The Hyperreal Music Archive

DJ Resources

This area of the Hyperreal Music Archive is a bit of a shambles.
Technics turntable pitch slider center-click removal - turntable hacking guide
Advanced Vinyl Handling - a detailed DJ tutorial
Mixing without decks - using CDs and Sonic Foundry's Acid
A short list of BPMs for early/mid-90s dance tracks - for future inclusion in our database.
So you want to be a DJ (a beginners perspective) - a how-to guide.
Learning to DJ - another how-to guide.
A list of female DJs - another candidate for the database.
Technics SL-1200 FAQ - surely there must be a newer version.
A couple of pictures - but no one is naked in them. sorry.
Top 10 lists from popular DJs - like we're really gonna keep these.
Some DJ related software - BPM counters, etc.