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Welcome to the EnoWeb Info Centre (or Center if you prefer American English). Here you can find the answers to many frequently asked questions about Brian Eno, his music and people he has worked with or been influenced by, a shockingly comprehensive discography plus details of Eno-related books, television, film & video.

Your questions answered: about Brian Eno

Includes brief biographical information, details of interests (perfume, anagrams, installations) and so on

Your questions answered: about Eno's music

Includes information on Ambient Music, Frippertronics, My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, My Squelchy Life, The Microsoft Sound and many, many more

Your questions answered: people associated with Brian Eno

Brief notes on some Eno collaborators/influencers

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Conclusive proof that you cannot hope to own all Eno's output


Books by, about, or with contributions from the man himself

Video, film and television projects

Vids/films/television by, about, or with contributions from the man himself

Oblique Strategies

An articlette plus links to OS stuff

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