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"Electronic music [is] always going further, always inventing new sounds and explorations on a rhythm ... a lot of music doesn't do that." -- Jonah Sharp, SF Weekly, May 5-11 1999 pg. 39

2008 news

Jonah's myspace page suggests that a new Spacetime Continuum album is forthcoming, as is a collaboration with Mixmaster Morris (aka Irresistible Force). Stay tuned!

2007 news

Since the release of Double Fine Zone in 1999, Jonah has been involved with music as a producer, remixer, and podcaster. Jonah is one of the people behind betterpropaganda.com, a site offering musician bios and downloads. Jonah produces a betterpropaganda podcast which contains a mix of the site's most compelling tracks. The betterpropaganda site indicates that Mr. Sharp is working on solo material for a new album.

Jonah has recently been performing live with Mr. Projectile. The live set, performed with music hardware without laptops, contains fast-moving techno and idm with complex rhythms. The duo have had three gigs in the San Francisco bay area in early 2007 (although the power had to be shut down before their performance at the third event).

During 2007, Jonah toured with Sikiru Adepoju, Zakir Hussain, and Mickey Hart for the Global Drum Project. Jonah and Sikiru met up with Ursula Rucker for a one-of-a-kind performance in San Francisco in November, and it was a great one!

Jonah now has a myspace page.

Old news

Jonah Sharp's music career is marked first and foremost by experimentation. Being among the first ambient techno producers, he broke onto the scene in 1993 with his "Flurescence" EP on his own Reflective label. Shortly after, his Spacetime Continuum act was the first domestic project to be signed to the Astralwerks label.

After starting his musical career in London as a jazz drummer, he left the scene - and the country - to move to San Francisco. Having made his mark in the ambient scene between the years of 1993 and 1995, his experimentalism led him to create "Emit Ecaps", a dancefloor-oriented groove. Having made his statement about his creative prowess, and before getting comfortable in what could have been a formula for success for any other artist, he put his drum machines to rest and reached for a Fender Rhodes. Effectively tossing the dance floor and the jazz club in a blender, the resulting work "Double Fine Zone" emerges, defining yet another musical direction for Spacetime Continuum.

Utilizing analog synthesizers, percussion samples from a live drumkit, and smooth saxophone and harmonica parts laid down by jazz buddies Brian Iddenden and Damien Masterson, Jonah Sharp has fused old school techno with jazz. Three parts paying homage to his roots, two parts experimentalism, one part Jonah's west-coast sound, and two parts groovy electronic music. Pop in player, let chill for one hour.

Reflective records has a website with a paypal store. Check it out.

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