MATERIAL: Live at Soundscape
1) Chaos Never Died
Bill Laswell: electric bass; Michael Beinhorn: electronics; Fred Frith: guitar; Charles Noyes: percussion; David Moss: percussion; Mark Miller: percussion.
Produced by Verna Gillis.
1991 - DIW (CD)

1) Promises Kept; 2) Who Does She Hope to Be?; 3) Little Rock; 4) As We Used to Sing; 5) Many Mansions; 6) Once Upon a Time
Sonny Sharrock: electric guitar; Pharoah Sanders: tenor & soprano saxophones; Elvin Jones: drums; Charnett Moffett: acoustic bass
Produced by Bill Laswell and Sonny Sharrock
1991 - Axiom (CD)

Improvised Music New York 1981
Derek Bailey: guitar; Fred Frith: guitar; Sonny Sharrock: guitar; John Zorn: horns; Bill Laswell: bass; Charles K. Noyes: percussion.
Recorded live at the Kitchen, September 18, 1981
1991 - Muworks Records, MU (CD)
19?? - Muworks Records (Japan) (CD)

1) Akasha; 2) Zat; 3) Saut-E Sarmad; 4) Two Rivers; 5) Be! and All Became; 6) Poets; 7) Black Rite; 8) Cherokee Mist; 9) Miklagaard; 10) Path Over Clouds
Jonas Hellborg: Wechter acoustic bass guitar; Tony Williams: drums; Soldier String Quartet: Laura Seaton: 1st violin; David Soldier: violin; Ron Lawrence: viola; Mary Wooten: cello
Produced by Bill Laswell and Jonas Hellborg.
1991 - Axiom (CD)

MATERIAL -The Third Power, Axiom
Gary Mudbone Cooper: vocals; Jenny Peters: vocals; Herbie Hancock: piano; Bernie Worrell: piano and organ; Jeff Bova: synths; Henry Threadgill: flute; Robbie Shakespeare: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar and fairlight; Michael Hampton: guitar; Aiyb Dieng: percussion; Sly Dunbar: drums and drum programming; Olu Dara: cornet and African trumpet; Joe Daly: baritone horn; Richard Harper: euphonium; Marcus Rojas: tuba; Joel Brandon: whistling; Fred Wesley: trombone; Maceo Parker: alto sax; Pee Wee Ellis: tenor sax; Jungle Brothers: vocals; Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin: vocals; Shabba Ranks: vocals; Bootsy Collins: vocals and guitar; Gary Shider: vocals and guitar
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1991- Axiom

GOLDEN PALOMINOS - Drunk with Passion, Chrysalis
1) Alive and Living Now; 2) The Haunting; 3) When the Kingdom Calls; 4) A Sigh; 5) Thunder Cries; 6) Hands of Heaven; 7) Dying from the Inside Out; 8) Begin to Return
Anton Fier: drums; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 and 12 string electric guitar, dobro, acoustic guitar; Richard Thompson: guitar; Carla Bley: Hammond organ; Amanda Kramer: background vocals, keyboards; Michael Stipe: vocals; Aiyb Dieng: chatan; Bob Mould: vocals, buitar; Bob Kidney: vocals, guitar.
1991 - Nation

SONNY SHARROCK & NICKY SKOPELITIS- Faith Moves 1) Who Are You; 2) Becoming; 3) Mescalito; 4) Venus; 5) In the Flesh; 6) Sacrifice; 7) First of Equals; 8) The Pyre; 9) Uncle Herbie's Dance
Sonny Sharrock: electric guitar; Nicky Skopelitis: electric & acoustic guitars, baglama, saz, coral sitar, tar, bass
Produced by Bill Laswell & Nicky Skopelitis.
1991 - CMP (CD)

PAINKILLER - Guts of a Virgin
1) Scud Attack; 2) Deadly Obstacle Collage; 3) Damage to the Mask; 4) Guts of a Virgin; 5) Handjob; 6) Portent; 7) Hostage; 8) Lathe of God; 9) Dr. Phibes; 10) Purgatory of Fiery Vulvas; 11) Warhead; 12) Devil's Eye
John Zorn: alto, vocals; Bill Laswell: bass; Mick Harris: drums, vocals.
1991 - Earache, Mosh 45 (45 RPM 12")
1991 - Earache, Mosh 45 CD (CD)
1991 - Toy's Factory Records (Japan), TFCK-88561 (CD)

1991 - Leo Records, CD LR 175 (CD)

DEADLINE - Dissident
1) Who's Who; 2) Black Swans; 3) World Disorder; 4) Refrain; 5) Heart of Darkness; 6) The stone that speaks; 7) Broken Edge
Bootsy Collins: bass; Bill Laswell: bass; Jonas Hellborg: bass; Jens Johannson: keyboards; Bernie Worrell: keyboards; Aiyb Dieng: percussion; Nicky Skopelitis: Fairlight
Produced by Jonas Hellborg; co-produced by Bill Laswell (1, 2, 4, 5, 6).
1991 - Day Eight Music (CD)


PRAXIS: Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
1) Blast/War Machine Dub; 2) Interface/Stimulation Loop; 3) Crash Victim/Black Science Navigator; 4) Animal Behavior; 5) Dead Man Walking; 6) Seven Laws of Woo; 7) The Interworld and The New Innocence; 8) Giant Robot/Machines in the Modern City/Godzilla; 9) After Shock (Chaos Never Died)
Buckethead: guitar, toys; Bootsy Collins: space bass, vocals; Bernie Worrell: synthesizer, clavinet & vital organ; AF Next Mand Flip (Lord of the Paradox): turntable, mixer; Brain: drums
Conceived and Constructed by Bill Laswell.
1992 - Axiom (CD)

HECTOR ZAZOU - Sahara Blue
1) I'll Strangle You; 12) Lettre au Directeur der Messageries
On 1): Anneli Drecker & Gerard Depardieu: vocals & voix; Tim Simenon: beats & sample programming; Bill Laswell: basses, effects, beats; Keith Leblanc: percussion; Kenji Jammer: guitars & guitar effects; Christian Lechevretel: claviers; Guy Sigsworth: keyboards; Hector Zazou: electronics
On 12): Richard Bohringer & Susan Deihim: voix & vocals; Mr. X: vocal ending, guitars; Bill Laswell: basses, effects, beats; Matt Stein: computer programming, loops; Eric Henrion: additional drums; Hector Zazou: claviers & guitares
Produced by Hector Zazou.
1992 - Crammed/TriStar (CD)

BACHIR ATTAR: The Next Dream
1) Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil; 2) Under the Shadow of Liberty; 3) The 1001 Nights; 4) Here We Stay; 5) Mixed Cultures; 6) Full Moon at the Window; 7) The Next Dream
Bachir Attar: ghaita, gimbri, lira, percussion; Aiyb Dieng: chatan, congas, doff, bass drums, tom toms, metal percussion; Maceo Parker: alto saxophone (3, 5), flute (2)
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1992 - CMP CD (CD)

BAHIA BLACK - Ritual Beating System
1) Retrato Calado; 20 Capitao do Asfalto; 3) The Seven Powers; 4) Uma Viagem del Baldes de Larry Wright; 5) Olodum; 6) Guia Pro Congal; 7) Gwagwa O De; 8) Follow Me; 9) Nina in the Womb of the Forest
Carlinhos Brow: guitar, percussion, vocals; Olodum - drums - Antonio Luis Alves de Souza - leader, Bartolemeu P. Nunes, Luiz C.S. Alves, Jose de Souza, Antonio Carlos S. Brito, Gilmario M. de Andrade, Jose Carlos Dos Santos, Luis C. Moreira, Edilson Da Silva Neiva, Luis C. M. Monteiro; Wayne Shorter: soprano saxophone; Herbie Hancock: piano, prepared piano; Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 organ; Henry Threadgill: flute; Larry Wright: buckets; David Chapman: buckets; Tony “Funky Drummer” Walls: drums, metal
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1992 - Axiom (CD)

1) 747; 2) Slackjaw; 3) Ground Lift; 4) Thunderhead; 5) Head On; 6) Hangtime; 7) Cloudcover; 8) Cold Start; 9) Death Hollow Canyon, Utah; 10) Easing Back; 11) Broadside; 12) Dead Continent Dub
Andy Hawkins: guitar; Gabe Katz: bass; Ted Epstein: drums
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1992 - Avant (CD)

1) Bashraf Farhfaza; 2) Sama'i Farahfaza; 3) Taqasim on Violin; 4) Longa Farahfaza; 5) Taqasim on the Beat; 6) Sama'i Nahawand; 7) Tahmilah Suznak; 8) Sama'i Nahawand; 9) Bashraf Kurd; 10) Taqasim on Nay; 11) Sama'i Kurd
Simon Shaheen: vioin, ‘ud, bass ‘ud; Faruk Tekbilek: nay; Hassan Ishkut: qanun; Samir Khalil: riqq, tar
Produced by Bill Laswell and Simon Shaheen.
1992 - CMP (CD)

TALIP OZKAN - The Dark Fire
1) Koroglu; 2) Karsilama; 3) Girdin Yarnin Bahcesine; 4) Suda Balik Oynuyor; 5) Komur Gozlum; 6) Yuce Daq Basin da Bir Koyun Meler; 7) Sipsi; 8) Gah Cikarin Gokyuzune; 9) Abdal Dance; 10) Feridem
Talip Ozkan: saz, percussion, vocals; Mahmut Demir: additional saz and percussion
Produced by Bill Laswell and Nicky Skopelitis.
1992 - Axiom 314-512 003-2

HARDWARE - Third Eye 1) Got A Feeling; 2) Waiting on You; 3) What's Goin' Down; 4) Love Obsession (When The Eagle Flies); 5) Hard Look; 6) Shake It; 7) The Walls Came Down; 8) 500 Years; 9) Tell Me; 10) Leakin
Stevie Salas: guitars, vocals; Bootsy Collins: Space bass, vocals; Buddy Miles: drums, fuzz bass, vocals; Gary Mudbone Cooper: background vocals; Bernard Fowler: background vocals; George Clinton: background vocals; David Friendly, Vince McLean, Matt Stein: digital bollocks
Produced by Bill Laswell, Co-produced by Stevie Salas
1992 Polystar
1994 - Black Arc

1) Gabahay; 2) A Habibi Ouajee T'Allei Allaiya; 3) El Medahey; 4) Bujiouda “Bujiouda Dancing with Aisha Qandisha”; 5) Alalilla “About the Night”; 6) The Middle of the Night; 7) Bujiouda; 8) Jajouka Betwen the Mountains; 9) Memories of My Father; 10) Mohamed Diha Utalla Fiha (Take Care of Her or Leave Her); 11) Sbar Yagelbi Sbar; 12) On Horseback; 13) Talaha L'bradro Alaina
Bachir Attar: leader, ghaita, gimbri, lira, vocals; Mohamed Bacari: ghaita, gimbri, lira, vocals; Ali Nachat: ghaita, gimbri, lira, vocals; Larbi Hlalli Attar: ghaita, lira, tarija, vocals; Mohamed El Hammadi: ghaita, gimbri, tebel, vocals; Ali Mojdoubi: ghaita, liria, tarija, vocals. Tahir Bokzr: ghaita, violin, lira, vocals; Abdellah Sandaoui Attar: ghaita, lira, tarija, vocals; Abdellah Attar: ghaita, tebel, vocals; Lahesen Brital: violin, tarija, vocals; Abdeslam Bokzar: tarija, vocals; Abdellah Jaghdal: tebel, vocals; Mostapha Attar: tebel, vocals; Ahmed El Himdi: tebel, vocals; Abdellah Bokzar: tebel, vocals. Rahamma Attar: bendir, vocals; Menana Attar: tarija, vocals; Rahama Attar: tarija, vocals; Hadoush Attar: tarija, vocals; Rahama Attar: tarija, vocals; Yamna Attar: tarija, vocals
Produced by Bill Laswell.
1992 - Axiom (CD)

ROBERT MUSSO - Active Resonance
1) A Dream Supreme; 2) Alliance; 3) All Funked Up; 4) Tanari; 5) To Cross the Rubicon; 6) Ancient Silk Road; 7) Amu Darya; 8) The Squidge; 9) Home Growning; 10) A Late One
Bootsy Collins: vocals (3); Bernie Worrell: keys (3, 10); Bill Laswell: bass (1-6, 8, 10); Jonas Hellborg: bass solo (3); Thomas Chapin: alto sax, saxello, musette; Aiyb Dieng: conga, chatan, bells, shakers; Tamar Catalpinar: vocals (4); Bil Bryant: drums (3, 6, 8, 9); Martin Obeng: conga, bongos, cowbells, apentemma, frikywa; Richard Graham: drumbec, flexitone, shakers, berimbau, cuica; Jair-Romm Parker wells: bass (9); Robert Musso: electric and acoustic six and twelve string guitars, 6-string bass, electric sitar, moon lute, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, treatments and all other stringed instruments; other drum tracks courtesy of Material
Produced by Robert Musso.
1992 - Muworks (CD)

MATERIAL - Temporary Music (1979-1981)
1) O.A.O.; 2) White Man; 3) On Sadism; 4) Process/Motion; 5) Discourse; 6) Slow Murder; 7) Secret Life; 8) Reduction; 9) Heritage; 10) Dark Things; 11) Detached; 12) Ciquiri
Michael Beinhorn: synthesizers, pianos, clarinet, percussion, tapes; Bill Laswell: 4 & 6 string basses; Fred Maher: guitar, drums/rhythm box, percussion; Cliff Cultreri: guitar; Don Davis: alto saxophone (2); Bill Bacon: drums (5, 6); Robert Quine: guitar (11, 12)
Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky (1-4), Material & Martin Bisi (5-10), Material (11, 12).
1992 - Metronome (CD)