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Name Address N
$$$ Comments
isolate records 2114 Addision St. (Betw. Oxford and Shattuck)
P: 510-845-7885
F: 510-845-7885 10 10 2 Y Avg Nice source for your experimental, breakcore, hardcore needs. And TONS of TECHNO!!! Very nice trance and jungle/drum and bass/breakbeat selection as well. Many import CDs, CD listening station. friendly environment. check them out.
Primal Records 2420 Parker St. 94704
(fax) 510-548-8587
2 8 7 Y Y Y Avg Primal Records is well stocked with all the sick tracks you are looking for. Don't live near em? No problem! Primal does mail order. Good back catolog of imports and domestics. Friendly staff that are knowledgable and helpful. Check em out!
apollo records, inc. see web site

5 7 2 Y Y Avg you got to know when to start (when the beats are mates).

Apollo Records: an 18 year old 'brick and mortar' retail store is now a worldwide mailorder website! Encyclopaedic knowledge of soul/R&B, rock &roll, and all DANCE MUSIC STYLES from oldies (funk, disco, garage, hiphop, freestyle, bass, house, techno, breakbeats) to current. 100's of records/cd's for sale (just ask, cuz there's WAY more than what's listed on the site). Archival service for out-of-print and rare grooves. All questions answered and they usually already HAVE what you're looking for in SOME format, in their Archives. Plus: an INCREDIBLE eclectic mix tape selection, chronicling the complete history of hip-hop & dance & underground, and its' most famous dj's from around the world. Catalog viewable online at the website. Visa/Mastercard/money orders accepted.

mailing list:

Skills DJ Workshop 2575 Telegraph
P: 510 704 9876
9 10 N/A Avg Great selection of cybertrance, progressive trance, Techno, D & B, Techhouse, etc. The best selection of Hard/Nu-nrg and Hard House anywhere in the states!
Daddy's Records 1921 University Ave.
P 510-665-1653
F 510-665-1659
Berkeley,Ca USA
Daddy' 2 9 8 Y Y Y Avg House, Techno, Hip-Hop and everything in between!Daddy's takes the cake when it comes to finding that hard-to-find slab o' wax you are searching for. With an extensive used record catolog, new imports and domestics every week, Daddy's is the place to be. If they don't have it, you can be sure they will find it! Open 12-10PM M-Sat 12-8 Sun
Amoeba on Telegraph
N/A 9 ? ? ? Y ? ? This is the West Coast's used CD mecca. Great new selection too. The store is huge and not focused on any particular types of tunes so It may be a bit overwhelming. Go directly to the back of the store for decent Techno/Idm & Ambient area and a great Reggae section. I would've spent hours here had it not been for the parking meter. The staff was busy refiling everything continuously. Recommended.
Mod Lang on University
near Shattuck
N/A ? 8 ? ? ? ? ? a very good store with a better selection of new vinyl than most. Very nice IDM selection. Recomended. Staff was haughty yet helpful.
Virgin Megastore 851 N. San Fernando
P: 818.295.6905
F: 818.295.3969
8 3 7 Y Y Avg Surprisingly good selection of idm, d'n'b, turntablism, techno, trance, and house. You'll find pretty much anything that's available on CD, import or domestic. If they don't have it, Ralph will try to get it for you. Some trance 12s usually on hand. Only drawbacks--very limited listening, and most staff won't be able to help you, though there's usually one guy around who's in the know. You can call 1-800-VIRGIN-3 for mail order, worldwide (CDs for this service all come from this Burbank store). PO Box 5024
P: 530 892 2749
F: 413 473 2207
N/A 7 N/A Y Y Avg We have made lots of changes so be sure to check us out on the web. We are still one of the few DJ vinyl sites in the US that offers and finds older and hard to find rarities. We also have two locations in downtown Chico-call for directions.
Track Master Records 1206 3rd Ave.
Chula Vista
P: (619) 422-5145
F: same as above
4 8 5 Y Y Lo special orders and international orders welcome, credit card processing available.
P: 909-824-1664
F: 909-824-1664

Dr Freeclouds
Mixing Lab
145 e. 19th St. #C3
Costa Mesa
7 10 8 Y Y Y Avg Store owned by Ron D Core and Simply Jeff. 2 LA Djs Wide selection of gabber and trance records. Fun candy and Rave jewlery too.
Bacco 303@AOL
1505A Mesa Verda East
(714) 556-6473
Costa Mesa
9 8 3 Y Y Avg Suprisingly one of the best music stores in Southern California. Always fresh shipments of import/domestic viynl. You'll always find something interesting here. Also large sections for Punk, Alternative, and Jazz Viynl. A record lovers heaven. Also an excellent selection of import/domestic CD's, with a few of those "gray area" discs from overseas, if you know what I mean. Many gems to be found among the many used discs here. Be sure to check the clearence rack at the back wall for some incredible baragins on CD's/Tapes.
the GiG 9191 Valley View St.
Cypress 10 10 10 Y Y Y Avg The GiG has everything whether you are into hip-hop, drum & bass, hardcore, techno, trance, house, or break-beat. They also carry a vast array of graf-mags, clothes, books, and accessories. Plus, the GiG has 6 Internet workstations for all you internet junkies!! Check this one of a kind store, out!
P: (714) 828-6499
F: (714) 826-6499
N/A 10 10 Avg They carry phat battle records like the Ultimate Battle Weapon series and all of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz stuff. Not to mention really dope breakbeats and DJ gear.
Armadillo Music 210 E st
P: 530-750-2384
F: 530-750-2385
8 8 5 Y Y Y Lo Our Webiste IS Coming soon! You will be able to browse our entire stock of New Vinyl on the Web, and Order online. We carry everything New & Used Vinyl! Techno Trance Hard House NRG, Abstract Beat , Hip Hop Drum & Bass Hardcore, Hard House, Downtempo, Nu Jazz, Re- Issue Funk, Jazz & Rock... Anthing we don't Have we can get f it is still in Print!. Very Knowledgable Staff!
P: (530) 750-2384
F: (530) 750-2385 8 8 2 Y Y Y Lo Lots of hip hop and drum n bass.
P: 909 355-1727
F: 909 355-1172
7 10 10 Y Y Avg Excellent selection of house, trance, jungle, hardcore, hip-hop, imports and domestics. The very best music On CD, cassette, and vinyl. This is one store top DJs don't want you to know about. Think about it. Soundwave Music
soundwavemusic .com
bass records fremont blvd
P: 510 795 3670
1 4 7 Avg the selection is realtivley for those who wish to stay on the mainstream the jungle selection is horrible, but they have house, alot of it because the dj's there are house spinners. this is more of a sound resource. the have 1200's and ortofons and all that stuff. all in all it's a good shop for those who are stuck in the suburbs.
DITREC 2089 W Los Altos
P: 559-287-3918
F: 559-435-8198
DimentionalTransfer@Hotmail.Com N/A 8 5 Y Y Y Lo Have great oldschool selection of house, techno and trance music.. ran by touring DJ and have direct links to all kinds of new sounds..Just getting going...inquire to all.
4 10 6 Y Y Y Avg The only underground record store in FRESNO CA. specializing in house,breakbeat, techno,and dj supplies.Opened in NOV. of 96,located in the central valley.Owned and operated by dj's.We carry a wide varity of imports and domestic's.
Resonance Records 2260 Sunset Plaza Drive
Hollywood, CA  90069
(323)822-9536 phone
(323)822-9028 fax
10 10 10 Y Y Y Avg We ship to any destination!! We are specialize in jungle, trance, goa, house, techno, gabber, happy hardcore, garage, progressive house, funky breaks, trip hop, electronica, dutch house, dj tools and accessories.
Higher Source Music 9122 Adams Avenue
Huntington Beach
P: (714) 965-5997
F: (714) 962-5272
3 8 4 Y Y Avg ...Superbly designed site focusing on import and domestic house music and a selection of clothing and gear. Check back for updates weekly of the newest music for your box! Based in California out of Higher Source Records and Gear. Also sell Hip Hop, Trance and Jungle.... we are working on becoming 10's in both CD and Vinyl categories. We have already had a tremendous growth since our launch in June. Thanks!

Fuzzy Logik Music 1680 N. Vine St.
Hollywood #1016
P: 323.466.3899
F: 323.466.6206,
8 9 7 Y Y Lo We are an LA based electronic music distributor specializing in all genres, and run Fuzzy Logik, the label as well.
206 Records 218 Chicago Ave Unit 6 Huntington Beach CA. 92648
Vinyl Junkeez Records 104 N. School ste. suite 315
P: (209) 369-3414
4 9 7 Y Y Avg A cool shop that has a realy cool selection of hip-hop and house records, used gear, and videos.
Cyclotron Records 12103 Pacific Ave #9
Los Angeles
P: 310 398-8949
F: 310 398-8949
1 7 N/A Y Y Lo Cyclotron Records is a Los Angeles-based record store specializing in Techno, Trance, Progressive, House, Hard House, Breakbeat and Drum 'n' Bass dance music vinyl for DJs. Shop our record store online. New releases every week!
Frequency 8 Records 10959 Weyburn Avenue
Los Angeles
P: 310-209-1800
F: 310-209-1700
8 10 7 Y Y Avg
W.P. Records 1830 P.C.H.
P: 310-784-8884
F: 310-325-4160
3 10 8 Y High The Best Hard House Selection. Some hip hop and Lots of Battle wax. They also carry Cartridges and various Dj Clothing and gear.
WAX Records 7201 Melrose Ave, Unit A
Los Angeles
P: 323-932-6211
F: 323-932-0205
10 10 9 Y Y Y Avg This shop is headed by Doc Martin, and has already become the premier shop in Los Angeles, for House, Techno, Downtempo, Drum N Bass, and World Dance Music. Specialists in mail order
Aron's 1150 North Highland
Los Angeles P: 323.469.4700/

9 8 4 Y Y Avg This is LA's premeire music store. Import and Domestic Techno/Trance 12's, with one of the bests selections in Los Angeles. Also a large Acid Jazz/Trip Hop viynl section and some Jungle. Be sure to call ahead to find out when the store is getting its next shipments in because the dance section is very popular and it can be very pruned and picked over. Probably the best selection of used CD's in LA due to the number of Record Industry types who routinely drop off large numbers of promo's. Very good selection of import CD's with a good number of hard to find dance music compilations. Check out the T-shirt rack for that Pizzicatto 5 shirt you've been trying to find. Can be overly crowded at times, so avoid peak hours and try to go during the day.

Which contrary to popular belief, does not suck...I'm there every other day picking up shit. I won't go as far as to tell you what I've found at Aarons but i'll just say that for the last 2 years, I've found 75% of the new IDM release on my wish list and much more! Yes Tomas is gone, then Jun(e?) took over and was doing quite well. now he's on tour and I dont know the new buyer personally, but after a bad couple of weeks, he's doing great...last week they had Plug, Cylob, Mike Flowers, etc. So there.....(as you can tell, Aarons is my favorite record shop)

Brock Suter

Ditrec Records 617 E Olive
P: 559-444-0411
F: 559-444-0125
7 9 8 Y Y Y Lo 6 Listening Stations for Vinyl....4 Listening Stations fro cd's....2 Listening stations for tapes....Record Lathe in House to cut your tracks...Ran By DJ who has toured for 10 Years(DJ Jordan USA) 3-7 Shipments every week.... Jungle, Trance, Techno, Breaks, House, Trip-Hop, Experimnetal, Tribal, World Beat, Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop & Much more...Turntables, Mixers, Needles and slipmats ...YEP :)
Beat Non Stop 7262 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles
n/a 8 8 8 Y Y Avg While their CD selection isn't the broadest, it's always interesting, and they'll special-order anything. Besides the music, they have a great clothing area: all the raver duds you'll need to be truly cool at the next mega-event!

mostly house, very small ambient/IDM section...worth a look while on Melrose...they had 3 copies of Simmons/Vibert last time I went in.

Brock Suter

They have their 7 house labels out of the store and 2 jungle labels. Lots of great tech-house as well.


Room Records 7801 Melrose Ave. #2
Los Angeles
P: (323)655-1826
F: (323)655-8152
7 10 N/A Y Y Avg We are a brand new shop specializing in House and Techno. We also carry Breaks, Jungle, Down-Tempo, and other quality electronic music on vinyl, CD's, and mixed tapes.
Feelgood Music 3149 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles
P: (323)660-2121>>
7 10 N/A Y Y Avg The only store I know of to specialize 100%in Happy hardcore vinyl.There's wall to wall selection of old,new and rare tracks.Awesome!!!
DMC 7621 Melrose

P: 213-651-3520
F: 213-651-3526 Los Angeles
DMCRECORDS@AOL.COM 7 6 8 Y Y Y High The second best of the three dance music stores on Melrose. Not as good as Beat Non Stop, but you can still find some interesting records if you look hard enough. New and Used Import and Domestic Viynl, with all types of Dance Music, but a specialty in Deep House and Latin House music. A good selection of DJ Mix tapes and Dj Accessories though. Not very reliable for Special Orders, use Dr. Freeclouds instead. Also decent selection of Hip-hop, and Alternative 12's.
Since 1984 DMC Records has focused on supplying the DJ community with slammin' dance music on wax. We stock a deep vinyl catalog consisting of techno, trance, jungle, house, hip hop, r&b, oldschool, disco, euro, etc. Cd's are primarily import. The inventory is computerized, so you can pick up or request catalogs of these categories. We receive new merchandise daily and update our catologs weekly. We offer personalized service. Ask us and we'll call you to notify you when shipments of your favorite type of music arrives. Due to our respect of the intellectual property rights of others, we do not carry illegal "mixed tapes". Our own label continues to release dance compilation CDs and 12" singles. The latest are: Trance Trippin' (CD), House Quake (CD), Boy "In Da Jungle" 12", Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy 'Pumped Up Funk". More DMC Records releases are forthcoming.
Streetsounds 7751 Melrose Ave.
(213) 651-0630
Los Angeles
N/A 5 N/A Y Y High Overpriced and not a very good selection of records. You're standard 12' dance music fare. You definetley won't be able to find those hard to find titles here. A good idea for shopping on Melrose is to park by Beat Non Stop, then walk west where you'll find DMC father down the street, then down a few block more this store.
The Majestic Store 6404 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles
P: 323-651-0275
F: 323-651-0465
7 10 3 Y Y Avg On-line Store specializing in import & US electronic dance vinyl, CD'S, LP'S, & cassette's- 1000's of titles from Hardcore, 4 beat(Happyhardcore),Hardtrance,Trance,Drum & Bass, HARDHOUSE,House,Techno with audio links
village music (415) 388 7400
mill valley
5 10 2 Y Y Avg
Motion Music 403 Coffee Road
P: 209.577.6965
F: 209.577.6968
7 8 7 Y Y Y Avg Technics Turntable Repair, Service and Sales. Open for map points and pre-sale tickets.
Radio Futura 178 West 3rd St.
fx 909-620-2773
9 5 8 Y Y Y Avg
P: 16265738818
F: 16165734277
5 10 2 Y
dj friendly records
san diego
P: 619-220-0826
5 8 8 Y Y Avg pipes,clothing,accesories,cds,dj vinyl,everything you see we have in stock.higher consciousness through fatter beats
In Tha Mix 2329 I Street
ph: (916) 442-0499
FAX: (916) 442-5403
5 6 8 Y Y Y Avg THA place to get underground music on wax, CD, or cassette in Sacramento. Carrying mixers by Intimidation, Technics turntables, and DJ accesories. Production studio: CataLyst Audio Lab in Bay Area, call for studio time and information (510) 477-9798
The Beat! 1700 J St.
P: 916.446.4402
9 9 9 Y Y Y Avg The Beat is a large, well-stocked shop made especially for the music junkie. They have a large selection of new and used CDs, vinyl and singles. The staff is usuallly willing to look anything up and help to locate "that one song."
subsonic underground 922 K st.
4 8 4 Y Y Avg Exellent hardcore, jungle,techno run by DJ simon apex and, DJ rockit. Also sac party info and event
United Records 8303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego
P: 858-571-6900
F: 858-571-7400
9 10 9 Y Y Y Avg We are very committed to having San Diego's best selection of quality underground House, Trance, Techno, D&B, and Breaks. We also have a very large website with RealAudio clips of everything, and as many as 50 new additions every week. We also aim to be San Diego's friendliest, most helpful store, and are very good with getting in special orders.
Equinox Music and Sound 6561 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego
P: 619-286-4761
F: 619-286-4763
8 10 9 Y Y Y Lo This store has the nicest feel that I've been to in San Diego. They are very helpful with no attitude at all. They also have OPEN TABLES and let people order their own records off the order sheets. Ask for Paul or Erick and you won't go wrong.
Music & Sound
8148 Ronson Road
San Diego
P: 619-277-8188
F: 619-277-5688
5 8 10 Y Y Y Avg Equinox has been serving San Diego since 91 we are the best record store in town Biggest selection of mixers, bags,amps, needles,crates, We are the DJ superstore. Hundred of new tracks every week. Equinox Sound System for all events. We are the biggest Vestax dealer around.
Elevator Records 915 'E' St.
San Diego
P: (619) 233-7336
F: (619) 233-7335

5 9 4 Y Y Y Lo Has a good selection of techno of the detorit variety, house, jungle, electro and goa sectioned off in style bins. The selection isn't particularly large and you won't find a lot of rare records here, but it has a nice basic selection.
specializing in underground house, techno, trance, breakbeat, drum&bass, plus mixtapes and CDs. Streaming Real Audio of all our selections. Worldwide shipping. Excellent customer service.
Champion Sound 828 G St. San Diego
8 10 4 Y Y Y Lo This store is DJ owned and operated by Daeman, Hipp-E, and Robo. Our selection is geared to the more underground side of techno, house, and drum 'n bass. This means we carry titles, labels, and artists that you won't find anywhere else in town and probably haven't even heard of (yet). We also do mail order nationally and will do phone orders if the store isn't rammed...
Nice small store but if you don't know anybody they don't help you(or even say hello) The selection seemed small compared to other stores in the area and mostly house or jungle. Overall it was nice for being so small.
Equinox Records 8148 Ronson Rd Ste "B"
San Diego
5 8 10 Y Y Y Lo San Diego's biggest Record shop All types of music and equipment in stock. Biggest Vestax Dealer Around. Equinox sound systems for all the parties.
San Francisco
10 10 N/A Y Y Lo PO Box 423018
P: 415-674-4929
F: 415-674-3737
3 8 7 Y Y Avg Jungle and Downtempo - Online Listening Stations for Every Item in stock. Large selection of DJ Gear, 1200's, Mixers, Needles, Crates, Vinyl and CD Pressing Services etc.
BRAINDROPS 1881 Hayes st
San francisco
P: 415.922.7246
F: 415.775.7150
10 10 7 Y Y Y Lo
Clear Music 147 Valencia Street
San Francisco
P: 415 437 1578
F: 415 437 1579
9 N/A N/A Y Y Avg Great old/new house selection as well as disco classics. User-friendly atmosphere, great well-informed manager. All the deep house heads shop here.
Frequency-8 1816 Haight st.@Stanyan
San Francisco
6 7 2 Y Y High Nice design, 3 turntables, listening station for cd, right across the street from Amoeba records store. Run by DJ MARS AND MYSTRE (popular cyber and progressive trance SF DJs)
SFrecords 423018
San Francisco
P: 415.674.4929
F: 415.674.3737
5 7 2 Y Lo cd's, vinyl, tapes, event tickets, dj bookings etc.
Milkcrate Music 910B Steiner St.
San Francisco
P: 1-650-848-3647
N/A 10 N/A Y Y Milkcrate music carries a wide selection new and used DJ vinyl from hip hop to house.
Control Dek 357 Grove St. at Franklin
San Francisco
7 9 8 Y Lo Cool clothes, cool vinyl, GREAT VIBE! You can get snow- boardz here too! Those who run this establishment are themselves working DJs and are quite the cool boyz...
RobotSpeak 589.5 Haight St.
San Francisco
P: (415)-554-1977
F: (415)-554-1988
N/A N/A 10 Y Y Lo We are a pro-audio store. We sell software and hardware (new & used). We cater to electronic musicians and helping them produce thier own records.
342 Divisadero St.
San Francisco
10 10 5 Y Y Y Avg Open Mind Music stands out from the "other" record shops in SF. The vast variety of music styles represented from Techno, Jungle, Electronic, Abstract Beatz, indie-rock, exotica, hip-hop, jazz, soul, rock classics and much more, will keep you diggin' in the bins for hours or even days. With both CD & Vinyl listening stations on board you have the opportunity to turn on to loads of new tunes & or maybe refresh yer memory to some old ones as well. Both NEW & USED selections are well stocked abroad with new arrivals daily to keep ya'll fiending for more...DJ's have considered OPEN MIND a local secret & favorite for aquiring those hard-to-find rare-ities amongst the thousands of used dance 12"s & LP's in stock. OPEN MIND's full Service MAIL-ORDER has catered to many Vinyl-Junkies around the globe find their longing picks.Bring in those titles from yer collection you can stand to part with and TRADE em' for some fresh ones! or if you prefer cold hard cash, you'll get cash in hand. OPEN MIND MUSIC is open Mon-Sat 11am-8pm Sun 12pm-8pm just 2 blocks from Haight Street, Come on'down....
Groove Merchant 687 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA
4 9 3 Y Y Avg One of the few stores run by true conoisseurs of jazz and funk. Acid Jazz, Funk, Jazz Funk, Rare Groove, etc. Beastie Boys, Biz Markie, Large Professor, etc have all shopped here.
Soundworks 228 Valencia (at Clinton Park)
San Francisco
N/A 9 7 ? Yes ? Yes ? After the demise of Gaia Mantra, this store opened up (luckily) to take up the techno slack. Nice folks. Good turntables and plenty of them (though there's still a line on busy days and sometimes the headphones are a bit on the fritz). Good techno and idm slanted selection. They're always on top of the main releases and get quite a bit of the oddball stuff too. Large (for the genre) CD selection. Don't leave SF without visiting this store. I just wish they were open on Sundays (my bank account doesn't). They will send out special orders, but as with everywhere else, don't hold your breath.
--J M R T N K O--
Tweekin Records 593 Haight (at Steiner)
San Francisco
N/A 8 6 ? Yes ? ? ? My second stop. Decent techno/idm selection. Two turntables, usually open. They mainly focus on a smaller selection of new releases, leaning toward the jazzier side. Vinyl moves pretty quickly, though there are still a few pretty impressive leftovers. Decent CD selection. Lots of local music ends up here. This basement shop is easy to miss, so look closely for it's small sign. You won't be sorry.
--J M R T N K O--
Record Rack 3798 18th st (at Sanchez)
San Francisco
N/A 3 7 ? Yes ? ? ? A long shot, but still worth it. Mainly house and disco, but I've picked up some nice stuff there that had been bought up everywhere else. Several bins of used and leftovers in the back that yield some surprises. Picked up used Balil and Bochum Welt 12"s there. Saw 6(!) copies of the LFO We Are Back remix as well. Haven't found anything since though. Maybe just dumb luck. CD selection seemed largely uninteresting. Two tables, but awkwardly placed.
--J M R T N K O--
Streetlight 2350 Market (between Noe and Castro)
San Francisco
N/A 6 9 ? No Yes ? ? A used/new shop I just about gave up on, but I just dug up the Applied Rhythmic Technology CD there last week, so I'm giving them another chance. Very large used 12" selection. Mostly trash, but from what I've heard, several local DJs dump their old vinyl there. The trick is getting in right after they sell. They added an small ambient CD section this year, largely populated by Instinct, Astralwerks and the like. I guess I'm spoiled, but the lack of listening stations is a big drawback. There's another shop down on 24th in Noe Valley, but I don't get down there often and the selection isn't as good.
--J M R T N K O--
Record Finder 258 Noe (at Market)
San Francisco
N/A 7 5 ? No Yes ? ? Another shot in the dark, but it's just around the corner from Streetlight, so I usually stop in. Not much in the way of techno/idm vinyl. A bit more on CD. A little more hope if you're looking for older noise stuff. I found a promo copy of Spanners here in a used bin several weeks before it hit anywhere else, so to appease the record gods, I pay my respects to the new arrivals bin and an occasional tithe here weekly. No turntable, but if you're really nice, they might put something on the table behind the counter (if it's not busy).
--J M R T N K O--
Reckless Records 401 Haight (at Masonic)
San Francisco
N/A 7 4 ? No ? ? ? Amid the Grunge, Pop, and Indie-Rock facade, you'll find a nifty little techno/dance section. Not too many surprises, but another place to go when something has been bought up everywhere else. The CD section will keep you busy for a while and you may even find something. Good industrial/noise selection. Don't even think of asking them to play something for you.
--J M R T N K O--
Recycled Records 1377 Haight
San Francisco
N/A 2 5 ? ? ? Yes High Unless you like paying 50 bucks for old CAN albums, keep walking. "The store where everything is collectible." Largely dusty old prog rock vinyl, but they do have an okay jazz collection in there.
--J M R T N K O--
Star Alley 322 Linden (at Gough I think)
San Francisco
N/A 5 7 ? Yes Yes ? Low I haven't been back there since it went "members only," so I don't know the current situation. From what I remember, it was mainly new house and old soul. A ton of super cheap old vinyl (but of course there was a reason it was so cheap - it mainly sucked). A sprinkling of techno and idm here and there. A bring your own headphones type of place.
--J M R T N K O--
BPM 573 Hayes St

San Francisco
N/A 6 7 ? ? ? ? ? Where I went before the better shops opened up. Mainly club house with a bit of techno on the side last time I was there. A lot like Record Rack, but not large enough, to make me walk the extra distance. Who knows, things could be different now.
--J M R T N K O--
Tower Records Market at Noe
San Francisco
N/A 8 2 ? ? No No Low
I don't think any other Tower in the area has the same selection, so make sure you go to this one. All CD except for a handful of releases. The offerings are largely mainstream, but over the course of the last year, they've been getting more confident and will pick up the occasional odd release. Again, don't expect any surprises, but don't rule them out completely either. Long ago, I saw (and passed on, to my dismay) the Philosophy of Sound and Machine CD here. They also one had a half-dozen copies of Balil's Parasight and Nightmares on Wax's Biofeedback singles marked down to 99 cents once. Made a lot of friends that day. Decent import selection otherwise.
--J M R T N K O--
Borders Books and Music 400 Post (at Powell)
San Francisco
N/A 7 1 ? Yes No ? ? I can say I was surprised as hell to see anything here, but I try to relive the moment whenever I'm downtown. Though the "ambient" section stays roughly in the ambient domain, the selection ranges from well-known and well-worn releases to wierd stuff rarely seen anywhere else. Not many bins, but worth it if you're in the area. All CD, but as a (big) bonus, you can take any disc to the listening station and check it out (at least you could last time I was there, I've heard rumors to the contrary now). Plus there's a cafe in the store if you need a break from flipping through the bins. The selection reminds me *slightly* of Auricular before it closed.
--J M R T N K O--
In House Records 988 mission street
san francisco
P: 415-543-4003
F: 415-543-4063
5 10 5 Y Y Y Avg we have a extensive selection of house music ranging from every local labels to overseas labels....leonard a former employee of clear music of 5 years...continues to push house music to every lucky head who graces the premise.cutomer service at the highest priority...special orders that tune"please ask"we know new ones...and value the classics...
Housewares 1322 Haight Street
San Francisco
P: (415)252-1440
F: (415)252-1383
9 9 9 Y Y Y Lo Hey y'all, we @ housewares would like to hook you up with some slamming tunes. We have just recently become very serious about our d.j. vinyl selection by having Mr. John Howard and Mr. Ethan Jenkins at the ordering helm. We would love to hear from some of you house and techno heads for some mail orders!Oh just did a huge detroit techno order of all kinds of rare shit... not to mention our splendid selection of mixed tapes and c.d.'s... and along with Owen on the graphics it's all good, baby...
Kinokuniya Book
Stores of America
1581 Webster Street
San Francisco
3 N/A 8 High Small CD selection, but a good source for Japanese imports no-one else is bringing in - interesting book selection too.
Virgin Megastore 37 O'Farrell (at Market)
San Francisco
N/A 5 ? ? ? ? ? ? Elsewhere, Virgin may be hot. Here, it's not. Well, not exactly. The few times I've been able to stop in SF's latest record K-mart, the bin dividers had some impressive names tagged on them. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any CDs between them. Try it out and report back with your results if you've already been to Border's and have more time to kill.
--J M R T N K O--
x-radio 1192 haight st
San Francisco
415.487.0300 10 3 N/A Y Y Avg x-radio is the only online techno/ambient/goa/house/trance... record store. It's constantly evolving, (Adding new features) It now accepts Visa and Mastercard, with AMEX and Discover, along with checkfree purchases coming soon. The folks running the site are doing lots o' webcasting of SF Raves and stuff, but mostly they want to link listeners in places without cool record stores to what is happening in the "New" alternative music. They do special orders and will have a new searchable catalog of disbributors inventory (updated weekly) online in the next few days. Right now all orders are shipped the next business day. Vinyl is only shipped once a week.
Solid Grooves 368 S. Bascom Av. PH (408) 999-0259 FAX (408) 999-0272
San Jose, CA USA
5 8 7 Y Y Y Avg This is mainly a DJ store, and the stock tends to turn over rather fast. Detroit and Jungle sectons are well maintained. They have a fair amount of harder stuff like Tresor and Djax or related labels. They also have a signup book for release that you are looking for. Unlike some stores, they make an honest effort to try and find the stuff you leave in the book. I do a lot fo pre-ordering with them. They also have a decent selection of mixtapes and stock Orofon cartriges and needles.

try Mr Goodwrench's page at
Choice Cuts 625 State St.
santa barbara
P: 1805-884-0899
2 7 10 Y Y Avg Nice selection of deep/banging/funky house. Located uptairs from True Grit clothing in beautiful SB.
ION EXCHANGE 765 Cedar st, suite 102
Santa Cruz 10 10 10 Y Y Y Avg Interdimensional trance and jungle. Mind bending clothing. State altering graphic design PsyParties with punch !:}
RHYTHM MUSIC 380 S. First St.
San Jose
P: 408 298 8299
F: 408 298 7994
10 10 10 Y Y
San Mateo
P: 650 344 8060 5 8 7 Y Avg
The Last Record Store 739 Fourth Street
Santa Rosa
P: 707-525-1963
10 10 4 Y Y Y Avg The name says it all.
MIXOLOGY ph707-526-1230
Santa Rosa 95401
5 7 5 Y Y Y Avg Tiny techno shop with good house and jungle representation. Friendly staff with deep roots in the scene. Willing to accomodate special orders. Buy/sell/trade any dance vinyl. DJ bookings/Promotional consulting. Up to the minute Party info. 11-7 M-S
GrooveRider 14566 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks
N/A 7 avg With buyers like Brian and Daniel from Moontribe and Jesse from Fresh Produce you can't go wrong...lots of good mainstream dance stuff and more. I've been ordering tons of stuff here so they may start stocking more IDM.

Brock Suter

5:15 records 1511 N. Linclon St.
P: 209.464.5677
F: 209.464.5677
2 6 2 Y Y Y Avg The Central Valley's only record shop for HOUSE - JUNGLE - and all other eletronic beats!
MusicCDworld 1253 W. El Camino Real, #F
P: (650) 938 7555
7 N/A N/A Y Y Lo EURODANCE and techno CD store that sells exclusively bootlegs made in Eastern Europe. They have incredible EUROdance bootleg compilations for $12.99. You may find copies of artist's albums and never-released "best of" comps. You can find really rare stuff on CDs. CHEAP !!!
pure acid

17252 Hawthorne Blvd.
suite 101
Torrance, 90504
5 N/A 10 Y Avg Thee mixtape mecca.....
jonychan1@MSN.....address to ERIC
Fastlane Records 12610 E. Hadley St
P: 562 698-3313
F: 562 698-3711
1 8 2 Y Y Y Avg Special orders on hard to find 12" singles. Import & Domestic. Needles, Slipmats, Headphones, & More.


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