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: updated 8th April 02015 :


It's time for one of EnoWeb's ever-so-regular updates of all the things we missed by accident or design. Thanks for these news items should be given mainly to Dario, with support from Rory Walsh, Tony Ballinger, John Emr, Richard Mills, Tony Marshall, and occasionally EnoWeb itself.

New lamps for old! New lamps for old! (Part 2.) For the Holy Festival of Kash-Til-Ryng – also known as Record Store Day on 18th April – Warp is releasing a double vinyl LP version of My Squelchy Life. This will include a bonus track called "Rapid Eye". EnoWeb notices that the LP cover appears to have been, ahem, inspired by the cover of the bootleg version which some miscreant ripped off from Dave Bush's image donated to EnoWeb's gallery long ago.

In November 2014 Brian received the Giga-Herz Preis.

The Autumn 2014 issue of Jocks&Nerds included an interview with Brian – available to read online with one of those Flash reader thingumajigs.

Shortly after Christmas 2014, Brian had a word with Georgina Godwin.

January/February saw Brian in Cartagena for the Hay Festival, where for a bit of variety he spoke to Georgina Godwin.

Later in February, Brian talked to David Wilson about DW's new book.

Issue 7 of Noble Rot has a wine tasting with Brian. It's available in print and digitally (in-app purchases). Brian also talks about perfumes: "I wanted to make a perfume only for use during sex... somehow, it's like an envelope of sensuality."
Mustard The Tortoise: A C7 envelope, or C4?
I'm so sorry about that comment, readers, it was the first warm day of Spring today and he's a bit frisky.

Brian will participate in this year's Venice Biennale. The Sound of Creation: Paintings + Music by Beezy Bailey and Brian Eno is set to run from 7th May to 22nd November 2015, at Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, Palazzo Pisani, San Marco, 2810 (Campo Santo Stefano), Venice, Italy.

Brian answered the Edge.org 2015 question, and listed What Books he reckons Could Be Used To Rebuild Civilization. Not an Asterix book among them, can you believe?

An interview from Colombia's El Tiempo.

Brian's music will appear in the film Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, to be released in the summer. It appears to be mainly old tracks although "Eno himself composed some connective tissue score elements inspired from the musical hues of those seminal records", according to the second of these Indiewire articles.

It's Cartoon Time once again, as EnoWeb rounds up a few videos and audio for your amusement.

A long feature about the recording of Someday World.

Terry Riley's In C was performed in Mali and released.

The Bloom app has been updated.

An article on On Land.

The New Composers album SMART, which featured some audio contributions from Brian, is to be rereleased – including 2 bonus tracks.

Russell Mills has an exhibition called Cargo in the Blood at the 1830 Gallery in Halifax (Yorkshire, UK) until 19th April. There is a workshop on 11th April. (Thanks to Harriet Lawton.)

Harold Budd and Clive Wright performed in February.

J. Peter Schwalm performed with Eivind Aarset for NDR in March. His album Musikain will be rereleased on iTunes by Poets Club Records on 17th April with some extra tracks under the artist name Schwalm. You'll recall that Brian sings on the track "No Orders", and one of the bonus tracks is a remix of that. For EnoWeb's money, "Damé Calor" is the standout track. (Thanks to Christian Kessler.)

A new poem by Rick Holland, with background by Jon Hopkins.

Other third party news.


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