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For genre definitions, give up looking for accurate prose descriptions. It is not easy to describe music that is mainly drums and bass, and when people try, they usually get it wrong, or don't have the musicological vocabulary to really make the reader understand what something *sounds* like. Instead, try listening to examples where DJs have identified (with maybe 80% accuracy) the styles they play.
Sample and Hold – The House Sound of Chicago by Sheryl Garratt for The Face magazine  (1986)
The History of House by Phil Cheeseman for DJ magazine  (1990)
Machine Soul – A History of Techno by Jon Savage for the Village Voice  (1993)
Futuresound: Techno Music and Mediation by Morgan Lang  (1996)
    (MS Word version also available)
The History of Freestyle by Joey Gardner  (1993)
Technics turntable pitch slider center-click removal by Keck
Learning to DJ by Laura La Gassa
So you want to be a DJ by Pat Lui
Mixing Without Decks by Kyle Farrell
How to become a techno god by Steve Kosloske
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WARP Artificial Intelligence series
UK-Dance 1992 Top 20 chart
UK-Dance 1993 Top 20 charts
UK-Dance 1994 Top 20 chart
Discussion of soul in techno as posted to alt.rave (1993)

I am looking for good references and educational documents that can be hosted or mirrored here at Hyperreal. If you have or know of something that would be a good addition to the library, please Let me know.
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