicated radio program in the US. It is similar to Hearts of Space, but is a daily 2-hour show with a wider mixture of styles across each broadcast.
Hearts of Space
Hearts of Space is a thematic syndicated radio program in the US, and is also an associated record label. Each show is an uninterrupted 58-minute musical journey, crafted to create a psychologically stimulating, physically relaxing ambience. Space-creating instrumental music from many eras and cultures merges with the latest electronic and acoustic ambient music in a seamless thematic sequence unified by sound, emotion, and spatial imagery.
Andy Burnett's WWW Music Database
One can extract just the ambient entries from this simple yet informative database by using the URL http://www.roadkill.com/cgi-andy/
SSEYO Ltd is a pioneering UK software company founded in 1990 to develop Computer Assisted Ambient Music (CAAM). SSEYO has a UK development centre where the SSEYO Koan Music Engine (SKME) software is written and it has a development centre in the US, specialising in front end developments for the music engine. SSEYO hopes its software, which generates ever-changing beautiful mood music, will provide a platform for an altogether new music genre, where music composed has the freedom to be indeterminate but at the same time can be beautiful and intriguing.
The Ambient Ping +
The Ambient Ping is Toronto's unique weekly live ambient music event. At the home site there are ambient performance photos, soundfiles, links and a complete schedule right from the first performance in August 1999.
sound:escape +
sound:escape is a weekly 4 hour ambient music webcast which features an archived version of the complete show each week which can be played at any time regardless of your time zone. Live ambient performances are a regular highlight on the show.
F7 Sound and Vision +
F7 Sound and Vision is a sound design company that offers some interesting ambient recordings and compositions.
Hypnagogue is a CD-ROM film containing ambient music composed using electric bass.
Transfer is an offbeat webzine with daily rants by the curator. He seems to be devoted to promoting underground electronica with an ambient slant. Lots to read, good content and presentation.
The Big Chill
Since 1993, Pete Lawrence has been coordinating successful ambient-themed events in England under the banner The Big Chill.
A Chicago-based radio show that aired from 1969 to 1977, focusing on progressive music, including electronic. A very interesting set of pages for what must have been an amazing station.
An amazing & huge web environment you will find a hodge-podge of cyber, zen and techno.
Leonardo Music Journal
The Leonardo Music Journal, part of the Leonardo project to explore technology in the fine arts, contains references to some artists and theorists who are exploring some very ambient concepts.
A growing collection of ambient-techno music reviews, interviews and links.
EarSaver is a commercial software product that generates ambient soundscapes in the background while you work.
On Sundays and Thursdays, The LAB does live Internet radio shows that are ambient-based.
Rollin' is an electronic music portal and co-branded ISP. They might have some ambient links not listed here.

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