1) Wild River; 2) Shattered Image; 3) Angel of Death; 4) Lucky; 5) Darklands; 6) A Letter Back; 7) Over
Anton Fier: percussion; Bill Laswell: basses; Robert Kidney: guitar, vocals; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Amanda Kramer: keyboards, vocals; Jeff Bova: keyboards; Aiyb Dieng: percussion; Bernie Worrell: keyboards; Chuck Leavell; Larry Saltzman: guitar; Mick Taylor: guitar.
1989 - Celluloid

1) Bad Blood; 2) Black Eyes; 3) Shotgun News; 4) Altai; 5) Ta Magika; 6) Second Skin; 7) Omens
Nicky Skopelitis: guitars; Ginger Baker: drums: Bill Laswell: bases; Simon Shaheen: violin, oud; Fred Frith: violin; Aiyb Dieng: percussion
Produced by Bill Laswell/Material and Nicky Skopelitis.
1989 - Virgin (CD)

MATERIAL -Seven Souls
1) Ineffect; 2) Seven Souls; 3) Soul Killer; 4) The Western Lands; 5) Deliver; 6) Equation; 7) The End of Words
William S. Burroughs: voice; Rammellzee: voice; Foday Musa Suso: voice; Fahiem Dundan: voice: Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string guitars, baglama, coral sitar, saz, Fairlight; Simon Shaheen: violin; Shankar: violin; Bill Laswell: 4, 6 & 8 string basses, acoustic guitar, tapes, percussion; Jeff Bova: electronic keyboards; Sly Dunbar: drums, Fairlight; Aiyb Dieng: percussion
Produced by Bill Laswell/Material.
1989 - Virgin (CD)

GOLDEN PALOMINOS - Visions of Excess
1) Boy (Go); 2) Clustering Train; 3) Omaha; 4) The Animal Speaks; 5) Silver Bullet; 6) (Kind Of) True; 7) Buenos Aires; 8) Only One Party
Anton Fier: drums; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Richard Thompson: guitar; Carla Bley: Hammond organ; Michael Stipe: vocals; Henry Kaiser: guitar; Bob Kidney: vocals, guitar; Bernie Worrell: keyboards; Syd Straw: vocals; Chris Stamey: vocals; Mike Hampton: guitar; John Lydon: vocals; Jack Bruce: vocals, harp; Arto Lindsay: guitar, vocals .
1989 - Celluloid

SWANS: the burning world
1) the river that runs with love won’t run dry; 2) let it come down; 3) can’t find my way home; 4) mona lisa, mother earth; 5) saved; 6) I remember who you are; 7) I remember who you are; 8) jane mary, cry one tear; 9) see no more; 10) god damn the sun
Michael Gira: vocals, guitars; Norman Westberg: guitars; Jarboe: vocals, keyboards; Bill Laswell: bass; Jason Asnes: bass; Virgil Moorefield: drums; Nicky Skopelitis: baglama, bazouki; Shankar: double violin; Fred Frith: violin; Jeff Bova: keyboards; Aiyb Dieng: percussion; Trilok Gurtu: tablas; Bernard Fowler: background vocals; Fred Fowler: background vocals; Karl Berger: vibes; strings arranged and conducted by Karl Berger; Mark Feldman: violin; Larry Packer: violin; John Kass: viola; Richard Carr: viola; Garo Yellin: cello
Produced by Bill Laswell and Michael R. Gira.
1989 - Uni Records (CD)

ROBERT MUSSO - Absolute Music
1) Kithara Mu; 2) Surakarta; 3) Celtify; 4) Orientation; 5) Music of the Spheres; 6) Moon Lute; 7) Sounds of the Apocalypse
Robert Musso: all instruments; Bill Laswell: bass and prepared bass (2)
Produced by Robert Musso.
1989 - Mu (CD)


1) Nitchimo Satchimo; 2) Hieyashi Bushi; 3) Wann Kann Ich Sie Wiedersehen?; 4) Hitsujikai No Bansan; 5) Kibaminzoku No Odori; 6) Mooko
Akira Sakata: alto saxophone, B clarinet, piano, vocalism; Bill Laswell: prepared fretless bass, 4, 6 & 8 string bass, sitar bass, violin, ectar; Ronald Shannon Jackson: drums, percussion, scheollmie
Produced by Bill Laswell, Akira Sakata, Ronald Shannon Jackson, and Robert Musso.
1990 - Virgin

MANDINGO: New World Power
1) Lanmbasy; 2) Balafa; 3) Mandinka; 4) Powerhouse; 5) Ada Andi; 6) Tell Me One More Time
Foday Musa Suso: kora, gravichord, talking drums, vocal; Bill Laswell: basses; Jeff Bova: synthesizers; Nicky Skopelitis & Clive Smith: Fairlight programming
Produced by Bill Laswell and Foday Musa Suso.
1990 - Axiom (CD)

GINGER BAKER: Middle Passage
1) Mektoub; 2) Under Black Skies; 3) Time Be Time; 4) Alamout; 5) Basil; 6) South to the Dust
Ginger Baker: drums; Jah Wobble: bass; Jonas Hellborg: Wal midi bass, fretless and acoustic bass; Bill Laswell: bass, fretless and six string bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string guitars, baglama, coral sitar, electric banjo, Fairlight; Faruk Tekbilek: ney, zurna; Bernie Worrell: Hammond organ; Aiyb Dieng: doff, dumbek, talking drum, metals; Mar Gueye: sabar (hand drum); Magette Fall: tama (talking drums)
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1990 - Axiom

SHANKAR: Soul Searcher
1) Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi; 2) Ragam: Kapi; 3) Seethalashmi Talam: 6 3/4 Beats (Tala Conceived by Shankar)
Shankar: vocals, double-violin, kanjira; V. Lakshminarayana: violin, double-violin; Caroline: vocals, tamboura, talam; Ganam Rao: vocals; Zakir Hussain: tabla; Vikku Vinayakram: ghatam; Peter Gabriel: keyboards
Produced by the Epidemics, Shankar & Caroline with Bill Laswell.
1990 - Axiom (CD)

1) Jungle Bass (Jungle One/Long Form); 2) Disciples of Funk (The Return of the Funkateers); 3) Jungle Bass (House of Bass Mix); 4) Interzone (Silent Hush - Hush Mix/Cyberfunk)
Fred Wesley: trombone; Maceo Parker: alto saxophone; Richard “Kush” Griffith: trumpet; Rick Gardner: trumpet; Bernie Worrell: synthesizers; Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson: synthesizers; Jeff Bova: synthesizers; Gary “Mudbone” Cooper: front ground vocals; Bill Laswell: bass, samples, free jazz; Bootsy: space bass, guitar, drums, black noise, unsamples, vocals; Boot-Tron: vocals.
Produced by Bill Laswell and Bootsy.
1990 - Island

FODAY MUSA SUSO - The Dreamtime
1) Futula Mussoli; 2) Morning Light; 3) Mba Ndin Seedy; 4) Under the Tree; 5) Kana Boori; 6) Early Walk; 7) Finger Work; 8) Moving Shadow; 9) Dunia Sound; 10) Bunfa Silence; 11) Fulada
Foday Musa Suso: kora, dusongoni, nyanyery, kalimba, tama, karinyan, voice
Produced by Bill Laswell and Foday Musa Suso.
1990 - CMP (CD)

1) Baba L’Rouami; 2) Mimoun Mamrba; 3) Tramin; 4) Chabako; 5) Moulay Abdellah Ben Hassaine/Moulay Brahim; 6) Toura Toura Tour Kelilah; 7) Baniya; 8) Jillala; 9) Said Fafy Drum Solo; 10) Toura Toura Tour Kelilah #2; 11) Hamouda
Mustapha Baqbou: sintir, vocals; Abdelhak Bou Naam: darbouka; Said Oughassal: vocals, sintir, oud, drums; Mahjoub El Khalmouss: vocals; Ahmed Hamzaoui: vocals; Abdelqader Oughassal: vocals, sintir; Abelmar Bou Naam: drums; Abderrahim Oughassal: drums; Abdel Kbir Msolom: qrakech; Abdellatif Oughassal: qrakech; Brahim El Belkani: drums, sintir, vocals; Abbes Larfaoui: drums; Mahjoub Jaffer: drums; Samir Zougari: clapping; Aziz Radi: clapping, vocals; Mohammed Mslomi: clapping, vocals; Abdel Kbir Msolom: clapping vocals; Hassan Zougari: clapping, vocals; Abdenbi Binizi: clapping, vocals; Ahmed Mamzaoi: shaker; Abdel Kbir Mershan: vocals; Mbarrek Ben Othane: vocals; Aberrahim Oughassal: drum; Mohammed Qrifli: vocals; Said Fafy: drums; Mahjoub Methoum: qrakech, vocals; Rachid El Belkani: clapping
Produced by Bill Laswell and Richard Horowitz.
1990 - Axiom

1) Hamaba; 2) Nayo; 3) Dangoma;4) Sanjon Bilama; 5) Kumbusora; 6) Nyanyer Song; 7) Julajekereh; 8) Galoyabeh; 9) Lanbango; 10) Borasabana; 11)China Product
Mandinka Group: Surakata Suso: kora; Karnnka Suso: kora; Bolong Suso: kora; Manjaka Suso: kora; Jewuru Kanuteh: kora; Mahamadou Suso: balafon; Mawudo Suso: balafon; Salun Kuyateh: balafon; Saiko Suso: batakonkon; Lamin Suso: batakonkon; Dembo Kanuteh: dundungo; Mahamadou Suso: dundungo; Bobo Suso: voice; Mahame Camara: voice
Fulani Group: Juldeh Camara: nyanyer, voice; Korreh Jallow: nyanyer, voice; Alieu Touray: flute; Amahou Bah: calabash; Karimu Bah: calabash; Amadou Jallow: lala; Ousman Jallow: jimbeh
Produced by Bill Laswell and Foday Musa Suso.
1990 - Axiom

GOLDEN PALOMINOS - Thundering Herd: The Best of the Golden Palominos
1) Clustering Train; 2) Lucky; 3) Angels; 4) Diamond; 5) Brides of Jesus; 6) Buenos Aires; 7) Under the Cap; 8) Silver Bullet; 9) A Letter Back; 10) The Push and the Shove; 11) Strong, Simple Silences; 12) Work Was New; 13) The Animal Speaks; 14) Over; 15) I’ve Been the One; 16) Boy (Go); 17) Darklands; 18) Something Becomes Nothing; 19) Wild River; 20) Only One Party; 21) Omaha; 22) (Kind of) True; 23) Faithless Heart; 24) Angel of Death; 25) Shattered Image; 26) (Something Else Is) Working Harder
1990 -Oceana Records (CD)

SAMULNORI - Record of Changes
1) Kut; 2) P'u Sal; 3) Al-Ari
Kim Duk Soo: changgo, choong ching, chorus; Lee Kwang Soo: k'kwaengwari, changgo, ching, vocal; Choi Jong Sil: ching, buk, changgo, chorus; Kang Min Seok: ching, bara, changgo, chorus
Produced by Bill Laswell and Jason Corsaro
1990 - CMP(CD)

1) Stand Up!; 2) Blind; 3) Caught in the Middle of It; 4) Just Like That; 5) Two Bullets and a Gun; 6) The Harder They Come; 7) Over and Over Again; 8) Baby Walk on; 9) Indian Chief 10) Cover Me
Stevie Salas: Guitars, Lead & background vocals; Winston A Watson Jr.: Drums, percussion, Backing vocals; C J DeVillar: Bass, Bass Sitar, Backing Vocals; Gary "Mudbone" Cooper: Backing vocals; Jeff Bova: Keyboards (3, 4, 6, 9); Bernie Worrell: Bass Synth (1, 8); Bootsy Collins: Long distance telerap (5)
Produced by Bill Laswell and Stevie Salas
1990 - Island

10) Volunteered Slavery, Bern's Blues, Outer Spaceways; 11) At Mos'Spheres
Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 Organ, electric piano, DX-7, vocals; Gary "Mudbone" Cooper: vocals; Aiyb Dieng - chatan, conga, tambourine, and bells
Produced by Bill Laswell
1990 - Gramavision

1) Red Warrior; 2) Ashes; 3) Gate to Heaven; 4) In Every Face; 5) Elders; 6) What’s Not Said
Ronald Shannon Jackson: drums; Jef Lee Johnson: guitar; Stevie Salas: guitar; Jack DeSalvo: guitar; Ramon Pooser: bass; Conrad Mathieu: bass
Produced by Bill Laswell and Ronald Shannon Jackson.
1990 - Axiom

SIMON SHAHEEN - The Music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab
1) Al Hinna; 2) Sittel Habayeb; 3) Hanil Widd; 4) Ibnil Balad; 5) Theme & Variations; 6) Bortuqal; 7) Mudnaka
Simon Shaheen: violin, oud, viola; Ibrahim Salman: qanoun; Sheikh Taha: accordian; Anton Hajjar: ney; Najib Shaheen: oud; Ramzi Bisharat: tabla; Michel Baqlouq: daff; Hanna Mirhige: sagat; Nessim Dakway: violin; Kamil Shajrawi: violin; Artemis Theodos: violin; Gabriel Palka: violin; Michael Richmond: double bass; Michael Finkel: cello; Vladimir Greenberg: cello; Paula Bing: flute; chorus: Laura Shaheen, Nermine Rawi, Louise Salman, Youssef Kassab, Maurice Chedid, Simon Shaheen
Produced by Bill Laswell and Simon Shaheen.
1990 - Axiom (CD)

1) Mental Holiday: A) Vacating the Body; B) Ain’t Supposed to Be; C) No Routines; D) Forgive Me; E) Be Back Shortly; 2) Taboo; 3) Mothers and Sons; 4) Challenge to Manhood; 5) Little Things That Count
Eric Person: alto, baritone, soprano saxophone; Zane Massey: alto, tenor saxophone; Lee Rozie: soprano saxophone; Henri Scott: trumpet; David Gordon: trumpet; Robin Eubanks: trombone; Akbar Ali: violin; Vernon Reid: guitar; Onaje Allan Gumbs: DX7; Bruce Johnson: electric bass; Melvin Gibbs: electric bass; Ronald Shannon Jackson: electric and acoustic drums, oboe, percussion, vocals.
Produced by Bill Laswell and Ronald Shannon Jackson
1990 - Virgin Records

FRED FRITH: Step Across the Border
2b) Legs; 17a) Same Old Me
Fred Frith: guitar, drums, vocals, percussion, bass, bottles, DX7, home-mades; Bill Laswell (2b, 17a): bass; Fred Maher (2b, 17a): drums
1990 - RecRec Music, reCDec 30 (CD)
1991 - East Side Digital, EAS80462 (CD)

RUBAIYAT - Elektra's 40th Anniversary, Elektra
38) T.V. Eye
John Zorn: alto; Yamatsuka Eye: vocals; Robert Quine: guitar; Bill Laswell: bass; Ted Epstein: drums.
1990 - Elektra (2xCD)