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B1201 Musicology
B1201 was originally released in August of 1991.
The pressing was limited to 650 black vinyl and 300 clear vinyl. The picture to the left is of the A side label with the B side being the same apart from track names. The label was setup because of the influx of UK "hardcore" and the reluctence of labels at that time to sign music that was not made up of hip hop records sampled on 45 rpm and crap one note one bar riffs.
The Logo, label concept and layout were designed by M. Golding.

Three of these tracks were subsequently licenced by Warp Records (UK)
for the B12 LP "Electro Soma", "Telefone 529" was also used
on Warp's "Artificial Intelligence" compliation LP, along with another
Musicology track from B1204 "Preminition".

Fear of Expression
Telefone 529

Copyright 1991 B12 Music

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