1) Sleepwalk; 2) Prison of the Rhythm; 3) I’m Not Sorry; 4) This Is How It Feels; 5) To a Stranger; 6) The Wonder; 7) Breakdown; 8) These Days; 9) Rain Holds; 10) Twist the Knife; 11) Bird Flying; 12) A Divine Kiss
Anton Fier: drums, programming, bass, beats, and loops; Bill Laswell: bass; Lori Carson: voices; Lydia Kavanaugh: voices (5, 8, 12); Bootsy Collins: guitar; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Bernie Worrell: Hammond organ; Matt Stein: programming, loops, effects; Amanda Kramer: keyboards, string arrangement ( 8); Jeff Bova: keyboards and additional programming (8).
Produced by Anton Fier.
1993 - Restless (CD)

THE GOLDEN PALOMINOS: Prison of the Rhythm - The Remixes
1) original version; 2) Exuberance is Beauty mix; 3) P.W.O.G.’s Dizzy Drift mix; 4) Adam Peters mix; 5) purified radio edit/original version
Anton Fier: drums, programming, bass, beats, and loops; Bill Laswell: bass; Lori Carson: voices; Bootsy Collins: guitar; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Bernie Worrell: Hammond organ; Matt Stein: programming, loops, effects; Amanda Kramer: keyboards.
Produced by Anton Fier. Additional production and mixes by Bill Laswell, Tim Freemand and Psychick Warriors Oz Gavia, and Adam Peters.
1993 - Restless (CD)

1) Niggers are Scared of Revolution; 2) Am; 3) Bum Rush; 4) This Is Madness; 5) Malcolm; 6) Pop; 7) Love; 8) 40 Deuce Street; 9) Personal Things; 10) This Is Madness (Metal Mix)
Umar Bin Hassan: voice; Abiodun Oyewole: voice; Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3; Amina Claudine Myers: Hammond B-3; Bootsy Collins: guitar; Bill Laswell: bass, beats; Foday Musa Suso: dousongonni, kora, percussion, voice; Buddy Miles: drums; Aiyb Dieng: chatan, congas, percussion; Guilherme Franco: congas, berimbau, percussion; Anton Fier: drum loops; Asante: Will, Warren, Pharoah, Andre: vocals
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1993 - Axiom (CD)

1) Mantra (Praying Mantra Mix); 2) Mantra (Doors of Perception Edit); 3: Mantra (Doors of Perception Mix)
Produced by Bill Laswell.
Additional production and remix by The Orb (1).
1993 - Axiom (CD)

X-LEGGED SALLY: Killed by Charity
1) Eddies; 2) Dum Dum; 3) Still Life with Ray; 4) Spix & Chaco; 5) The Shah of Blah; 6) Bleedproof; 7) Break Too; 8) Did You Get Your Milk, Stewart?; 9) Mysterious Angelic Voices; 10) Am Tisch!; 11) The Look of Love; 12) Killed by Charity; 13) It’s a Baby; 14) Shedded
Danny Van Hoeck: drums; Paul Belgrado: bass; Pierre Vervloesem: guitar, vocals, shaker ;Jean Luc Plouvier: keyboards; Michel Mast: saxes; Bart Maris: trumpet; Peter Vermeersch: clarinet, vocals
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1993 - SubRosa (CD)

BERNIE WORRELL: Blacktronic Science
1) Revelation in Black Light; 2) Flex; 3) Time Was (Events in the Elsewhere); 4) Blood Secrets; 5) Dissinfordollars; 6) The Vision; 7) Won’t Go Away; 8) X-Factor; 9) Disappearance (Life after Life)
Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 organ, Mini Moog; George Clinton: Vocal; Bootsy Collins: guitar, vocal, acoustic bass guitar; Gary “Mudbone” Cooper: vocal; Maceo Parker: alto saxophone; Fred Wesley: trombone; Bill Laswell: loops, beats, sound effects, samples; Aiyb Dieng: cowbells, percussion; Tony Williams: drums; Sly Dunbar: drum loop
Produced by Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell.
1993 - Gramavision (CD)

1) A Muey A Muey; 2) Dunya; 3) Fin Roh; 4) Nbrik; 5) Nbrik Dub; 6) Lahbab; 7) Nenzak; 8) Zin; 9) El Harb
Bill Laswell: bass (1,3,4,5,9), loops (1,4,5), sound effects (2); MY. Cheb Ahmed: lead vocie; Cheb Qchatar: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, voice; El Habib El Malak: Electric guitar, voice; S’Mohamed Kbirr: violin, mandolin, flutes, voice; Omar Jar: darbuka, percussion, voice; MY. Mansour: darbuka, percussion, voice; Jabbar El Shaheed: synthesizer, samples, guitar noises, voice; Bernie Worrell: Hammond organ (4,5), voice (4); Omar Ben Hassan: voice (3); Fido K.: synthesizer (6), general check king; Abdou El Shaheed: voice (9), vibes; MC O-Khan: Antifa vox (4); Funbox Crew: additional drum sounds and loops
Produced by Bill Laswell and Pat Jabbar El Shaheed (1,2,3,4,5,9); produced by Pat Jabbar El Shaheed (6,7,8).
1993 - Barbarity (CD)

ANTON FIER: Dreamspeed
1) Dreamspeed; 2) Being and Time; 3) Emotional Smear; 4) Cloud Without Water; 5) Time Function; 6) A Vague Sense of Order (Bloody Miles Mix); 7) Never Come Morning; 8) Dreamspeed (Realm of the Senseless Mix); 9) A Vague Sense of Order
Anton Fier: drums, percussion, samples, loops; Bill Laswell: bass; Matt Stein: loops, samples; Bootsy Collins: rhythm guitar, (pushing the) envelope filter guitar ( 2,7); Buckethead: young + innocent guitar (1, 8), teen metal guitar (2, 7); Phew: voice; Makino Kazu: moaning (1, 8), voice (4)
Produced by Anton Fier.
1993 - Avant (CD)

1) Tarab; 2) Meet Your Maker; 3) Ghost of a Chance; 4) Proud Flesh; 5) Sanctuary; 6) One Eye Open; 7) Heresy; 8) Jubilee; 9) Witness; 10) Telling Time
Nicky Skopelitis: electric six and twelve string guitars, coral sitar, baglama, slide guitars, dobro; Jah Wobble: bass (1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9); Bill Laswell: bass (2, 3, 6, 10); Zakir Hussain: tabla (1); Foday Musa Suso: doussongoni, kora (1, 4, 7, 8, 9); Simon Shaheen: violin, oud (1, 2, 4, 6, 9); Jaki Liebezeit: drums (2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9); Guilherme Franco: cuica, little hammer, whistle, electric berimbau, cuica, cowbell, tambourine, congas (2, 3, 4, 6, 10); Bachir Attar: flute, ghaita (2, 5); Amina Claudine Myers: Hammond B-3 organ (2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10); Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste: drums (3, 6, 10); Aiyb Dieng: chatan, talking drum, metals (3, 5, 6, 8)
Produced by Bill Laswell and Nicky Skopelitis.
1993 - Axiom (CD)

MATERIAL -Live in Japan
1) Invocation; 2) Leaving Earth; 3) Desert Star; 4) Out of the Dreamtime; 5) Obsessed; 6) Into the Seventh House; 7) Dousongonni Song; 8) The Receiver; 9) The Creator Has a Master Plan; 10) The Image of the One
Foday Musa Suso: kora, dousongonni, guitar, percussion, vocal; Bill Laswell: bass; Bernie Worrell: piano, Hammond organ, clavinet, synthesizer; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string guitars; Aiyb Dieng: chatan, congas, talking drum, percussion; Ginger Baker: drums
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1993 - Restless (CD)

GEORGE CLINTON: Smell My Finger 11) Maximumisness
Produced by George Clinton and Bill Laswell.
1993 - Paisley Park/Warner Brothers (CD)

ZILLATRON: Lord of the Harvest
1) C.B.I. Files; 2) Bugg Lite; 3) Fuzz Face; 4) Exterminate; 5) Smell the Secrets; 6) Count Zero; 7) Bootsy and the Beast; 8) No Fly Zone (The Devils Playground); 9)The Passion Continues
Zillatron/Fuzzface/Bootsy: spaced bass, voices, samples, beats; Bernie Worrell: electric piano, Hammond organ, synthesizers; Buckethead: electric and acoustic guitar; Bill Laswell: ambient sounds and noises; Grandmaster Melle Mel: chant; Umar Bin Hassan: chant; Debra Barsha: back vocals; Kristen Gray: back vocals; Momma Collins: back vocals; Brenda Holloway: back vocals; Patti Willis: back vocals
Produced by Bill Laswell and Bootsy Collins.
1993 - Black Arc - Rykodisc (CD)

SLAVE MASTER: Under the Six
1) Godless; 2) Heal; 3) Damnation; 4) Come Out; 5) Day of Requital; 6) Final Call; 7) Walk the Water; 8) Down; 9) Each One, Teach One; 10) Freedom
Islam Shabazz: vocals, bass; Bill McKinney: guitar, back vocals; Michael Hampton: guitar; Mackie: drums; Gary Mudbone Cooper: vocals
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1993 - Black Arc Ryko (CD)

BERNIE WORRELL: Pieces of Woo: The Other Side
1) Witness for the Defense; 2) Set the Tone/Victory; 3) The Mask; 4) Gladiator Skull; 5) Moon Over Brixton; 6) Judie’s Passion Purple; 7) Fields of Play
Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 organ, Roland D-50 synthesizer, mini Moog, Wah clavinet, Wurlitzer electric piano; Fred Wesley: trombone; Vincent Chancey: French horn; Marty Ehrlick: bass clarinet; Janet Grice: bassoon; Patience Higgins: clarinet; Amina Claudine Myers: Hammond B-3 organ; Bill Laswell: beats, loops, samples, noise, effects; Buckethead: guitars, effects; Oz Fritz: sounds
Produced by Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell.
1993 - CMPCD (CD)

HENRY THREADGILL - Too Much Sugar for a Dime
1) Little Pocket Size Demons; 2) In Touch; 3) Paper Toilet; 4) Better Wrapped/Better Unrapped; 5) Too Much Sugar; 6) Try Some Ammonia
Henry Threadgill: alto saxophone; Mark Taylor: French horn; Brandon Ross: electric guitar (acoustic guitar on 5); Masujaa: electric guitar; Edwin Rodriguez: tuba; Marcus Rojas: tuba; Gene Lake: drums (except 5); Dorian L. ParreottII: tuba (2, 4, 6); Larry Bright: drums (2, 4), cymbals (5); Leroy Jenkins: violin (2, 4); Jason Hwang: violin (2, 4); Simon Shaheen: violin, oud (2, 4); Johnny Rudas: culo e puya, fulia (2, 4); Miguel Urvina: culo e puya, fulia (2, 4, 5); Mossa Bildner: vocalist (2); Arenae: vocalist (2)
Produced by Bill Laswell and Henry Threadgill.
1993 - Axiom (CD)

MANIFESTATION - Axiom Collection II
1) Material: Mantra; 2) Praxis: Animal Behavior; 3) Bahia Black: Captiao Do Asfalto; 4) Material: Reality Dub (Virtual Reality Mix); 5) Nicky Skopelitis: Tarab Dub (Wasteland Mix); 6) Master Musicians of Jajouka: A Habibi Ouajee T’Allel Allaillya; 7) Henry Threadgill: Better Wrapped/Better Unwrapped (Edit); 8) Mandingo: Lanmbasy Dub (Kora in Hell Mix); 9) Gnawa Music of Marrakesh: Baniya; 10) Praxis: Dead Man Walking; 11) Material: Playin’ With Fire (Praxis Remix/Edit); 12) Talip Ozkan: Feridem
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1993- Axiom (CD)

1) Melting Pot; 2) Chasin’ the Air; 3) Asian Games; 4) Ninja Drive; 5) Napping on the Bamboo; 6) A Parade of Rain, the Moon and a Bride
Yosuke Yamashita: piano, keyboards; Bill Laswell: bass, prepared bass, sitar, sounds; Nicky Skopelitis: Fairlight, sounds; Aiyb Dieng: congas, gongs, tamborine, spring, cymbals; Ryuichi Sakamoto: keyboards
Produced by Bill Laswell (1,3,4,6), produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto (2,5).
1993 - Verve Forecast (CD)

DIVINATION - Ambient Dub Vol. 1
1) Divination One; 2) Seven Heavens; 3) Errata; 4) Delta; 5) Tian Zhen; 6) Agrippa; 7) Godspeed; 8) Ain Soph Aour
Bill Laswell; Liu Sola; Jeff Bova; Nicky Skopelitis; Buckethead; Robert Musso
Conceived and constructed by Bill Laswell.
1993 -Subharmonic (CD)

DIVINATION - Ambient Dub Vol. 2 - Dead Slow
1) Dead Slow; 2) Baraka; 3) Silent Fields; 4) Evil Eye; 5) Dream Light; 6) Journeys
Bill Laswell; Jah Wobble; Mick Harris; Jeff Bova
Conceived and constructed by Bill Laswell.
1993 - Subharmonic (CD)

O. G. FUNK - Out of the Dark
1) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah; 2) Funk Is In the House; 3) Funkadelic Groupie; 4) Music for My Brother; 5) I’ve Been Alone; 6) I Wanna Know; 7) Don’t Take Your Love From Me; 8) Out of the Dark; 9) Angie
Billy “Bass” Nelson: 4 and 8 string basses, guitars, vocals; Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey: drums; Bernie Worrell: Hammond organ, electric piano, synthesizers; Spacey T. Singleton: guitars; Blake Smith: guitars; Billy Spruill: guitar; Grandmaster Melle Mel: vocal; Prince Whipper Whip: vocal; Gary Mudbone Cooper: vocal; Bernard Fowler: vocal; Group Vocals: Billy Bass Nelson, Gary Mudbone Cooper, Bernie Worrell, C-Dog, Billy Spruill, Marque Gilmore, Peter Wetherbee, J. Maxima Juson, Latasha Natasha Diggs, Chris Ashley, Sekenya Nelson, Archie Ford
Produced by Bill Laswell and Billy Bass Nelson.
1993 - Black Arc/Rykodisc RCD 10303 (CD)

PRAXIS - Sacrifist
1) The Stronghold; 2) Cold Rolled/Iron Dub; 3) Suspension; 4) Rivet; 5) Deathstar; 6) The Book; 7) Nine Secrets; 8) Crossing
Bill Laswell: bass; John Zorn: alto; Buckethead: guitar; Blind Idiot God (Andy Hawkins/Gabe Katz/Ted Epstein); Bootsy Collins: bass; Mick Harris: drums; Yamatsuka Eye: vocals; Bernie Worrell: keyboards.
1993 - Toy's Factory Records (Japan), TFCK-88648 (CD)
1994 - Subharmonic Records (US), SD 7002-2 (CD)

THE LAST POETS - Holy Terror
1) Invocation; 2) Homesick; 3) Black Rage; 4) Men-tality; 5) Pelourinho; 6) Funk; 7) If We Only Knew; 8) Illusion of Self; 9) Talk Show; 10) Last Rite
Voices: Umar Bin Hassan, Abiodun Oyewole, Grandmaster Melle Mel Bootsy Collins: guitar; Bernie Worrell: organ, piano, clavinet, synthesizers; Bill Laswell: bass, beats, samples, loops; Aiyb Dieng: congas, chatan, bells, talking drum, doff, tambourine, gongs, percussion
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1993 - P-Vine (CD)
1995 - Black Arc (CD)

1) Ffwd; 2) Zippo Raid; 3) XLS; 4) Down at the Dinghy; 5) Bacon & Eggs; 6) 34th Street; 7) Blackhead Blue Blues; 8) Lacto; 9) Fuck & Coffee; 10) Turkish Bath; 11) Little Hearts; 12) Liquid; 13) Pinocchio; 14) Memphis; 15) Ongenaam
Danny Van Hoeck: drums; Bruno Deneuter: bass; Pierre Vervloesem: guitar, vocals; Jean Luc Plouvier: keyboards; Michel Mast: baritone and tenor sax; Peter Vermeersch: clarinet, tenor sax; Sally C.S.: X-noise and twists; Eric Sleichim: alto sax
1993 - SubRosa (CD)

PAINKILLER - Rituals - Live in Japan
1) Sound Check; 2) First Blood; 3) Five Doors; 4) Cinnabar; 5) Pestilence; 6) The Hex; 7) Snake Eyes; 8) Poisonous Visions; 9) Vapors Of Phlegm And Blood; 10) Tetragrammaton; 11) Prophecy; 12) Tantric Bile; 13) The Sieve; 14) Abscesses ;15) Cat's Cradle; 16) Demonic Possession; 17) Tokyo Lucky Hole
John Zorn: alto, vocals; Bill Laswell: bass; Mick Harris: drums, vocals; special guest: Haino Keiji (9,10,15,16,17): guitar, vocals.
1993 - Toy's Factory Records (Japan) (CD)

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD - The Greatest Hits, So Far
7) Rise; 8) Home
John Lydon: Voice; Steve Vai: Guitar; Skopelitis: Guitar; Bernie Worrell: Organ; Bill Laswell: Bass; Tony Williams: Drums; Bernard Fowler: Voice; Ryuichi Sakamoto: Fairlight CMI; L. Shankar: Violin; Malachi Favors: Acoustic Bass; Ginger Baker: Drums; Aiyb Dieng: Chatan; Jonas Hellborg: Bass; Steve Turre: Didjeridu
Produced by John Lydon & Bill Laswell/Material
1993 - Virgin (CD)

1) Shadow Run; 2) The Black Hole; 3) Fulu Fulu; 4) Gri Gri; 5) Hoisasa; 6) Tapaatura
Hideo Yamaki: Drums, flower pot, balafon; Yasuaki Shimizu: tenor and sopranino sax, keyboards; Toshinori Kondo: trumpet; Ryu Hongjun: Chinese flute; Foday Musa Suso: kora, dousongonni, vocal; Bernie Worrell: Hammond Organ, clavinet; Bill Laswell: bass; Ginger Baker: drums; Aiyb Dieng: percussion
Produced by Bill Laswell and Yasuaki Shimizu. 1996 - Mercury Japan