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As you can see from the date above, we aren't really convinced by the necessity for a regularly updated links page as you can find all you want quite happily using Google. So treat these links with a pinch of salt. Like chips/fries/frites, not slugs.


eno appearances

In addition to...

Enoshop -- Brian's official store, purveyors of CDs not available elsewhere, Oblique Strategies and even words from The Big Man

...Brian has left some dainty footprints on the Web.

Drawn From Life -- the official Virgin site

White Cube -- This gallery hosted the Music For Whie Cube installation in 1997 and has a small extract in Flash. To hear it, follow these instructions:

1. Launch popup
2. Wait for intro to load
3. Wait for site to load (see list of artists then a list of options: information, Programme, Artists etc)
4. Move your mouse up to Programme (probably get a message on the right saying "this section is still loading" -- wait until that message goes away)
5. Click on White Cube
6. Click on Past Exhibitions & wait
7. Hover your mouse over the down arrow so the text scrolls up until you see "Brian Eno Music for White Cube 25 April - 31 May 1997 "
8. Click on Brian Eno - you can read about the installation and hear one of the tracks in Shockwave format (again, need to wait until it has loaded). Not the most representative track, but it gives an idea of the White Cube sound-world.

Kite Stories -- Kiasma in Helsinki hosted this installation; see photographs of the event and hear the final (and longest) track from the CD in Streaming Shockwave

Supplement -- Photographs of Brian to accompany 1999 Dutch radio programme

On 13th October 1999 Brian took part in an hour's question-and-answer session with students at Stanford University. This is available in Microsoft Media Player format here (Thanks to Onur Azeri).

Brian contributed to the first programme in Douglas Adams' final radio series, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Future. Longer versions of Brian's comments are archived here. You can learn more about Douglas' brilliance here and here.

Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen! was the first live collaboration between Brian and J Peter Schwalm. You can see a RealVideo recording of some of the performance, plus a snippet of Brian's installation at the KAH in Bonn. A separate RealVideo stream shows a lecture/chat with top music journo Michael Engelbrecht.

As the concert broadcast is a recording of the whole event, not just the interesting musical bit, EnoWeb has prepared this handy guide to the highlights (all timings are approximate): 1 second in, lots of people chatting and eating; 2.5 minutes in, there's a brief extract from the Bonn installation; lots more people chatting, eating and cooking; 32 minutes in, a repeat of the installation extract; 41 minutes in, Brian is sighted; 48 minutes in, the instruments are checked; 54 minutes in, the music starts with an ambient drone; 1 hour 2 minutes in, it gets a bit livelier; shortly after 2 hours, musicians pack up for a break but the music continues; 2 hours 20 minutes in, there are interviews with Brian and Holger Czukay (the latter affording a terrific opportunity for you to brush up your German); 2 hours 35 minutes in, the broadcast ends.

fan & commercial activity

Nerve Net -- loads of Eno-related stuff from the Eno mailing list plus copious archives

Neutreno (currently offline), the site formerly known as Sister Alizarine's Backwater, gives the real smut on Eno; run by Jemiah Jefferson who is nowadays better known as the Queen of Vampire Fiction (check Amazon if you don't believe us)

Radiocitizen's More Dark Than Shark site which has much information about Brian and mirrors EnoWeb's post-BAAS lyrics & interviews

Wishful-Thinking has features on Brian and other ambient artists

All Saints Records is back in business.

iMusic's Brian Eno Bulletin Board for discussions of Brian's work

The limited edition Brian Eno Electronic Portfolio (BEEP) CD-ROM

Brian Eno, Spike Lee and Laurie Anderson were in San Francisco for a "creative convergence" on June 8th, 1996. There is still coverage of this event at HotWired.

SSEYO Ltd, creators of Koan, the generative music software, and publishers of Eno's floppy disk album. See also their page on Generative Music 1. You can order GM1 on-line, so long as you have a PC and a SoundBlaster AWE32 or AWE64 card. A SoundBlaster Live! gives 70-90% correct performance too.

The Learntech site appears to be another dead link. It had information on Al Reinert's film For All Mankind, for which Eno, Lanois and Eno The Younger wrote the music which was released on the album Apollo. You can order the Mac/Windows CD-ROM of the film here but the formerly downloadable samples have gone. While you're at the site, check out Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel and Douglas Adams' Last Chance To See as well. European residents should visit the Voyager.co.uk site.

The Long Now Foundation, where Brian and his friends battle against the forces of short-term thinking

Future Trust, supported by Brian

Brian has been a patron of War Child

Jill "The Manipulator" Greenberg's 'Heroes' picture of Eno seems to have vanished, but she has another one here.

Eric Tamm has a homepage -- and you can download his book on Brian from there.

GBN's review of A Year with Swollen Appendices

Brian has often spoken about Life with regard to self-generating rule-based systems. There's a Java version here and an ActiveX one here.

Norm Friesen has created an on-line tribute version of 2/1 using QuickTime 3.

Barney Stevenson's thesis on Eno

music publications

Unknown Public - the eclectic creative music quarterly (SUBSCRIBE TODAY!)

Perfect Sound Forever has a feature on Eno

Motion has a review of Kite Stories

The Wire


Mixing It -- BBC Radio 3's programme of strange music (with samples)

musical tangents

The EPSILON Ambient Music Information Archive project

Bowienet, David Bowie's own site

Teenage Wildlife - another David Bowie site

Little Wonderworld - yet another David Bowie site

Bryan Ferry's official site

Dave Firmin's Andy Mackay site

Phil Manzanera, Creation Records & the Roxy Music Archive

Tony Visconti

Laurie Anderson

Discipline Global Mobile -- Robert Fripp

Jon Hassell

Russell Mills; Russell Mills

Russell Mills & Ian Walton unofficial site

Permanent Flame -- Bill Nelson

The Krautrock Message Board

The Philm Freax Digital Archive -- photographs from the time when music meant something

Derek Sivers & Hit Me

Daniel Lanois

Curiosa - Curious Music and Cluster information

John Cale

Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri and Mick Karn

The Uncertain Music Corps

Moebius II -- algorithmic & generative music site and forum for generative musicians

FAME music capsule -- generative music from Moebius II

Gavin Friday

Peter Gabriel & Real World

Kelvin L Smith

Joseph Arthur -- official and fan site

Stina Nordenstam

MIHRA, the Music Industry Human Rights Association UK Homepage

arty tangents

Anton Corbijn

Tom Phillips

The Woolwich Arts Group

Vanilla Beer

Dave McKean

White Cube

past enoweb history

Loose connections -- all your favourite broken links!

Malcolm's mission statement for the old EnoWeb '96

The old EnoWeb '95 page

The old EnoWeb '96 page

The old EnoWeb '97-'98 page