General Production Recordings, LTD

(GPR DCD 18) (double CD)

Y03 - Liquid Flow
Germ - Ssong
Terrace - Midiology [Vocodal Version]
Nev - Trowave
Luke Slater's 7th Plain - Convex
Terrace - My Mirror Image [Morning View Remix]
Mark Broom - Gold Cheese [The Easy Cheesey Mix]
Plaid - Scoobs In Colombia [Plaid Potatoe Timbale Remix]
Beaumont Hannant - Psi-Onyx [Return To Planet Ten]
Takeshi Kurosawa - Dialogue [Takeshi Remix]

Third Shock - Disrupt
Hi-Ryze - Hybrid Expansion [Germ & John Dalby version]
Germ - Caln
Y03 - Deep Sleep
Beaumont Hannant - Neville Hill Depot [Limited Edition]
Cherry Bomb - Neon
Russ Gabriel - Reality Flow
Radioactive Lamb - The Secret Light
Lagowski - Europa [Y03 Remix]
Mark Broom - Seagulls [Remixed version]
The Black Dog - Virtual [Page 5]


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