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Review of "Emit Ecaps" by Spacetime Continuum
Astralwerks - catalog ASW6147 - released 06 Feb 1996
by Brett Neely

(rating: 8/10)

Venturing boldly beyond the undefined boundaries of ambient techno, the one-man show Spacetime Continuum presents Emit Ecaps, a lively, beat-oriented, groove-intensive collection of experimental dancefloor techno. Sensitive to its surroundings, Emit Ecaps embraces the vibrant feel of Jonah Sharp's liberal San Francisco homeland. Comprised of exceptionally deft bass lines, refined synthetic percussion, and inspired synth riffs, this follow-up album to 1994's ambient classic Sea Biscuit is a strong addition to Sharp's already respectable discography.

Making his mark in the early 1990's primarily as an ambient musician, Jonah Sharp validates himself with this album as a qualified electronic musician who can pick and choose from any styles or influences. Hints of many styles are present, including Sharp's ambient and jazz backgrounds, as well as Detroit techno, house, funk, drum and bass, electro, and intelligent dance.

Synths drift carefully, bounce freely, and bubble over with life throughout these ten tracks. The album includes the energetic and upbeat "Iform" and "Kairo," the exotic and daring "Swing Fantasy," and the more passive "Twister" and "String of Pearls." The mixing of "Simm City" could have been improved; its sharp high-pitched intro can startle the unsuspecting listener. With Emit Ecaps, Jonah Sharp diversifies his style and refines his already masterful groove.