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[bubbly eno!] This project was originally mostly composed of text and other archives via the Nerve Net mailing list, with a lot of help directly and indirectly from Alex Rubli and the Nerve Net subscribers. Special thanks are also due to Gregory Taylor, Johann Haidenbauer, Daniel Dumych, C.J. Silverio, Ulrich 'Bommel' Bomnueter, Chris Hanis, Phil South, Martin Nilsson, Tom Boon and probably a lot of other folks who also deserve credit here. We've tried to make this a group effort and not just a reflection of my perspectives or efforts. We welcome anyone interested to get involved in helping to transcribe additional interviews, lyrics, or to add anything else of value or interest related to this project.

The EnoWeb thang was initiated by me {Malcolm Humes (malcolm@hyperreal.com)} in October 1993 as I first started looking at the World Wide Web and how it might be applied to media discographies and to business applications. At the time there was very little music info on the Web -- in fact, the only ones I can recall are the WNUR Jazz Web and the Peter Gabriel pages (now retired) which were maintained by Joe Germuska. The nwu.edu server was one of the first 600 or so Web servers on the net by late 1993 and Joe was kind enough to offer a home for the Eno project as I lacked a Web server to host it. Now it appears that as of March 1995 the Eno Web is visited about 3000 times a week at the two locations currently serving the pages.

My initial interest was to use this as a means to learn HMTL and Web design. I was working towards developing training and commercial oriented Web pages for my employer at the time. Creating pages about Brian Eno was for me a more interesting way to learn the basics of HTML than doing just "work" projects. And I was convinced that the Web could be an excellent forum for hyper-media discographies. I'd already been maintaining a number of discographies on other artists and thought that there was enough info, depth and substance to Eno's work to make this a more interesting and insightful project than the now typical "fan" pages about musical artists. This seems to have worked out well and I've since found myself in two different jobs where I'm acting as a webmaster and doing HTML/Web design.

The material here is offered under the assumption that it is "fair use" to share this with individuals on a not-for-profit basis. In cases where we're aware of any original copyright info we've attempted to keep such copyright notices intact and we request that readers respect the copyrighted nature of anything included here. We hope we're providing a public service to interested parties seeking to learn more about Brian Eno, his works and in some cases his collaborators or possible influences or inspirations. We see this project as essentially providing free advertising for Eno and the interviewers, authors, graphic artists, photographers and others who have contributed to creating the materials included here. I will remove any materials considered questionable if requested to do so by anyone holding copyrights if they voice objection to their materials being included here.

Malcolm Humes
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May, 1996


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