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01 Aug 2004 Hello. As mentioned on the homepage, Reflective records has a website set up. Be sure to grab the Blaktronics 12" if you don't have it. After a long hiatus, I'm going to try to update this site. I'm hoping for a new design, a new discography layout, and of course, more current info. Please get in touch if you have information that we should add: bneely/hyperreal.org .
07 Jul 1999 Added a link to a new Jonah Sharp interview (from XLR8R magazine) to the interviews page. It sounds like Reflective is coming back after all. (Great news!)
06 Jul 1999 Added my own Double Fine Zone review. Stay tuned for a cool CD giveaway!
14 Jun 1999 Added a Double Fine Zone review by Andrew Smith from xlr8r magazine.
11 Jun 1999 We are pleased to announce the launch of ref web 001 - an unofficial web site for Jonah's Reflective Records label. Give it a look and find out about one of the most prolific experimental electronic music labels.
01 Jun 1999 Jonah's new album Double Fine Zone is out now. Go get it!
27 May 1999
  • Sorry about the length of time it is taking to get the new site design propogated. (I've been busy :) Help us spread the word about this web site with some of our nifty flyers.
  • Astralwerks will host a Double Fine Zone listening party soon. Stay tuned!
  • The "lowfrequency" and "transmitter" mailing lists are shut down for now due to an unfortunate lack of interest. =(
09 April 1999 Astralwerks has delayed the release of Double Fine Zone until June 1999. The untitled "Spacetime Continuum EP" which Astralwerks briefly announced has in fact been cancelled.
26 Feb 1999 Astralwerks has announced the following release dates:
20 April 1999: Spacetime Continuum EP
04 May 1999: Double Fine Zone

Old News (for those living in the past)