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What's New   mididexterous (Nov 2005)
info about a glove-based MIDI controller
Features   Oneshot Samples - free sample exchange for musicians
Advanced Vinyl Handling - an extensive tutorial for DJs
Music Machines - an intelligent gear reference
DJ Sets - music to listen to and learn from
Epsilon - a guide to Hyperreal's ambient music resources
Library - how-to guides, historical documents and more
D.PART - techno as art and an instrument of change
DRiP - a phun RealAudio radio show
Modulations - original interview footage
  Reverb - 1993-2000
EST - 1991-1999
and Labels
Official publicity/info sites:
    artists »
b12 (mirror) ·
bochum welt · tetsu inoue · i.s.h.q.
marumari · mystical sun
omnimotion · spanky
    labels »
ambium · axiom · fax +49-69/450464
freakie people · freeform · irdial (a212 mirror)
kracfive · rather interesting · 1200 music ·
    both » bford - baby ford, ifach, trelik

Fan-produced info sites:
    artists »
selected afx loops · atom heart
c-schulz · enoweb · jega · seefeel · rabbit in the moon
spacetime continuum fanspace
susumu yokota
    labels »
general production recordings
harvest · reflective · r.e.i.n.f.o.r.c.e.d
    both » flightpath estate - all things Weatherall, and more

Exclusive tidbits - discographies · publicity
Software   DJ Tools and Information - bpm counters, FAQs, etc.
Software for musical gear - see  Music Machines
Other   Rotator Locator - global record store guide
Central London Rave Shops - record store guide
Mailing Lists and Archives - stay informed

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