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What's new in the EnoWeb'96

uh, please excuse the dust and aroma of things burning... we're still remodeling. Everything that was here before still is, somewhere. And there's hours of new fun material to explore, most of it in the interview archives. The lyrics still need some work. Maybe you have a little too much spare time and know a little HTML?

We're still putting the finishing touches on relocating from our old home since September 1993 at We owe many thanks to Northwestern University for hosting this project for nearly 3 years. Especially to Joe G. at WNUR! Joe helped put us online back when there were few public web servers.

And we also owe a lot of thanks to our new hosts at where we think we'll fit in well with the Epsilon ambient music information project.

I've renamed the site to EnoWeb'96 because it's taken more than a year to get around to significant updates and moving the project and this is the yearly or so remake of the structure of this beast of a web site. And now there's more Eno related pages than ever on the web and we never wanted to claim this was the Eno "homepage". We've been calling it EnoWeb since the April 1995 makeover and while last year we proudly trumpeted our unofficial status it seems that we've evolved into a recognized source of Eno info and news.

We realized that one of the things this project has failed in is the timely dissemination of Eno news about new projects, releases, events, etc. We're still trying to catch up with last year's Eno projects and meanwhile he's got a new book, a PC software/music release that defies categorization, a slew of CDs released within the last 12 months and most likely a few more nearly out the door. Opal Info seems a bit latent at times in getting the word out at least via the net or newsletters, and here we are, swimming in Eno and still trying to catch up to 1995 as far as the EnoWeb archives are concerned. So...

[Weekly World Eno] is a new web site dynamically updated by anyone wanting to add news, event info, stories and tangential info of interest to Eno oriented people. It's designed to be a living zine -- content is automatically updated and anyone can add info without it waiting in a queue to be merged into the EnoWeb'96 site. There'll certainly be a bit of overlap but the intent is to have a place where the latest news and rumors can be found without delay. We hope to see the WWE site function more as a zine where anyone can publish reviews of Eno music, events, and critical essays or creative works that are by Eno interested folks even if not specifically Eno focused. Since it seems many of those interested in Eno are actively involved in creative arts and expression we'd like to find ways to channel some of the creativity of our audience back out to all of you. Doing that through an interactive "living zine" seems a nice way to approach that and the general lack of interactivity in websites.

uh, and there's not really much new here to point to at the moment, other than the interviews and articles additions. Which is probably a hefty chunk of reading if you're up for it.

We added a few new links on the Oblique Strategies page and have a few ideas yet to come there.

updated the FAQs about Eno's music file to include the meaning of 801 and added a few links there to sites/people referenced.

feedback is always welcome:

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