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Thanks for inquiring about 313. This list was set up by myself to be a forum for the discussion of Detroit techno artists or artists directly influenced by Detroit techno artists. That said, it would be no great coincidence if the list followed the same progression as techno music has. That is, just as the works of the original Detroiters has provided the framework on which much of techno music has been built upon so too should the stated purpose of the list serve as the basis for broader discussion.

For some historical perspective about the stated subject matter of the list I encourage you to pick up a copy of Dan Sicko's book on the early days of techno entitled Techno Rebels. Consider it the unabridged version of the 313 FAQ.

The 313 mailing list is divided into two entities - 313 & 313-digest. 313 is the original mailing list that operates as described below, 313-digest is a version that queues up 313 email into 'digests'. A digest is sent when one of the following criteria has been met:

*accumulation of 30 messages since the last digest
*accumulation of 64 Kb worth of messages since the last digest
*passing of 48 hours since the last digest.

The digest version is completely dependent on 313, there is nothing to be gained by subscribing to both. The only benefit of the digest is that you get far less individual emails at the expense of getting a single larger email at sporadic intervals.

For specifics on subscribing, unsubscribing, sending and receiving mail on 313, check out the first few questions of the FAQ.

Regarding Content and Community

313 content is not moderated and never will be, therefore we rely on 313 list members to 'self-police' 313 using the mechanisms described above. After five plus years 313 has become a community and should be thought of as such. Like any community (Detroit included) 313 is only as strong as every member makes it. In that spirit we ask you respect the following principles:

  • Spam is strictly prohibited, 313 list subscribers are not marketing fodder.
  • List subscribers are people, treat them as such, disrespective and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • List members are here for a reason, keep your posts on topic, using 313 as chat room is not permitted. Please note placing 'OT', standing for off-topic, or 'NRR', standing for not really relevant, in the subject line in no way excuses you from adhering to this rule.
  • Do not attempt to steal another list subscribers email identity (and, yes, this has happened in past).
  • Do not repost private email to 313. Likewise do not reply to private email and 'CC' 313. This is both illegal (falling under the reproduction of an original copyrighted work without permission) and highly unethical. Arguments belong in private email, not in email that is addressed to 313, check your 'To: ' and 'CC: ' email header fields carefully before sending out email - it may save you more embarassment than you thought possible.
  • Try not to swear. More and more corporate sites are using profanity firewalls resulting in fellow 313 subscribers behind those firewalls missing out on what you had to say.
Lets get back to the beats,
OG ADMIN: George Smiley
ADMIN EMERITI: Dan Sicko, Matt McQueen
CURRENT ADMIN: Kent Williams (chaircrusher@hyperreal.org)

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