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spacetime continuum fanspace
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Site history
Following approval for web space by the hyperreal crew, the Spacetime Continuum fanspace web site was launched on 14 September 1998. A major overhaul occured in spring 1999 to re-focus the site's content and prepare for the launch of Double Fine Zone. With the help from many web site visitors, the site's content has been improved and expanded.
Site praise
"Ultra fab" - Astralwerks
Site staff/contributors
Brett Neely (site editor/coordinator) - f-stc@hyperreal.org
Pol Santacana (track lists, discography information)
Stephen Gillitt (discography information)
Mikkel Folke Olsen (discography information)
Mission statement
  • Maintain a complete Jonah Sharp discography
  • Maintain comprehensive reviews and interviews listings
  • Maintain a listening booth with links to audio clips
  • Provide up-to-date news on releases and live shows
  • Give proper credit to contributors and information sources
  • Keep all information as accurate and as current as possible
  • Allow everyone to contribute to the site content
Reference sites
All-Music Guide
Matt's Script Archive
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Site inspector
Ultimate Band List
Special thanks

Thanks to the staff at hyperreal (especially Brian Behlendorf and Mike Brown) for encouraging this project and providing web space.

Special thanks to Jonah Sharp for inspiring this project.