BLIND LIGHT: Absence of Time
1) the absence of time/djemma el fna; 2) blind light; 3) our completion; 4) midnight; 5) the nostalgic ache; 6) clairvoyance of self (seeing through); 7) our completion (ancient evening mix)
Anton Fier: drums, loops, samples, effects; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string electric guitars; Knox Chandler: guitars; Aiyb Dieng: percussion; Lori Carson: wordless vocals; Lydia Kavanaugh: wordless vocals; Phew: vocals.
Produced by Anton Fier.
1994 - Alda 001. (CD)

1) Little Suicides; 2) Heaven; 3) Anything; 4) Wings; 5) Pure; 6) No Skin; 7) Gun; 8) Break in the Road; 9) Touch You
Lori Carson: acoustic guitar, vocals; Knox Chandler: electric guitar; Bootsy Collins: rhythm guitar; Anton Fier: drums, programming, loops, etc.; Lydia Kavanaugh: vocals; Amanda Kramer: keyboards; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6&12 string guitars
Produced by Anton Fier.
1994 - Restless 7 72761-2 (CD)

DEATH CUBE K: Dreamatorium
1) Land of the Lost; 2) Maps of Impossible Worlds; 3) Terror by Night; 4) Maggot Dream; 5) Dark Hood
Buckethead: guitars, sounds; Bill Laswell: basses, sounds
Designed and arranged by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Strata 0001-2 (CD)

AXIOM AMBIENT - Lost in the Translation
Compact Disc 1: 1) Eternal Drift; 2) Peace; 3) Aum; 4) Cosmic Trigger Compact Disc 2: 1) Dharmapala; 2) Flash of Panic; 3) Holy Mountain; 4) Ruins
Directions in music -- sound sculptures by Bill Laswell with contributions from Terre Thaemlitz, The Orb, Tetsu Inoue
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Axiom 314-524-053-2 (CD)

1) La Allah Dayim Moulenah; 2) Bala Moussaka; 3) Hamdouchi; 4) Peace In Essaouira (For Sonny Sharrock); 5) Boulandi Samawi; 6) Moussa Berkiyo/Koubaliy Beriah La'Foh; 7) Salat Anbi; 8) Casa Casa Atougra; 9) Mahraba
Maleem Mahmoud Ghania: guimbri, lead vocal, thel; Pharoah Sanders: tenor saxophone; Mallem Boubker Ghania: second guimbri (6), thel; Maleem Mahmoud Ahkaraz: thel (8); Mallem Abedellah Ghania: Krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; Abdella Ahkaraz: krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; El Moktar Ghania: krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; Mohamed Abdellaoui: krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; Mohamed Outanine: krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; Abellatif Abdellaoui: krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; Hassan Machoure: krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; Mohamed Boujmara: krkaba, vocal chorus, handclaps; Abdellah Lamsouger: handclaps
On (3): Hamadcha of Essaouira: Maleem Abdelkabir Addabachi: lead ghaita; Abdelmalak Ben Hamou: ghaita; Abderrahman Nimini: thel; Abdelmoula Hnikkich: harraz; Mustapha Bousan: harraz
Female chorus: Zaida Ghania: leader; Mina Ahkaraz; Saida Battach; Fatna Ifis; Fatima Labied; Hafida Ghania; J'mia Ghania; Khadiza Ghania; Malika Ghania
Produced by Bill Laswell
1994 - Axiom 314-524-047-2

MASTERS OF NONE: Stained Glass Sky
1) Penny; 2) Twilight Drive; 3) Seven Headed Queen; 4) Fate; 5) Forever Came Today; 6) No Such Thing; 7) Legends of America; 8) 80 Worlds; 9) Blue Lanarian; 10) Preincarnation
Randy Fredricks: vocal, guitars; David Beal: drums, percussion; Pura Fe: vocals; Soni: vocals: Bill Laswell: bass (3, 5, 7, 8, 10); Erik Sanko: bass (2, 6, 9); Stomu Takeishi: bass (1); Aaron "Luie" Hurwitz: accordian
1994 - Hudson Canyon Records HCD 8650 (CD)

CYPHER 7: Decoder
1) Dead Drop; 2) Piece of Blue Sky; 3) Dream Spiral; 4) Conspiracy of Silence; 5) Ladder of Lights
Created and Encoded by Jeff Bova and Alex Haas.
Navigation and Ground Control: Bill Laswell.
1994 - Strata 0003-2 (CD)

TRANSONIC - Downstream Illusion
1) Time Wave; 2) Low Space Monitor; 3) Time Span Zero; 4) Space After; 5) Over the Next Rise; 6) Dream to Dream; 7) Cascading Down Illusion; 8) Outerzone (Space After); 9) Under Flow
Robert Musso; Bill Laswell: bass
1994 - Fax PS 08/49 (CD)

PAINKILLER: Execution Ground
Disc One: Parish of Tama (Ossuary Dub); 2) Morning of Balachaturdasi; 3) Pashupatinath Disc Two: 1) Pashupatinath Ambient; 2) Parish of Tama Ambient
John Zorn: saxophone, voice; Bill Laswell: basses, samples; Mick Harris: drums, samples, voice
Created by Painkiller.
1994 -Subharmonic SD 7008-2 (CD)

1) Born Under A Bad Sign; 2) The Change; 3) All Along the Watchtower; 4) Let it Be Me; 5) Come Back Home; 6) Be Kind To Your Girlfriend; 7) The Decision; 8) Nothing Left To Lose
Buddy Miles: Drums, Vocals, Guitar; Jeff Levine: Organ, Piano, Clavinet; Kevon Smith: Guitar; Nicky Skopelitis: Guitar; Joe Thomas: Bass; The Uptown Horns- Crispin Cioe: Alto & Baritone Saxophones; Arno Hecht: Tenor Saxaphone; Bob Funk: Trombone; Larry Etkin: Trumpet
1994 - Black Arc

BUCKETHEAD - Giant Robot
1) Doomride; 2) Welcome to Bucketheadland; 3) I Come In Peace; 4) Buckethead's Toy Store; 5) Want Some Slaw?; 6) Warweb; 7) Aquabot; 8) Binge and Grab - Instrumental Version; 9) Pure Imagination; 10) Buckethead's Chamber of Horrors; 11) Onions Onleashed; 12) Chicken; 13) I Love My Parents; 14) BucketheadŐs T.V. Show; 15) Robot Transmission; 16) Pirate's Life For Me; 17) Post Office Buddy; 18) Star Wars; 19) Last Train to Bucketheadland
Buckethead: guitar, bass; Bill Laswell: sound bytes, sound effects; Bootsy Collins: bass, voice; Bootsy's Mom: vocals; Jerome (Bigfoot) Brailey: drums; Pinchface: drums; Bill Mosley: vocals; Throatrake: vocals; Iggy Pop: vocals; Ted Parsons: drums; Stella Schnabel: voice; Onions: voice; Julian Schnablel; voice; Vito Schnabel: voice; Kristen Gray: voice; Sly Dunbar: drum loop; Material Strings conducted by Karl Berger
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Sony Japan SRCS 7494 (CD)

039 - CHAOS FACE: Doom Ride
1) Subhuman; 2) Crash; 3) Scanner; 4) Body Hammer; 5) Flatland
Conceived and Constructed by Bill Laswell.
Created at Greenpoint Studio.
1994 - Subharmonic SD7004-2 (CD)

AUTOMATON: Dub Terror Exhaust
1) Astral Altar (The Gateway of Legba; 2) Asiyah Dub (Blinding the Starry Eyes of God); 3) The Terran Invasion of Alpha Centaurai Year 2794; 4) The Black Meat (Deconstruction of the Bebel - Tower of Reason)
Bill Laswell; Gabe Katz; The Alchemist; Beats: Sly Dunbar
Created by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Strata 0004-2 (CD)

1) Beyond the Pale; 2) Shore; 3) Headwaters; 4) Raze
Andy Hawkins: guitars; Gabe Katz: additional bottom drones
Produced by Bill Laswell and Andy Hawkins.

1994 - Strata 0002-2 (CD)

1) Chaos; 2) Poetic Terrorism; 3) Amour Fou; 4) Immediatism; 5) The Tong; 6) Boycott Cop Culture
Hakim Bey: readings; Bill Laswell; basses, treatments, samples, sound collage; Wu Man: pipa; Nicky Skopelitis: guitars; Buckethead: guitars
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Axiom 314-524 014-2

DIVINATION: Light In Extension
Disc One:1) Divination One; 2) Seven Heavens; 3) Errata; 4) Delta; 5) Tian Zhen; 6) Agrippa; 7) Godspeed; 8) Ain Soph Aour; 9) Najm-Al-Din Disc Two: 1) Dead Slow; 2) Baraka; 3) Silent Fields; 4) Evil Eye; 5) Dream Light; 6) Journeys; 7) The Last Words of Hassan I Sabbath
Bill Laswell; Jeff Bova; Liu Sola(Disc One); Nicky Skopelitis (Disc One); Buckethead (Disc One); Robert Musso (Disc One); Jah Wobble (Disc Two); Mick Harris (Disc Two)
Conceived and constructed by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Fourth & Broadway 522-625-2 (CD)

MATERIAL -Hallucination Engine
1) Black Light; 2) Mantra; 3) Ruins (Submutation Dub); 4) Eternal Drift; 5) Words of Advice; 6) Cucumber Slumber (Fluxus Mix); 7) The Hidden Garden/Naima; 8) Shadows of Paradise
Bill Laswell: basses, beats, loops, samples, etc; Wayne Shorter: soprano and tenor saxophones; William S. Burroughs: voice; Liu Sola: voice; Simon Shaheen: violin and oud; Nicky Skopelitis: acoustic and electric six and twelve-string guitars, coral electric sitar, baglama and Fairlight; Bernie Worrell: electric piano, Hammond B-3 organ; Bootsy Collins: Space bass; Shankar: electric violin Sly Dunbar: drum kit; Jeff Bova: synthesizers; Jihad Racy: ney: Jonas Hellborg: acoustic bass guitar and fretless electric bass; Zakir Hussain: tabla; Trilok Gurtu: tabla; Vikky Vinayakram: ghatam; Fahim Dandan: voice; George Basil: qanoun; Michael Baklouk: daff, tambourine; Aiyb Dieng: chatan, congas, percussion
Produced and arranged by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Axiom 314-518 351-2

SOLA - Blues in the East
1) Beyond the Great Wall; 2) The Goose; 3) Looking Back; 4) The NationŐs Boundaries; 5) Oh Mother
Liu Sola: lead and background vocals; Amina Claudine Myers: Hammond B-3 organ, piano and vocals; Wu Man: pipa; Umar Bin Hassan: storyteller; James Blood Ulmer: guitar; Jason Hwang: violin; Henry Threadgill: saxophone; Ralph Samuelson: shakuhachi; Ned Rothenberg: shakhachi and woodwinds; Fernando Saunders: bass; Jerome Brailey: drums; Yukio Tsuji: Japanese percussion; Aiyb Dieng: African percussion
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Axiom 314-524 003-2

TOURE KUNDA - Dance of the Leaves
14) Toure Kunda; 15) Natalia; 16) Babacady
Ismalia: vocals, percussion; Sixu Tidiane: vocals, percussion; Ousmane Toure: vocals, percussion; Bernie Worrell: Prophet 5, synthesizer, Fairlight CMI; Aiyb Dieng: kora, talking drum; Foday Musa Suso: chatan, cowbell, jimbe, percussion; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; JC Boaventure: guitar; Roger Chico Dru: guitar; Michel Abihssira: drums; Ben Benlinga: saxophone; Michael Biliez: saxophone; Nabou Diop: vocals; Alain Ehrlich: piano; Lionell Jouot: trombone; Christian Martinez: trumpet
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1994 - Celluloid CELD 6212 (CD)

PRAXIS - Metatron
1) Wake the Dead; 2) Skull Crack (We Are Not Sick Men); 3) Meta-Matic; 4) Cathedral Space (Soft Hail of Electrons); 5) Turbine; 6) Vacuum-Mass; 7) Cannibal (Heart Shape of the Iron Blade): 8) Inferno/Heatseeker/Exploded Heart; 9) Warm Time Machine/Low End Transmission/Over the Foaming Deep; 10) Double Vision; 11) Armed (TSA Agent #5); 12 Warcraft (Bruce Lee's Black Hour of Chaos); 13) Triad (The Saw is Family); 14) Space After (The Consciousness That Dances and Kills)
Buckethead; Bill Laswell; Brain
Created by Praxis Three; Final Solution: Bill Laswell; A Subharmonic/Infra-Red Production.
1994 - Subharmonic SD 7005-2 (CD)

1) Monochrome Existence
Bill Laswell; Tetsu Inoue
Created at Greenpoint Studio.
1995 - Subharmonic 7009-2 (CD)

1) Psychic and UFO Revelations in the Last Days; 2) Angel Tech; 3) Black Dawn
1994 - Fax (CD) 1994 - Subharmonic (CD)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Music of Changes (Virigin Ambient #3)
1994 - Virgin (UK), AMBT 3, 7243 8 39625 2 5 (2xCD)